Bulls Notes: Satoransky, Porter, Blakeney, Harrison

The Bulls believe they pulled off a steal by landing Tomas Satoransky in a sign-and-trade with the Wizards, writes Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times. Chicago gave up a pair of second-round picks for the fourth-year combo guard after reaching a three-year, $30MM agreement with him in free agency. Satoransky was a restricted free agent, but his price tag was too high for Washington to match in the face of salary cap concerns.

Satoranksy averaged 8.9 points and 5.0 assists in 80 games last season and took over as the Wizards’ starting point guard after an injury sidelined John Wall midway through the season. But Bulls coach Jim Boylen said the intangibles that Santoransky brings are just as important.

“In my conversation with (vice president of basketball operations John Paxson) and (general manager Gar Forman), it was about what kind of character we can bring in that can still play, that can help us win because what we’ve needed is durability and availability. We haven’t had that,” Boylen said. “In looking out over the free agents and the guys we felt we could get, just looking at where Washington was and what they were trying to do, having some (cap) issues, he was the guy we targeted for all those characteristics I believe in.’’

There’s more from Chicago:

  • The Bulls had a strong advocate for Satoransky in former teammate Otto Porter Jr., Crowley adds. Porter, who was acquired from Washington in a February trade, was also deemed expandable because the Wizards were looking to trim salary. “Otto loved him, and ‘Sato’ loved Otto,’’ Boylen said. “Otto is a big part of this team. His trade is not talked about enough. We were 7-5 in February because, first of all, we got rid of (Jabari Parker), and we added a guy who brings synergy and chemistry. Otto has that synergy and chemistry with ‘Sato.’’’
  • The impending release of Antonio Blakeney is good news for Shaquille Harrison, who is now ticketed for the 15th roster spot, tweets Bobby Marks of ESPN. Harrison is entering his second season with the Bulls after putting together a 6.5/3.0/1.9 line in 73 games last year. He is scheduled to make $1,620,564 this season, but carries just a $175K guarantee until January 10, when all NBA contracts become fully guaranteed.
  • Once Blakeney hits waivers, he’ll be eligible to be claimed by any team except for the Warriors and Heat, who are both have hard cap restrictions, according to Marks (Twitter link). If he is claimed, Blakeney’s contract will carry a $1.6MM cap hit.
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10 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Satoransky, Porter, Blakeney, Harrison

      • SilvioDante

        Antonio Blakeney considers “pass” to be a dirty word. You really want the Lakers to grab him? Well, hope that works out for ya! LOL

    • brian_james

      Box plus-minus isn’t a perfect stat, but you should take a look at Blakeney’s

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Man, that dig at Parker is just blatant. I’m no fan of Parker, but it’s unusual to hear a coach get that negative about anyone.

    I wonder how GarPax feel about their new coach badmouthing last summer’s big signing?

    • spinach

      And I wonder what Boylen actually said in place of (Jabari Parker), because his name is just a replacement for something else. “A bum”, “some guy who wasn’t doing anything for us”, etc.

      • justinept

        I can’t find it, but if it was something negative then it would’ve been a story. My best guesses are 1) “Someone who wasn’t going to be here this upcoming season”. 2) “Someone who was playing for his next contract”. Or 3) “Someone who didn’t want to be here.”‘ Whatever it was, I think the key point was that they turned a non-future asset into a future asset.

    • SilvioDante

      Jabari Parker stole money from the Bulls last year. He showed up way out of shape and didn’t care enough to sacrifice anything for the good of the team. When you discover you have a malignant tumor it’s best to cut it out and that’s what the Bulls did by getting rid of Parker. He turned himself into the personification of the word “bum.”

    • Most curious aspect of the Jabari story is that it took until now for all this hate to come pouring out from management. I’m imagining that the issue has been boiling (correction: Boylen) inside some Bulls employees after trying to keep tight lips about it through the end of the season and the summer.

  2. formerlyz

    Finally! Shaq Harrison getting a spot is awesome. If you’ve been here long enough, you know I’m a big fan.

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