Celtics, Nets, Hornets Considered Three-Way Trade

In the early hours of free agency, the Celtics discussed a three-way sign-and-trade that would have brought Kemba Walker to Boston while sending Kyrie Irving to the Nets and Terry Rozier to the Hornets, according to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald.

The Celtics were hoping to pull off the deal and still have enough resources left to keep Al Horford, but the trade got scrapped when Horford elected to accept a four-year, $109MM contract from the Sixers.

The proposed transaction wouldn’t have been as difficult to execute as some in the media have claimed, Bulpett adds. The Nets had the cap space to sign Irving outright and would have sought some compensation to participate, but all three teams had interest. Bulpett states that while the deal never got close to completion, Brooklyn officials were clear about what they wanted and their price could have been met.

In an interview this week, Horford suggested that he might have given stronger consideration to staying in Boston if he had known Walker was joining the team.

“I don’t want to get caught up in the past,” Horford said, “but, yeah, that would have been totally different.”

The Celtics were willing to give the 33-year-old a four-year-deal, according to Bulpett, but he landed in a good situation in Philadelphia, where he is surrounded by enough talent to compete for a title and won’t be asked to play center as often because of Joel Embiid.

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9 thoughts on “Celtics, Nets, Hornets Considered Three-Way Trade

  1. the dude

    How did Horford not know Kemba was signing, my grandma knew it was happening ffs.

    • fantasyman99

      Didn’t matter about Kemba … the core and role players in Philly have surpassed the stockpile Boston had , they missed their window … philly is the best team in the East and only team that can compete w the west for the title (i say this and i don’t like either team I’m a knickerbocker)

    • Luke Adams

      Horford’s comments essentially confirm that his free agency was one of the most clearest cases of tampering we had this summer.

      The first report that the Celtics were a threat for Kemba surfaced on June 25.

      On June 18, there was a report that Horford would sign with a team besides Boston. On June 19, there was a report that he had a four-year, $100MM+ offer waiting for him.

      Horford obviously knew by June 30 about the Kemba rumors, so his claim that he might’ve reconsidered if he’d known makes it sound as if he’d already committed to the Sixers a week or two before free agency.

      • phils phanatic

        or horford knew that kyrie wasnt coming back to Boston and therefor decided he didnt want to go back to boston.Hence why Horford saying “if he knew Kemba was joining the Celtics he might have stayed” makes perfect sense

  2. steve

    Hot, I woulda called up the Magic and see if it can happen and make it a 4some

  3. steve

    I always clamored to see Horford at the 4, he got some taste of it on the C’s but I always wanted to see him in a more legit startimg tandem (not the Baynes/horford front court we got). Now that hes teamed up with Embiid in the frontcourt and finally formed such a lineup, I kinda feel not so gun ho, like its a little bit late. Id like to think im just salty over him leaving, but there’s something about a 3/4 forward pairing of Harris/Horford that leaves me guessing defensively. They should be good this year, Horford will be 33 but can still guard an opposing teams best wing player if Harris isnt up to par. Horfords passing, shooting, and defense all look great at the 4 (with spot perimeter defense) for now. I just feel like he’ll age fairly quick and itll show considering his skills, he’ll lose versatility. Wouldve loved to see something like this 3-4 years ago on any team with an already legit 5 in place really. Him and Gobert woulda been interesting, it’ll be fun to see him embiid for this year atleast.

    • Connorsoxfan

      My god. Him and Rudy would’ve held teams to 75 points a game

  4. x%sure

    Horford made out, got the money and position. Even if he knew about the trade, or it was already made, he prolly still takes the offer. There used to be talk of his community involvement in Boston keeping him there but that seemed to go away.

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