Durant: Draymond Altercation Played Part In Decision To Leave Warriors

Appearing on ESPN’s First Take (video link) on Thursday morning, Nets forward Kevin Durant admitted that last year’s on-court altercation with Draymond Green played a part in his decision to leave the Warriors as a free agent this summer.

“A little bit, yeah, for sure,” Durant responded when asked directly by Stephen A. Smith if that incident played a role in his departure. “Your teammate talks to you that way, you think about it a bit. … Definitely [it was a factor], for sure, I’m not going to lie about it.”

According to Durant, he and Green talked things out after that confrontation, which saw the two All-Stars exchange heated words following a blown end-of-game possession in a November loss to the Clippers. Reports at the time indicated that Green told KD the Warriors didn’t need him and that he was welcome to leave as a free agent.

In today’s First Take appearance, Durant went on to explain that the Green incident was far from the only factor in his decision, and that he simply thought it was time for him to move on from the Warriors.

“I felt like a lot of stuff in Golden State had reared its head,” Durant said, per Malika Andrews of ESPN. “I felt like it was going to be the end no matter what, especially for that group. Shaun Livingston was retiring. Andre Iguodala was getting older. Our contracts were going to start for the team and put us in a hole to get other players. It was time for all of us to separate.

Besides addressing his departure from Golden State, Durant touched on a few other topics that he has discussed before, reiterating that he didn’t feel pressured by the Warriors’ front office or his teammates to return from his calf injury in the NBA Finals (video link). The All-NBA forward also said again that he’s not expecting to play at all during the 2019/20 season as he recovers from his Achilles tear (video link).

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18 thoughts on “Durant: Draymond Altercation Played Part In Decision To Leave Warriors

  1. Durant is a Restless mover. Stay one place couple years, move on. No problem I think I’m the same way. Itchy foot.

    Yes he stayed in Oklahoma City nine or ten years, but now he has a say in where he can go. All power to him, I’d be the same way. Try new things, live in a different city every few years. Explore.

    I think the Draymond thing and other stuff he says are just excuses… he was gone after this run regardless. No situation is perfect for a Wanderer. Grass Is Always Greener elsewhere. Then you move on again.

    • sleepyfloyd

      Disagree – Durant could have been a warrior for 5-6 years to extend the dynasty but from the stars on the team to the front office they did not do enough to keep him. It’s all hindsight, but then again your POV of his personality is skewed.

      • Fair enough, I always appreciate your posts.. you’re an informed fan with knowledge. Thank you.

      • phillyballers

        Look at the current supporting cast. Remove DLo. Steph maybe doesn’t get injured if he stayed. Still unlikely to win the West due to the lack of bench. Those guys aren’t West, Iggy, Livingston, Bogut. The league shakeup meant the savvy Vets also dispearsed. And some got overpaid to do so like Morris.

        Writing was on the wall when both got injured. Nets have young players to fill out the bench that are useful and locked up. GSW needs a high draft pick to retool and probably trade DLo for a wing or Big next year.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      That may no longer be an option for him unless he makes a full recovery from his achilles injury, which is very rare (especially for a player his age). He will be 32 the next time he plays in an NBA game coming off one of the most serious injuries that any basketball player can have. The likelihood of him ever being an MVP-caliber player again is slim at best.

  2. hopper15

    He knows very well the Warriors would have chose him over Draymond if it came down to it.

    I don’t even see the point of talking about this anymore.

    • sleepyfloyd

      Of course they should have but they didn’t. And Dray didn’t apologize and the team tried to sweep it under the rug.

      • hopper15

        What do you mean they should have? His mind was made up long before any decisions could be made. He didn’t even meet with Brooklyn’s coaches or FO before he agreed to come there which says it all.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Warriors would have been insanely into the luxury tax if they had kept KD. They’re already paying $15M this year, that number would have been way higher if they’d re-signed him.

      They still owe Curry $129M, and Klay $190M, and Draymond $118M. Then another $117M for D’Angelo put them on the hook for a ton of money. Since their season is basically over they’ll likely trade Russell to a contender to try and lower their payroll over the next few seasons.

  3. stretch123

    Poor Kevy… what a weak minded player. He was clearly the man for GSW. Leaders need to lead. Draymond was the fifth most important piece on that team after Curry, Durant, Thompson and Iggy. Just look at the Warriors now with just Curry and Draymond!

    I don’t think people realize that Iggy was the true heart and soul of that team. Not Draymond.

  4. emac22

    Well that was necessary.

    Always good to blame everything you do on other people. Super classy!

    Watching him go from a pending free agent who wanted to be the foundation they built upon to an excuse monger who can’t even take ownership of his motivations or decisions.

    The Knicks probably dodged a bullet not building around him and Kyrie.

    • dynasty in boston

      Kaylee Irving is a reflection of KD. Neither likes to take responsibility, neither has the mindset or toughness to lead. I hope KD can come back, I do. I feel genuine sorrow for DeAndre Jordan

  5. richard dangler

    To be fair to KD, Draymond is mentally unstable and emotionally fragile. You can only spend so much time around those type of people before you grow tired of their act.

  6. goldenstatelaw

    The truth always hurts. The only thing Draymond did wrong was say it in public. They had won a chip without him. And, the Warriors should be relentless pushing tempo. Finally, he did have one foot out the door and his lack of commitment did cause the team unnecessary drama. KD was the source of the drama bc he listened to the national media idiots and Twitter verse. The Warriors will have a down year but will be back. But KD will not win jack in Brooklyn.

    • ColossusOfClout

      The truth hurts? How about this truth: the Warriors reign is over, buddy they are done!

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