Eastern Notes: Smart, Winslow, Heat, Jordan

As part of his new autobiography, “I’ll Show You”, former NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose praised Celtics guard Marcus Smart, lauding the tenacity, aggression and intensity he brings to the court every night with Boston.

Smart, who’s coming off a stint with Team USA in the FIBA World Cup, is expected to be one of the Celtics’ key leaders on the defensive end this season.

“I always said I’m a hooper, and hoopers can do anything, I feel,” Rose wrote in the autobiography, according to Taylor Snow of Celtics.com. “It don’t matter. Like, Marcus Smart is a hooper. Analytics, you would say no way you want him. But when you go out there and watch the game, you say, ‘Of course I want him on my team.’ Makes shots, period. That’s a guy I love playing with.”

Smart is coming off a season where he averaged 8.9 points, four assists and 1.8 steals in 27.5 minutes per game, shooting a career-high 42% from the floor and 36% from 3-point range in 80 contests. His scrappy play has helped him earn the respects of fellow players around the league, with the 25-year-old set to enter his sixth NBA season this fall.

There’s more out of the Eastern Conference tonight:

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13 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Smart, Winslow, Heat, Jordan

  1. mcase7187

    Now that Smarts done playing dumb and flopping all around he’s proved to be a good player

    • BStevens

      He’s saying that when you watch him play. That’s a guy I want to play with. Don’t be dense

  2. Marcus Smart is better than Jaylen Brown and for the sake of the Celtics I hope the know that.

    Smart is an elite defender, a great leader, can create for others or shot it himself on attack and his contract is really cheap for what he gives you. Brown on the other hand, I do like him, but he doesn’t give you great production, he’s not an elite defender and not an amazing shooter. His deal is about to expire and he’s about to need a big upgrade.

    I don’t think Brown would get signed for less than 17mil. And Smart is on 12.5mil for another 3 years. In terms of trade value Jaylen Brown has really good value and I would reckon trading him before you get left with nothing or lose value. In terms of what to get back for him I would say the team should go for a PF or C.
    I already think Aaron Gordon would be a great fit with Tatum, Smart and Walker. But if you thinking straight swap deal I would suggest Jarrett Allen. Allen, would is likely behind DeAndre Jordan, is a solid rebounder, defender and young centre. He’s also on a deal for 2.5 mil for 3 years.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      I truly doubt That Jarrett Allen is going to play behind DeAndre Jordan.

      Jordan’s game is deteriorating quickly, and Allen is one of the best young bigs in the world.

    • I’d hardly say it’s deteriorating quickly. Last year Jordan had his best year for free throw percentage and his best year for assists. He is still averaging 2 more rebounds per game than Allen, averages more blocks and more points also.
      I thought get Jordan for the Nets was bad cause I like Allen but I can’t see the 2 playing together well. If there was a Brown for Allen deal who gets the better side of the deal? Nets would have to pay Brown but Brown is probably the better player.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Don’t think they can get Allen but they could get Mo Bomba. They could also trade for a PF/C.
    Hayward for Dragic and Olynik and a 2020 pick swap.
    Dragic and Smart would be an awesome 2nd unit duo as well. Plus with a $19M expiring contract then there’s room to sign Brown. Especially if he has a breakout year. Why give up on him now. Besides, Hayward is the odd cog.

    • Also think they should be looking to ship Hayward to improve the roster. My favourite suggestion was A Gordon, M Fultz and Mo Bamba for Hayward, Langford and Rob Williams and a pair of second rounders.
      Start Walker with Smart in the backcourt and Tatum and Gordon together. Off the bench have Fultz competing with Edwards, Brown, Bamba and the Celtics other bench guys.
      The Magic get a possible really good player in Hayward, the get a really good back up for Fournier, Rob Williams is similar to Mo Bamba and then a pair of second rounders.

  4. Grant

    I wonder if the heat will try playing dragic off the ball with winslow at point. Butler is capable of sliding down to the 3 and Bam Johnson and olynyk can man the 2 big slots. Waiters is probably going to have trouble getting any PT

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