LeBron & AD “Like A Fantasy Team”

It didn’t take long for the Lakers‘ new duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis to make an impression on the NBA, writes Dave McMenamin of ESPN. Playing their first game together in front of a prime time TV audience, they looked dominant in a 22-point destruction of the Warriors. Although neither played in the second half, Davis finished with 22 points and 10 rebounds, while James registered 15 points and eight assists.

“AD’s AD,” James said afterward. “I thought he was great from the beginning of the game, just his offset on the offensive end just to be able to get us extra possessions with rebounding. Knocking down shots. I think he had like five dunks in the first half. And communication on the defensive end. He’s a very cerebral player. It was a good start for him.”

The Lakers acquired Davis from the Pelicans in one of the first major moves of the offseason. Although the price was high, with three players and three first-round picks going to New Orleans, L.A. sees th ebig man as part of its foundation for the future and possibly its ticket back to the NBA Finals.

That looks very possible after last night’s debut, which included three straight dunks by Davis in a 43-second stretch of the first quarter. The first came on an offensive rebound, followed by a pick-and-roll with James, then an alley-oop from Rajon Rondo.

“I was just trying to attack the offensive glass and be aggressive and get myself going,” Davis said. “I haven’t played in a while, so I was just trying to do all the little things, and the ball ended up in my hands, so I just went up and dunked it and got myself going.”

New coach Frank Vogel is still figuring out what his starting lineup will look like alongside the two former overall No. 1 picks. Avery BradleyDanny Green and JaVale McGee started last night, but Vogel said he will continue to experiment throughout the preseason.

Regardless, the focus all season will remain on Davis and James, the Lakers’ premier additions from the past two summers, and whether they can make the franchise one of the NBA’s best again. The early returns are impressive, even to opponents.

“It’s different seeing all those big guys on the floor at the same time,” Warriors guard D’Angelo Russell said. “LeBron playing point alongside those dudes. It’s cool. It looks like a fantasy team or something.”

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17 thoughts on “LeBron & AD “Like A Fantasy Team”

  1. did I miss something last night? GSW had no center in the game. All of their big men were out with injuries. After the 11-0 run to start the game it was only a 8 point game at half time. GSW played mostly guys that will not be on the team in the second half. It was their G league team. LeBron did not look very good. AD was guarded by a much smaller player. It was a preseason game so once again the LA media is trying to make it look like the lakers are a championship team.

    • apathygood

      Hahha look at the warrior fan (of about 7 years) upset they’re not favorites. Neither are the lakers, and I don’t see them being made to look like a championship team after one preseason game. AD and LBJ looked good. That’s all the article mentioned. Relax man, curry and co are still great. Much respect to them.

      • 1. GSW fan of over 40 years. 2. GSW shouldn’t be favorites. I would rate Clippers and Utah as favorites. Just saying that these articles about how great Lakers are is just media making up stories.

        • Grant

          Relax man its a preseason fluff piece to hype up the upcoming season. Every fan wants to think their team has a shot at the beginning of the year otherwise no one would truly care. There are probably reports coming out of Arizona on how my Suns could be a playoff team based off how guys look in camp doesn’t mean any rational basketball person actually believes that.

    • yoyo137

      I think you and Lakers fans are overreacting. Like you said, it’s the first game of the preseason. So if it’s unwise to crown the Lakers as the new champs off a preseason game, it’s also unwise to be so pessimistic about them based off a preseason game. You’re saying they’re quick to judge but you’re doing the same thing.

    • imindless

      News flash you still have no center lol, willy stein is trash and still isnt stopping ad. Gsw was exposed dlo cant guard anyone and now have 2 liabilities on the court at the same time. Gsw closed the lead at half time with reserves in not the starters. I dont like lebron but played bad? Dude almost had a triple double in 18 minutes, against the 3 time champions.

      • Same thing i heard last year. Can you truly say lakers looked that good in their first preseason game? NO. Even the commentators were saying you will not see AD guarded by a small forward during the season. I saw 2 teams going through the motions. There was very little defense and even the refs didn’t call many fouls. LeBron was watching players on defnse so don’t complain about Dlo when LeBron defense is bad.

    • amk3510

      Wait so at first you say pre season does not matter then you say it does… Good to see Warriors fans are still chasing their tail about the upcoming season.

      • learn to read i said its the first game of preseason and the lakers did not look that good. Where did i say it does matter?

        • amk3510

          “It was an 8 point game at halftime and Lebron did not look that good” is you trying to discredit the Lakers. Then you say “AD will not be guarded by a smaller player” aka pre season doesn’t matter. Pick a side man either it does or does not. Cant wait until these games actually count and Golden State fans have no more excuses

          • I was saying lakers were not as dominating as the writer is claiming. Are you telling me that was a good regular season showing by both teams? No it was a preseason game of trying to see who makes the team. So let me understand your point you feel that is the type of team GSW and lakers will employ through out the season. It will be fun when Lakers have a melt down and finish 5th or 6th seed this year.

  2. amk3510

    Lebron and AD is without a doubt the best duo in the NBA. Those trolls who said the Lakers will miss the playoffs need to get back in the clown car and find a different narrative to spin

  3. This is a preseason game. If you are a Laker fan you liked it. They played well together for the first game. If they were shi**y we would be upset. So it is what it is. Doesn’t mean they’ll win a world title, but it was a good game, they played well and you had to like it. It beats playing a shi**y game…..

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