Northwest Notes: Schroder, Timberwolves, Bol Bol

The possibility of Dennis Schroder getting traded by the Thunder will increase once the regular season begins, Brett Dawson of The Athletic opines. Schroder’s presence on the roster made more sense with a team built around stars Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Schroder is likely to get fewer minutes on a rebuilding club with two other natural point guards ahead of him, but once teams get a better look at their rosters and more free agents are eligible to be traded after December 15, Schroder could be on the move, Dawson adds.

We have more from the Northwest Division:

  • The Timberwolves want their G League affiliate in Iowa to mimic what the parent club is doing, Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic writes. Iowa coach Sam Newman-Beck will employ similar systems, both a motion offense and switching defense, to what Minnesota coach Ryan Saunders is running with the Timberwolves. “We want the players when they’re coming to Iowa or going to Minnesota to feel like it’s the same playbook, that there’s no change,” Newman-Beck said.
  • Rookie center Bol Bol‘s two-way contract with the Nuggets runs for the maximum of two years, Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights tweets. He’ll receive $50K guarantees in each of those seasons. Denver’s lack of a G League affiliate complicate its plans for Bol’s development. However, the Nuggets have successfully utilized a number of teams for their two-way players in past seasons, according to Adam Johnson of
  • The Jazz are among the teams with official full 20-man rosters heading into training camp.
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20 thoughts on “Northwest Notes: Schroder, Timberwolves, Bol Bol

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Of course he will be much easier to trade than Chris Paul would be, but how many teams out there will be lining up to pay Schröder $31M over the next two years? I remember seeing OKC fans last season who thought he was going to win 6th man of the year, although he did come in 8th place in the voting only because some biased writer gave him a single first-place vote (while all of the other first-place votes were cast for the 3 finalists).

  2. rxbrgr

    I’m surprised Bol and his agent allowed it to be a TWO-year two-way deal. This puts his destiny in Denver’s hands for twice as long before he can negotiate a real, lucrative contract.

    • hiflew

      I think people are really overestimating Bol Bol’s value throughout the league. This is a guy that was passed on 43 times in the draft. He’s not going to get a max deal or something if Denver released him today.

      The guy COULD become a great player. Or he could be like most other second rounders and be quickly forgotten. As of now, he is a mid second round pick that is going to have to prove himself.

      • phillyballers

        His sample size was small before he got injured. That’s why he went 43rd. He was like a 10-15 est before his injury and fell to the 2nd. MPJ was going to be #1 overall pick before he broke his back and fell to 14 – a healthy MPJ lights it up in Phoenix.

        Hard to forget a 7’2 guy that shot 52% from 3, even if it was a small sample size. If he were released today, hed be on a roster the same day. He needs to get stronger that’s about it. I view Denver’s FO as one of the savviest. They pounced on 2 High Reward guys instead of looking at specialist bench guys, they went after guys that could end up as + starters if they reach full potential.

        • hiflew

          But you are only looking at it half way. The phrase is not only “High Reward” guy. The phrase is “High Risk, High Reward” guy. Yes, there is a chance that Porter and Bol could be great, but there is also a good chance that neither of them do anything in the NBA. Your assessment makes it seem like that high risk has already paid off. Nothing has paid off yet, because neither player has even played in an NBA game, let alone starred in one. There is nothing guaranteed about either player.

          “MPJ was going to be #1 overall pick before he broke his back” means nothing. That’s like me saying I was going to be a Hall of Fame baseball player before I had a bike accident. I was only 6, but I was the star of my T-Ball League. I was just never the same after that.

          • rxbrgr

            What I’m saying is high reward guys with Bol’s potential, regardless of the risk, should be worth more of an investment than even a rookie veteran’s minimum salary (~$900k).

          • phillyballers

            43rd pick is literally no risk. And taking a player at 14 that should have went 1st is no risk. If you mess up picking Top-3 or Top-5 that’s a problem. Edge of the lottery and beyond it’s a crap shoot anyway.

        • Comparing you on a bike to Porter at ball is stupid. Porter had a great high school career and destroyed teams. He played amazing at all the invitation games like McDonalds all American and so on. He had a big injury and fell down the draft but there is no doubting his talent and ability. He fell down because teams didn’t want him sitting on the bench for a year getting paid, or because they weren’t sure he would come back from it or so on.
          Bol wasn’t on Porters level, to me Porter had proven he was elite. Bol proved he could score and block and so on but he hadn’t done it for long enough or against great opposition. I think people are sleeping on Bol and he will come back and be really good but only if he works on his game. He needs to get stronger. Whereas Porter already has a good game he needs to get fit and just improve those little things like mentality, decision making, role playing and so on.
          Overall I’m also surprised Bol hasn’t got more credit around the league but atleast that means the only way is up and to prove people wrong. If he puts in the work I’m sure he will get paid and respected

          • hiflew

            I am getting really sick of you calling me stupid. Especially when you can’t back it up with a cogent argument against me. Only ifs and buts.

            • IslandFlava

              MPJ is gonna be a steal as soon as he plays his first game.
              Bol Bol will be a steal as soon as he plays his first game as well.
              That 43 times he was passed doesn’t reflect badly on him, but on the teams that missed him, shame on them.
              BTW do you know that Jokic in Denver was passed 40 times & he is the best center in the league now, also was the best player in the last playoffs… So been picked that late was a mistake for all those teams… maybe & only maybe teams slept on Bol too?

  3. afsooner02

    I liked him coming off the bench for Russ, but his role makes no sense anymore. Doubt we see much more than a couple of seconds for him but the salary dump is the bigger gain.

  4. hiflew

    I really think the NBA should force all teams to have a G League affiliate. The G League is never going to being taken completely seriously as an alternative to college as long as some teams are not participating.

    I can’t imagine MLB allowing a team like the Marlins or some other frugal franchise to stop having a AAA team to save money or whatever other reason they choose. Either the NBA should have a complete minor league or go back to the system of colleges being your minor leagues. It’s just silly for a non-expansion team to have to ask other teams to let their players play.

    • the dude

      They’re all gonna get one. Settle down it won’t mean anything til the next CBA anyway.

    • formerlyz

      The d-league has been growing every year, and every team should have a team in the next 2 or 3 years. They dont just automatically expand by several teams at once

      • hiflew

        I know they don’t. That is my point. I am saying they SHOULD. This is teams being at a competitive disadvantage. How is easier to wait 2-3 years to get everyone a team? How is it better for anything to wait? I don’t see any upside in not having an affiliate other than saving money.

    • x%sure

      The GL won’t be taken seriously as an alternative to college regardless. It will always be scrubs in tiny gyms, jerked around by the parent club.

  5. phillyballers

    Schroder for Dragic straight up or add a 2nd.

    When John Wall comes back and sucks or cant come back… CP3 + Gallinari for Wall, Mahinmi, Hachimura, and a future unprotected 1st and some 2nds.

    Walls contract is worse than CP3s, Mahinmi is Mozgov level useless. Thunder can play him in a reserve role or stretch Wall.

    • The CP3/Wall trade seems really whack but if you think about it for abut I could work. Only if you trade soon and not wait tho.

      The Wizards get a starting PG in CP3 who would pair really well with Beal. They also get Gallo who a really good secondary scorer. The rest of the rotation is kinda already good for competing with CJ Miles and Davis Bertans. Ish and Isiah compete for back up PG, Bryant takes centre with no real competition but it’s a good team.
      The Thunder get out from CP3s deal and get a Walls deal which isn’t any better. Both same value Paul’s is 1 year less longer but is older, Wall is out for a year but younger. What you sell them on tho is when Wall is fit maybe he can play his way into having some value whereas Paul is only getting older and gets less value.
      Anyway they get Hachimura who is an interesting long term project for PF and you expect a first round pick. The Thunder end up getting a long prospect, another first round pick, potentially a better deal with Wall and then Mahinmi who’s only got 1 year like Gallo.

      End result has the Wizards making the playoffs and looking decent for now, maybe they get Beal to stay. The Thunder continue to build long term with another pick and a prospect and get to give SGA lots of minutes at PG with Wall out.

      • phillyballers

        Ye basically how I figured it. They take on the risk of Wall, if he comes back great, if not they just stretch and waive him and it won’t kill them financially with such a young squad and all those picks.

  6. Schroder would still be a good six man on the right team.

    James Johnson and a second round for Denis Schroder
    Ian Mahinmi for Denis Schroder

    Heat cause use Schroder as a back up PG for a playoff push and with Dragic (1 year) they could let him walk and have a fall back PG for next year if they go after a free agent to pair with Butler. In return Thunder get a good locker room guy and a second round pick.

    Mahnimi gives the Thunder a 1 year deal but no production saving them money, Schroder gives the Wizards a starting PG maybe able to compete a little.

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