Exec: Thunder’s Asking Price For Adams “Too High”

After the Thunder traded away Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Jerami Grant this summer, there has been plenty of speculation that the team’s next major deal will involve Chris Paul. Veteran center Steven Adams, meanwhile, has flown somewhat under the radar, but with just two years left on his contract and an uncertain place in Oklahoma City’s long-term plans, Adams looks like a potential trade candidate as well.

While Adams’ contract isn’t as unwieldy as Paul’s, the big man’s $25.8MM cap hit complicates his value, according to Sean Deveney of Heavy.com, who hears that the Thunder are still asking for a significant return for the 26-year-old. Sources tell Deveney that OKC is seeking a draft pick, a young player, and salary relief in exchange for Adams.

“They set the price too high,” a league executive said to Deveney. “That’s what you’d expect and maybe it will drop as the year goes on. It’s tough to take on his contract and give up picks and players. Most teams are pretty well set at the center spot now, you have a big guy and you have your small lineup. You can’t just take on a contract like that. There isn’t a big number of teams who could take him.”

The Kings had some interest in Adams earlier in the offseason, but with the Thunder eyeing Buddy Hield or Bogdan Bogdanovic, talks didn’t get far, per Deveney. Sacramento ultimately addressed its center position by signing Dewayne Dedmon to a lucrative three-year contract in free agency, reducing the need for a player like Adams.

Deveney cites the Mavericks, Celtics, and Spurs as teams that either had some level of interest in Adams or were linked to the veteran center at some point, but notes that all three clubs appear to be unlikely suitors now. Still, if the Thunder’s asking price comes down, there’s a sense that Adams could be on the move before the 2020 deadline, Deveney adds. For his part, the New Zealand native is trying not to let the trade rumors distract him.

If it happens to someone else, there’s a chance it could happen to you,” Adams said this week of those trade rumors (Twitter link via Erik Horne of The Oklahoman). “That’s common sense. But it still affects you. You’re human. Even if they do trade me, it’s been a huge honor to just contribute to the history Oklahoma (City) is making.

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17 thoughts on “Exec: Thunder’s Asking Price For Adams “Too High”

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    OKC received assets in return for Westbrook and Paul George because they’re both really good players. But they won’t get anything for Chris Paul or Steven Adams, they will need to give up draft picks to rid themselves of them.

    Adams is still young, but he’s one of the most overpaid centers in the NBA. He’s the 9th highest paid center in the league still owed $53M over the next two seasons. He’s not even close to being one of the top 10 centers, he might barely be in the top 20 (if that).

  2. Steven is one of the best screen setters. He’s one of the best offensive rebounders. I’m a team without Russ he will easily give you 10+ rebounds. He’s a good defender and has shown some ability to try extend his range.

    I don’t think any team with want to give up a first, a young player and match salary’s for him tho. The Celtics might be a nice home for him with Kanter his mate already there and they need a solid defender there but his salary is about much for them.

    Maybe Big Steve to Toronto for Marc Gasol and OG Agunoby

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      No way would Toronto trade those 2 guys for Adams straight up.

    • Why not? Gasol is in the last year of his deal and he’s 34. Last year after he joined Toronto he averaged 9/6.5/4 that’s in 26 regular season game at 26 minutes. Not only is Adams better but he’s younger and he’s going to have a really good year now that Russ doesn’t steal his rebounds

    • formerlyz

      Maybe Adams, Schroeder, and Ferguson for Hayward, Langford, Grant Williams, and Carson Edwards? No picks? Or maybe take out Langford and throw in a future pick. Makes sense if they dont think Hayward can bounce back strong this year

      • Don’t think that’ll happen. Williams Langford and Edwards that’s all the young players they just selected. For what Schroder and Adams…

        I’d Celtics do a trade it’s going to have to be for a PF of C. Even Ibaka and Powell for Hayward and Robert Williams would be better. Toronto gets a go to scorer and former all star but a young centre, Boston gets a PF that can block shot and Powell a good rotational player

  3. Id gauge his level of interest in sticking around in OKC long term and see what his asking price would be. If reasonable and hes amenable id resign him or extend him hes eligible for it. Hes a fan favorite here and at his current contract hes hard to move, and impossible to move for anything of value. Obviously if hes not then you take what you can get for him on the open market but again if he wants to stick around see what can be done. Hes making alot of money and any realist would know that he isnt going to get 25mil+ on the open market in Unrestricted FA in a couple years, and his game is criminally underrated.

    • GabeOfThrones

      He gets paid 25mil a year, so I don’t think he’s criminally underrated…

      • Perhaps I give to much credence to the fellow above me calling him a barely top 20 center. His game, and strictly his game, seems to be underrated due to the overpay, hes very mobile for his size and does what I want from the 5 position, score inside, rebound, and play very solid D. When it comes to his overall value as a player both on court and off court, yes hes def not underrated, as hed cost you something to move him, atleast for now. Hes hardly an albatross though, he brings plenty of value to the court, so much so that I think they’d be better off keeping him then attaching assets to get rid of him

  4. Major Factuh

    I’d like Adams with the Mavs, just don’t see how they could pull it off with what they have tho.

  5. D-Rock718

    He’s only under contract for one more season after this one. They could look to keep him as a solid Center on a better contract, but I can see teams like the Mavs, Spurs, Celtics, and possibly the Hawks having interest in him. Thunder have options

  6. Connorsoxfan

    I don’t see how the Celtics get to $25 million without trading Hayward, which I doubt they want to do at this point.

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