Kevin Durant To Play This Season?

“The feeling within the league” is that Kevin Durant‘s ruptured Achilles tendon may not keep him out for the entire season, writes Brian Lewis of The New York Post.

The Nets are still being cautious about the injury to their newly signed star, but optimism is growing that he won’t need all of 2019/20 to recover. Durant got hurt on June 10 during Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Lewis notes that Kobe Bryant and NFL wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders were able to return from similar injuries in eight months — a timeframe that could put Durant back on the court by February.

“I know KD is taking the rehab process ultra-serious,” teammate Spencer Dinwiddie said. “He wants to come back as soon as it’s appropriate, and healthy and the right decision for him …

“The beautiful part about this is, the man is 7-foot and one of the best shooters of all time. At worst you get Dirk (Nowitzki), and Dirk was a monster. So we’re ready for him to come back whenever he wants to and whenever he’s ready to do so, and we know that he’s going to be a phenomenal major piece of our roster.”

Even with the injury, Durant was one of the top prizes on the free agent market. He shifted the balance of power in the league when he agreed to a four-year max deal with Brooklyn worth more than $164MM. Durant had no injury concerns before the playoffs, appearing in 78 games and posting a 26.0/6.4/5.9 line.

David Levy, the Nets’ new CEO, told Lewis that the organization may decide to chronicle Durant’s progress toward a return.

“When you start thinking about the Kevin Durant comeback story and filming that, just opportunities,” he said.

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17 thoughts on “Kevin Durant To Play This Season?

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    He’s barely still in his prime, and we saw what happened with Boogie when he had the exact same injury, and he’s two years younger. It’s foolish to think he will bring anything close to the type of success they had in Golden State, or even OKC for that matter.

    Even when they have a healthy KD and Kyrie together, the Nets still won’t be a serious title contender. Sure they could win 50+ games in their weak conference, but that’s hardly anything to brag about.

    • amk3510

      A healthy KD and Kyrie isn’t a serious contender? LOL thats a far better duo than Harden and Westbrook. Its funny how much you over rate those dudes. Yes they will put up stat but two extreme ball hog guards wont win a thing in the playoffs.

    • LordBanana

      KD is way better than boogie, and boogie having a string of injuries doesn’t mean KD will either.

  2. If Durant comes back Philly should be very worried. At worst you get Dirk? Geesh that speaks to how great Durant is.

  3. snotrocket

    This dude was out most of the playoffs with a minor ankle sprain. I’m not buying it.

  4. washington_bonercats

    If they’re in the playoff race in February I guess I get it but this just seems like an awful idea? Why do it? To tell the talking heads on ESPN they were wrong? KD needs to take a step away from social media for while. Focus on ball.

  5. jump shot

    Redshirt then make your comeback in the Vegas summer league for a couple games – how huge would that be? Some might say “Summer League… why?” Well, we see all the vids of so many nba guys playing pickup at Lifetime Fitness… why not? At least it would be a more controlled setting with refs, organized play, etc…

  6. jonnyzuck

    I won’t get my hopes up but if he’s recovered he should take plenty of load management days and play. I doubt he’ll be effective enough to lead a championship run but there is value in getting a round or two of playoff experience together as a core

  7. emac22

    Kobe played 6 games the following year and 35 the year after that before playing 66 games and retiring.

    What part of that is making people think Durant might be a difference maker this year?

    I’m thinking boredom, desperation or realization they screwed up is what’s prompting these fantasies.

  8. x%sure

    I like the Dirk comparison; they’re pretty similar. Dirk made non-complicated, small-area moves to get his shot, relying on being a 7footer, feeling the defense, and paying attention to details. Durant should do same, and play the 4.

    • x%sure

      Durant is listed as 6-9, prob not true. Kobe was 36 when injured & not an ideal example. I wonder how injured Durant even is; it’s hard to tell with him; he takes it easier than Kobe did.

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