Jaylen Brown, Celtics Have Begun Extension Talks

A report last week indicated that the Celtics are unlikely to sign Jaylen Brown to a rookie scale extension before the 2019/20 season begins, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try. Brown confirmed to Brian Robb of Boston Sports Journal that the club recently reached out to begin discussions.

Brown, who would be on track for restricted free agency next summer if he doesn’t sign a new deal by October 21, said on Media Day that he’s not putting much thought into the possibility of an extension. He reiterated that lack of urgency in his comments to Robb.

“I’ve been able to watch these guys for three years,” Brown told Boston Sports Journal. “They have their process. They like to take their time. There is no rush at all. I don’t know if they feel rushed. I hope they don’t. There is no rush. They will figure it out or not figure it out. Either way is fine with me.”

While Brown appears to be taking a casual approach to negotiations, he may have to get more involved in those talks than most players would, since he doesn’t have an agent of his own. It’s not clear if the 22-year-old swingman intends to change that. He told Robb that he likes his current situation, but a league source recently informed Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe that Brown appears likely to hire representation before signing his next contract.

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So far this offseason, three rookie scale extensions have been completed. Jamal Murray and Ben Simmons signed maximum-salary deals projected to be worth at least $168MM over five years. Caris LeVert, meanwhile, signed a three-year, $52MM extension with Brooklyn.

Finding a compromise somewhere in between those figures might be a challenge for Brown and the Celtics, particularly since the C’s haven’t been overly aggressive in recent years in their efforts to lock up extension-eligible players prior to restricted free agency.

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12 thoughts on “Jaylen Brown, Celtics Have Begun Extension Talks

  1. Skip, Tampa

    Brown not having a agent to help handle his extension is really a pretty dumb move.
    Based on his play last year he’ll be lucky to get a 2/$28M with player option right now.
    Will be better off betting on himself and hit RFA next year.
    Actually $8M-$10M is more realistic based on level of play.
    Should get over himself and prove he’s even worth not being traded.

    • IslandFlava

      Agree with you, sad state of affairs is JB just now, he must improve sooo much this year to prove he has a place in Boston long term, at the moment he is sooo far behind from where he should be just now.

  2. Baileyg3rd

    One of the cornerstone of your franchise and we’re talking about how much! Just take care of him 25 or 30 million! Than take care of Tatum! They Rep America well overseas! Young Stars in the making!

  3. bigeasye

    Guys don’t get paid their rookie extensions off of production as much as how they project out. He’s going to get 20m at least a year.

  4. Jeff Zanghi

    He’s a really tough player to forecast what an extension should/would look like. He obviously has a ton of talent and every year looks like he’s about to turn that “corner” and become a legitimate star/or close to it but then he kind of never takes that next step. Having said that however he has been very productive and took coming off the bench last year (after previously starting) very professionally. And he has at times looked like the “player he can become” particularly 2 years ago in the playoffs he had some really impressive games. But now the immediate question becomes. does he become the guy who can consistently score 20 PPG/play great/high intensity defense and grab some boards or is he going to continue to be the 14/15 PPG guy he has been? And how do you determine what he’s worth if he’s going to be the 14/15 PPG guy – or do you not sign him long term in that scenario? it’s a tough call because as much as he hasn’t done it yet — his skill still looks to be there to take it to “that next level” and then you’re looking at something close to a max deal so who knows what the right move is here?

  5. Skip, Tampa

    All excellent points which does indeed make it hard to access. Actually think it’s a case of who do you believe in or trade, Hayward or Brown ?
    With Hayward, Tatum slides to SG. If believe is in Brown then go with a maybe a 5/$90 with built in bonuses and trade Hayward. Just don’t see them keeping both.
    How about this, a Heat trade with Hayward for Dragic, Olynik, 2020, 2022 1st swaps ?
    Dragic would be an excellent backup on an expiring $19M deal. Gets cap for Brown and a very good PF/C to boot.
    A Wiggins type Max is a mistake.
    Just some wandering thoughts.

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