Kevin Durant Talks Nets, Kyrie Irving, Possible Early Return

When Kevin Durant signed with the Nets earlier this summer, it was with the understanding that the 10-time All-Star would likely miss most, if not all, of next season. A torn Achilles suffered in last season’s NBA Finals cast doubt on Durant’s availability for 2019/20.

Since he inked his deal with the Nets, Durant has been mostly quiet, outside of social media posts and one interview explaining his decision to depart from Golden State to sign with the Nets. In a new chat with influencer Chris Henderson on YouTube, Durant touched upon his new teammates and even seemed to leave the door open on returning in ’19/20.

Check out some highlights below:

On the Nets’ play during his indefinite stint on the sidelines:

“I’m excited about this group. Obviously with me not starting off the season and obviously being injured, you’re going to see a lot of guys step up and do some things and go to another level as a player.”

Which players he expects to be major contributors:

“Like Caris [LeVert], Joe Harris, Taurean Prince, even the older guys like Garrett Temple, Kyrie, DeAndre [Jordan], I feel like everybody in this environment in going to step up, especially due to circumstances with me not being available. I think everybody’s going to step up and take it to the next level. We’ve got great coaching, great front office, great fanbase that’s excited for something new. This is a fresh start for everybody, I feel.”

How Kyrie Irving will impact the Nets:

“He’ll make you feel a certain way when you watch him. His movements, his mentality out there, his smarts for the game, his efficiency, he’s an all-around player.”

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8 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Talks Nets, Kyrie Irving, Possible Early Return

  1. spinach

    What’s an influencer?

    And why does the post title reference him coming back early but then none of the interview snips reference it?

    • For Q1, I believe it’s like a spiritual guide who seeks to convert players to Islam. Netflix has more influencers that will guide you to become Hindu, if that’s your wont.

      For Q2, because Mark S. wants you to read more, and to become a click bait artist himself.

  2. They’ll win 48 plus and are my favorites to come out of the east with the 6ers right there. Bucks will be good but not as good as last year. No one else is talented enough to win now

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