Potential Iguodala Suitors Content To Wait Out Grizzlies?

News that the Grizzlies are currently uninterested in negotiating a buyout with Andre Iguodala is unlikely to push the veteran’s potential trade suitors into action, according to Sean Deveney of Heavy.com, who hears from league sources that those teams are more likely to “wait out” the Grizzlies.

As Deveney notes – and as has been previously reported – Memphis would like to get a first-round pick in exchange for Iguodala, but teams with interest in the former Warrior don’t believe it will ultimately take more than a second-rounder. Even that price may be too high for some interested teams, who are hoping Iguodala will eventually become available via buyout.

One league executive who spoke to Deveney suggested that an impasse at this point shouldn’t be a surprise.

“What the Grizzlies are doing, it is to be expected,” the exec said. “They’re looking at him as an asset and they want to get something in return for him. He’s under contract, so they hold all the cards. The worst he can do is not show up and it is not like Memphis is going to be playing for a playoff spot. Him not showing up wouldn’t help anything. But if you’re on the outside, those teams, they’re just waiting it out.”

The Clippers are viewed around the NBA as the most likely landing spot for Iguodala, per Deveney, but they don’t necessarily have a simple path to a trade, given all the draft picks they’ve traded away and their proximity to the tax line. The Rockets, Lakers, Nuggets, and Mavericks have been linked to Iguodala, but all face potential roadblocks on the trade market too.

According to Deveney, the Grizzlies’ ideal scenario would be to have Iguodala start the season on the roster to mentor the team’s young players, then trade him at some point before the deadline in exchange for a first-round pick — or at least a second-rounder or two. But it’s unclear how enthusiastic the 35-year-old would be about spending much of the 2019/20 season on a non-contending team.

“It is going to be a matter of whether the Grizzlies blink on this one or not,” the league executive told Deveney. “You have a guy who does not want to be there but has some value. He does not have a ton of value, though. He’s 35, 36 years old. So what do you do, hold him hostage? If you want him to be a guy to help your young players but he does not want to do that, does that really help your young players? Most teams figure they can wait (the Grizzlies) out on this.”

Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian took a Grizzlies-centric look at the Iguodala situation on Monday, writing that “one way or another” the former Finals MVP figures to be on a new team after the February trade deadline.

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10 thoughts on “Potential Iguodala Suitors Content To Wait Out Grizzlies?

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    They can buy him out now or wait until February, it’s only a matter of when.

  2. Reflect

    Why was the previous article on Iggy-Grizzlies closed to comments?

    Anyway I am surprised more teams don’t take a hard line like this. If the player is the one that wants to leave it’s on him to make the sacrifice.

  3. 94yankees

    Why should they buy him out at all if they don’t want to? Why would they buy him out in February? He is under contract to play for them and they want him there.

  4. imindless

    Grizz trying to prevent him from going to lakers lol. I hope they get nothing honestly, iggy is in a great spot still gets his cash and doesnt have to play.

    • arc89

      lakers should then trade for him instead want him for free. lakers are not the only team that want him. If a star player gets hurt he will be a good trade option for that team.

    • Curtisrowe

      Grizz aren’t trying to “prevent him from going to the Lakers” they’re trying to get something for him in a trade. Myopic much? Look it up.

  5. phillyballers

    I think hes more useful on the team than not. If they aren’t getting a net positive return, I’d keep him. It’s not like he is a Kanter or something of that ilk. Former Finals MVP.

  6. trumpcards29

    I wouldn’t pay him a dime. He doesn’t want to be there, oh well. Memphis holds all the cards. Teams don’t want to meet their reasonable asking price, don’t trade him and don’t buy him out. Let him sit at home and collect a check. It isn’t going to hurt them.

    • Curtisrowe

      It isn’t going to hurt Igouadala either. “I wouldn’t pay him a dime”? Umm, they have to pay him.

  7. Phattey

    Grizzlies stood pat and didn’t trade Tyreek when they had the chance and I can definitely see them doing the same with iggy, love the grizzlies they don’t give a f they want what they want and if they don’t get the value they want they won’t make any moves lol

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