Pelicans Agree To Trade Anthony Davis To Lakers

The Pelicans have reached an agreement to trade All-Star big man Anthony Davis to the Lakers for guards Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart, forward Brandon Ingram and three first-round picks, including the No. 4 overall pick in this year’s draft, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

The rest of the Pelicans’ haul includes a 9-30 protected first-rounder in 2021, which becomes unprotected in 2022, and an unprotected first-rounder in 2024.

New Orleans will also have the right to swap unprotected first-rounders in 2o23 and will have the option to defer the 2024 pick until 2025, according to reports from Tim Bontemps of ESPN and Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times (Twitter links).

[UPDATE: Davis trade will become a three-team deal]

The Lakers immediately become championship contenders with Davis joining forces with LeBron James. Davis’ agent Rich Paul, also James’ agent, had tried to steer trade talks toward the Lakers over the winter after Davis’ desire to be traded was made public. But Davis didn’t get his wish at the time.

Paul and Davis recently met with the Pelicans’ new top executive, David Griffin, who tried to convince Davis to rescind his trade request. Davis declined and expressed his desire to play long-term for either the Lakers or Knicks.

GM Rob Pelinka, who has been under fire after criticism from former Lakers president Magic Johnson, pulled off a major coup by winning the Davis sweepstakes over the Knicks and Celtics, among others. Los Angeles gave up plenty in the deal but didn’t have to include another talented big man, Kyle Kuzma.

Davis could sign an extension with the Lakers but still intends to test free agency next summer, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports tweets.

The Lakers will have either $27.8MM or $32.5MM in cap room after the deal to pursue a high-level free agent, depending upon timing and Davis’ willingness to waive his $4MM trade bonus, ESPN salary cap expert Bobby Marks tweets.

The trade cannot be officially finalized until after the new league year begins in July. It may be even be completed as late as July 30 — newly-drafted players can be traded immediately without signing a rookie scale contract, but if they sign that contract, they aren’t eligible to be dealt for 30 days. Waiting those 30 days would be advantageous to the Lakers for cap-related reasons, as Marks notes (via Twitter).

The Lakers still don’t have quite enough cap room to max out a free agent like Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker but they’re close to it, Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders tweets. Naturally, one of those free agents might take a little less to form a superstar trio in Los Angeles or the Lakers could make other moves to clear more cap room. Walker will be the Lakers’ top free agent target, Marc Stein of the New York Times tweets.

Boston refused to part with its top young player, forward Jayson Tatum, in trade talks with the Pelicans, Stein add in another tweet. That put the Lakers in the driver’s seat for Davis’ services.

With Ball and Hart joining Jrue Holiday, the Pelicans have greatly enhanced their backcourt. They now have the No. 1 and No. 4 picks in Thursday’s draft. It’s a slam dunk they’ll select Duke forward Zion Williamson with the top pick and theyll get another high-level prospect, unless they have another trade in the works. Williamson and Ingram should be a formidable duo at the forward spots and the Pelicans can now concentrate on bringing in another big man to make all the other pieces work.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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234 thoughts on “Pelicans Agree To Trade Anthony Davis To Lakers

    • jkoms57


      They’re pretty much set when you work in their bird rights and assume Rondo and Lance take min..
      Prob McGee or Chandler too, depending on what market on McGee is.

    • How did the Lakers not include Kuzma yet the Celtics not including Tatum was a dealbreaker?!?

      • LASTSON86

        Exactly! The pelicans look like idiots with the little haul they got for a Top 5 player

        • whoneedsfacts

          Kuz was the most valuable player Lakers had, can’t believe the Pels didn’t force them to give him up. Ball is a joker and Ingram is about finished with that rookie contract and still inconsistent.Lakers fleeced the Pels.

        • They got three first round picks (one is the #4 overall), Brandon Ingram, and they can swap on two others. I realize Ball stinks, but that seems like a pretty solid deal to me.

          They’ll have Zion, Ingram, and the #4 pick right out of the gate this year. Not bad?

      • I give no fox

        The lakers gave up 3 1sts and swap rights on two others…it’s not a bad deal for the pelicans. It’s way better than the in season offer, even without Kuzma.

  1. cherryhilljp

    I’d like to see the Pelicans parlay this into a championship team.

    • citizen

      They better. Davis was good but the pelicans didn’t build around him and they didnt with Chris Paul. Both are gone Terrible.

  2. ateam043

    Lakers got robbed with the additional 1st round picks for one year of AD.

    Potential to blow up in their face if AD leaves next year. I’d imagine there would be some verbal agreement of some kind to resign.

        • x%sure

          Davis knows what James is like; everyone does; and he made his choice.

          James will make Davis big-time, not just successful.

        • Thronson5

          Hogs the ball? Do you watch basketball. You can look up stats right? The guy is always trying to get team mates involved. Look at his stats per game. Lol

  3. kenleyfornia2

    But but but the Celtics and Knicks have the best offer. Lakers haters about to say Lonzo aint a bust anymore

        • Any Knicks fan that said they had a better offer, was just plain wrong. Also, I think the knock should just draft barrett’s and take on expiring contracts in exchange for picks. Keep building


          I think it comes down to what Griffin’s game plan is. Let’s be real, Ball and Ingram are good but have blemishes and are close to the end of their rookie deals and Hart looks good but hasn’t had a chance to start on a bad Laker team. They’ll become expensive soon, especially if they break through in the next year or so. What’s the difference between the Lakers offer and the likely offer the Knicks made? More quality NBA talent. The current players the Knicks likely offered were DSJ, Knox and Mitchell Robinson. That’s an ok scorer in DJ on a affordable contract (2/$19 nil), a 19 year old Knox (3/$15 mil) who had a decent 1st year and Robinson (3/$6 mil) a rookie who put up an impressive defensive campaign off the bench (6 rbnds and 2.5 blocks playing 20 minutes og while shooting 69% from the floor with 7 ppg.

          Where the Knicks beat the Lakers is in the value of the picks they can offer. The Knicks could’ve offered this year’s #3 (draft Barrett to pair with Zion), the Mav’s 2019-20 1st rnd pick which might fall in the lottery (top 14 which can move up like we saw with the Lakers this year) and future 1st rnd picks. With the likely growing pains of the Knicks and the reasonable possibility the Lakers will be a top 5 team in the next few years it’s logical that the Knick’s future 1sts will be higher than the Laker’s future 1sts.

          Griffin received from the Lakers were more known quality where the Knicks could’ve offered 2 less developed NBA players and several shots at a future 1st overall pick if the Knicks continue to struggle. Between the Mavs and the Knicks Griffin would likely be drafting in the lottery with each one of those picks.

      • MZ311

        I agree. They should forget about trying to bring in superstars. They should save money and sign vets who are willing to come in and mentor all these you g players.

    • royhobbs

      Celtics could definitely put a better offer up, just not for one year . IMO the Pelicans didn’t get enough.

      • x%sure

        But that’s part of it, one year probably, only. Under the circumstances– basically two teams bidding– the Pels did quite well.

    • thatsright

      The Pels had to settle for the Lakers offer because Rich Paul scared off the Celtics.

  4. imindless

    Would have rather had bi than kuzma but its the only way salaries would match up. Definitely see lakers signing another star player…

    • captainsalty

      Ingram is talented but I don’t think his game plays well with Lebron

    • Matt Kimball

      BI and LeBron don’t mesh well on the court. If you look at the numbers, BI’s numbers across the board drop when they are both on the floor. They both need the ball. Kuzma plays well with James. He moves off the ball and James feeds him. That being said, we gave up a lot for the brow. All the draft picks and being able to switch draft slots makes this an all in game and if it fails, we are screwed for a long long time.

      • imindless

        Straight facts man! Could be steve nash dwightmare all over again and lebron can dip after 3 years and leave us with the mess.

        • jbigz12

          Lebron is going to be 37 pushing 38 at the end of his deal. When the Lakers signed Lebron this was the type of play that HAD to happen. He’s not going to sit around with a bunch of young guys at the end of his career.
          He wants a title. There’s no guarantee you see LBJ play after this deal . He’s old now.

    • Casor_Greener

      It’s not a one year deal. LA and NY are the only places where he said he would resign?

      I wonder if most people who comment really watch and know anything about basketball…

      • Codeeg

        It is in the sense you realize they could’ve kept all those picks and players and signed him next offseason.

        • Casor_Greener

          Technically I guess, but 1 year can change a lot of things…Look at Kawhi, KD, Irving, and Klay. Everyone thought they knew what those guys would do

          • hiflew

            Not to mention Paul George who was all but gift wrapped to LA until he decided he liked OKC better.

        • goldenmisfit

          They could have signed him next year? Just like Paul George? The guy never even reached free agency after being traded to Oklahoma City.

          • whoneedsfacts

            I have seen sources saying AD has committed to signing an extention with LA as well. This is one of only two teams he wanted, he will stay, they did very well. I can’t belive they were able to keep Kuzma though that’s the only player I though would be a must add.

      • Down with OBP

        Even if he signs long term, this trade is effectively for 1 year of his services – I wonder if people know basic economics. He was traded for the contract he currently has — that’s his value. There is no current value to the contract he will sign. (Keith Law talks about this concept a lot in baseball deals).

        • Casor_Greener

          You are clearly trying to apply economic theory to a situation that has too many variables. You aren’t as smart as you think.

          • x%sure

            Really. I took economics in college and there was no chapter on “bird rights”. A sociology text though will have chapters on the influence of proximity, and I’m sure an anthropology text will address the role of bonding in pack-hunting culture like basketball’s compared to baseball’s.

            The Lakers waited on Paul George and got burned. Risky idea to wait on Davis too.

            Now read the CBA at least.

          • Down with OBP

            It’s not too many variables. Davis has a contract. It has one year left on it. It has value. What he will sign as a contract does not exist yet. He was not traded for what value he may have. The assets acquired by the Pelicans was for one year of Davis. QED.

            • Down with OBP

              You are right though. I’m not as smart as I think. I’m apparently smarter than I think I am.

    • JonnyLucas

      I don’t think there are enough touches for another max guy. They need to surround these two with shooters and scrappers.

      • x%sure

        Agree, two stars+ Kuzma is enough for a title, if the roster is decent. Which, it isn’t at present.

        • bowserhound

          Need a PG and a/or a shooter. Resign McGee & Rondo for cheap and then spend everything else on a shooter.

    • tharrie0820

      Cause he’s totally not gonna sign with the team he tried to force his way onto

    • 22Leo

      People saying it’s just a one year rental are just grasping at straws in order to hate on the Lakers.

  5. SueJen

    Smart move as Pelicans load up. Lots draft choices. Davis gets injured? Bye Lakers

  6. jonnyzuck

    LeBron, AD, and around $30 million to sign a big time FA or a few solid guys? That along with the injuries to the warriors mean things are about to get juicy in LA.

  7. JonnyLucas

    Now they just need a handful of 3 and D guys and they have to be the favorites next year.

  8. JulianH

    Can someone explain to me how Woj got a hold of this trade?

    Like presumably the GMs of NOLA and LA made the deal, then what? How the hell does Wojnarowski break news so fast? Are his sources the GMs?

    • Michael Chaney

      GMs usually communicate with the rest of the organization as trade talks progress, so a source could be anyone close to the GM

      • JulianH

        ok let’s say it’s the AGM, so how does Woj procure that info from him?

        I’d assume both teams want this deal hush hush until everything’s complete. Like won’t the GM be real mad at his colleagues knowing one of them leaked the info to a member of the media?

        • Once the deal is totally agreed on and guaranteed to consummate, it’s okay to go public. Then other teams are aware of what you need and what you are willing to trade away following the big deal.

    • jump shot

      Trade had been done… were just waiting for the Finals to be over to break it

    • Ironmonger835

      Woj has the Tesseract and he instantly transports to the GM’s office the minute it goes down

  9. mgrap84

    Nice trade for the Pelicans but Lakers trading away the whole future of the team for one player

    • hiflew

      When the future looks as bleak as it did when LBJ was out, maybe trading the whole future is not a bad thing.

    • jump shot

      If the team is as good as they expect to be, the picks aren’t any good anyway. Not many Kuzmas that late.

    • Ken Brown

      I mean, I like BI, but let’s be honest. The Lakers just traded a bust, a backup, the 4th overall, and a guy who might someday be the third best player on a playoff team for a center whose jersey could end up in the rafters one day.

      This would have been a good trade for LA even if they’d had to include Kuzma.

      • whoneedsfacts

        Laker haters going all kinds of crazy right now. It will be okay buddy, GS will be back in the finals in 2025.

  10. aberdeen101

    Hope the Lakers continue to fail. A lot of depth going. Nice haul by the Pelicans and they also add Zion.

  11. Ken Brown

    So in the end the temper tantrum cost the Pelicans Kuzma, Wagner, Zubac, and Dell Demps’ job. Definitely a franchise choosing to succeed, yeah?

    • hiflew

      They just got 2 recent #2 overall picks, this year’s #4 overall pick, 2 future 1st rounders, and one other decent player for one year of one guy that was definitely not coming back. I think they did much better than expected.

      • bowserhound

        Right, but he is saying they would’ve also gotten the players he mentioned on top of what they just got if Dell/Owner hadn’t gotten all Sheneneh.

        • x%sure

          Supposedly the midseason offer was Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, Zubac, Hart, & 2 firsts, one of which would have been the #4. (Also a KCP/Hill swap: Hill would take up $13.3MM for 2019/20 with limited production.) The two sources were reliable enough for HR mention but I wouldn’t say the list was a certainty. It is possible, as playoff hopes were still present in LA.

          Because that offer added Zubac & Kuzma and subtracted Hill at the cost of a remote first, it was much better. But denied.

          • hiflew

            What you are forgetting is that is LA acquired AD at the deadline, that pick would probably not be #4. They would have likely made the playoffs as the 7 or 8 seed and the pick would have been around #15-18.

            I agree that Demps probably screwed the pooch and it cost him his job, but the offer would have not been that much stronger. I mean could you move up from say 16 to 4 with a package of Kuzma and Zubac? Probably, but not a slam dunk either. So the midseason offer was better, but not as much better as it first appears.

            • hiflew

              Not to mention that you not only got an additional 1st round pick, but you got the ability to swap twice as well. The Lakers are not guaranteed to be good in 2023 and 2025. LeBron will be 40 and probably long gone by then. The Lakers at that time might look like the Pels last year by then.

            • x%sure

              True, the#4 was not a good point as the pingpong balls would be different.

              The new info on the picks is startling. Basically the Pels get LAL’s unprotected firsts in ’23, ’24, & ’25. The Lakers had better convey the 2021 top-8-protected pick or it turns into another unprotected in ’22, the draft-and-a-half year. Even AD will be winding down by 2025, but I predict James will still be effective at 40 and playing for less money.

              ALSO. If the KCP/Hill swap I mentioned was part of it (not as certain), the midseason offer may have blocked getting another max-type player in. That will only matter if there is such a player, but yeah. The trades as known are nearly equal.

              Like the Nets trade, this trade will be a def success only if that second max shows up!

  12. Thec’s

    This is what the NBA wanted! They needed to play LBJ whining about not having any super stars around him! This whole thing was fixed from the ping pong balls , so that the Pels would get the first choice and the Lakers have the fourth pick to trade! AD’s agent coming out and saying, “We will only sign with the Knicks or the Lakers!”. This was fixed for LBJ period because he can’t carry a team on his own and he has to win! The NBA sucks!

    • JonnyLucas

      I got news for you… The league isn’t LBJ’s anymore. They don’t NEED him for ratings. They’re coming off an all time exciting finals. Lebron isn’t the end all be all anymore.

      • arc89

        LeBron is 35 and not the same player he was. Lakers just threw away their future for 1 year. 3 first round picks handicap their future so now it will become a old team fast.

      • imindless

        After one year of missing the playoffs? Ratings one of the worst in years….you sure about that? I dislike lebron as much as the next guy but those miami years were unrivaled in ratings.

      • x%sure

        “This” the sentiments, or “this” the satire of a category of posters?

          • x%sure

            Well Satire rebounds better and has more defense mechanisms, plus a smart FO. Sentiment shoots straight and sticks together, mindful of the coach. Since they’re called games, I’ll take Satire in 7 of them.

    • Ken Brown

      If the NBA wanted this, they’d have arranged it midseason when it was a better package on offer.

    • hiflew

      You do realize that every other team in the lottery had a representative in the room when the lottery selections were made, right? Do you really think the rest of the teams would not only go along with the set up idea, but would also remain silent about it? Coincidence is a lot more likely than conspiracy in 99.99999% of cases.

    • whoneedsfacts

      If it were fixed the Lakers would have been given the first, that would have been the only certain trade. What happened is Celtics took Tatum off the table and AD said he would only resign with two teams. Why comment when you don’t know tour ish.

  13. Eric Lord

    I don’t see how Ball makes the Pelicans better when he is always injured. The Pelicans needed to get Kuzma in this trade, but gave in to the Lakers & instead got 3 players who were all injured last season.

    • Codeeg

      If anything him always being injured was a plus for the pels because if he’s finally healthy they already won.


      Consider the possibility they might flip ball for pieces with more control? The Suns, Hawks and Wizard’s are all said to be looking for a PG. Maybe they flip Ball for Suns #1 or trade back for Atlanta’s #8 and #10?

      • whoneedsfacts

        He wouldn’t even fetch the 8 and 10, he is always injured. Too risky for his value to be even decent at this point with the constant injuries and daddy drama don’t help.

  14. brewpackbuckbadg

    It seems like it is a good deal for the Pels but the question is how good are those three going to be without playing along LeBron, how long will they stay, and where will those other two picks fall.

  15. TREE2436

    Celtics were not going to give Tatum in the deal. Especially since it’s no slam dunk that the Uni-Brow was going to resign here in Boston

    • whoneedsfacts

      Obviously that isn’t going to happen, he suffered the worst sports injury there is. Hopefully he will still be able to ball when he gets back in a year or two, definitely not guaranteed.

      • imindless

        Dont mind dionis he just hates lebron and anything affiliated with him.

  16. JonnyLucas

    DAndre Hunter is going to be a great NBA player… Really nice trade for the Pels. Ball and Ingram will have every opportunity to star. I hope one of them makes it… for the pels sake.

  17. Thec’s

    The only reason the NBA finals was close was Durant got hurt, end of story!

    • hiflew

      Prove it. Oh wait, you can’t. Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to complain about it for the rest of your life.

      • azcrook

        No complaints…if Durant not hurt….Toronto probably does not win it….
        Toronto played well as the series progressed….but, Durant is a game/series changer

      • jump shot

        The small segment Durant played, he was the best player on the floor. If he and Klay are borh healthy, its 4-1 and possibly a sweep. Everyone knows. That’s why they aren’t even favored to win it again (as GS always was). Everyone knows they (Toronto) won, but everybody also knows why. I know… I know…. the aggressive, name-calling responses will come to my comment – which will prove the point even more.

      • azcrook

        As stated earlier……Raptors won it….congrats!! All was that stated was that with Durant in….the series probably would have had a different outcome… besides Leonard….. his support players FINALLY showed up

    • whoneedsfacts

      Even if your right it doesn’t help GS. He suffered a career changing injury that can take years to come back from and he is like 30 at this point.

  18. Codeeg

    Forget the lakers
    The pelicans are going to be so good


    Trade the no 4 and another pick to the knicks for Barrett.

    They can win 40 next year.

    • Codeeg

      I feel insane for saying it but they’re just all so young and hopefully get better away from Los Angeles.

      • x%sure

        And Okafor is. He fits in this group! A solid 5 for playoff contention, no ‘rebuild’ or Holiday trade necessary. Hart, Etwan Moore, #4 pick too.

    • hiflew

      But the Lakers couldn’t win 40 with those guys this year and they had LeBron too. New Orleans will be in the bottom 5 next year and probably picking near the top again.

      Now, they might be fine in 2022 if most things go well, but next year is not going to be good.

      • I think being away from LeBron is going to make Ingram have his best season as a pro. He looked out of place at times last year and will be playing to get paid the following year

      • jbigz12

        And so what? There was no magic pill for NO to suddenly be good next year. They were a fringe 8 seed with AD. Best case scenario is that they get another top pick and weapon for this team next year.

      • Codeeg

        I think people forget young players can get better. Look at what D lo did with the nets.
        Doc rivers said the same thing, you just gotta give them the right environment to.

        • hiflew

          I think people are forgetting that young players can stay the same or get worse too.

        • whoneedsfacts

          Y’all was just saying these guys suck a few months ago, and that Pels didn’t want them because they wouldn’t do any good.

          • imindless

            Lmao straight facts!!!! Haters wanna hate! They said these guys were terrible and busts and now they are great lmao

    • Jason Lancaster

      Too many guys that need the ball to really win.

      I’d bring Ball off the bench, let Randle leave, and play youngsters alongside Holiday, Ingram, and Zion. You won’t win a lot of games, but you’ll develop some players and put yourself in position to make moves when Zion finds his game.


      Unless the Knicks don’t like Barrett that deal would be stupid. They need star power and the consensus is that Barrett could end up being the best player in the draft. The way the new lottery system worked this year, the chances of that pick being the 1st overall or top 3 have diminished.

  19. Z-A

    PG Ball
    SG Jrue
    SF Ingram
    PF Zion

    Maybe trade back to 8 n 10 and grab Bol Bol and Reddish or Sekou?

    • stretch123

      If i were them, I’d try to trade No 4 for Miami’s No 13 and a young player like Richardson or Winslow in addition to Derrick Jones Jr and see if Miami would bite. As a heat fan; i wouldn’t mind this and would give NOLA three additional young assets. Miami could then draft whoever they want to help lead the post Dwade era.

      • Z-A

        Can argue the depth would really just be a logjam for the Pelicans with who they have on their roster. Need to hit on a Stretch-4 or Stretch-5 in the draft. Fill out the starting 5. They can also trade Hill and ET Moore for someone (20M).

  20. Codeeg

    Christian Wood was showing some promise on the Pels too. I think I’m becoming a small pels fan.

  21. gronk

    Kind of a wierd place as a Celtics fan right now. Slightly disappointing. Not because we didn’t get Davis. More because he didn’t want to play here. As much as I honestly didn’t think Ainge would gamble Tatum and company with the possibility of losing everyone in a year im still slightly relieved that the option was taken from him. Cuz who the hell knows what that man’s capable of. That being said that same quality also makes it a slightly exciting time to be a C’s fan. Danny has been known to pull a rabbit out of a hat when least expected. As far as Kyrie goes , I’ve consistently been on the let him go side of that discussion. I’m not one of those C’s fans that have nothing nice to say about the guy now that he’s on his way out. I was intrigued when he came to town. But hey it didn’t work. I honestly would like to see them give the keys to Rozier and the kids this season. It’ll be interesting to see how the remaining money and assets are spent. So ya , I’m confused!

    • Some of these guys now are thinking about more than basketball income. They want a career after age 40. Endorsements movies.

      Look at Shaquille O’neal He is raking. Forced his way out of Orlando to the Lakers. Cashed in big-time, and still is.

      These young guys catch on. Boston perhaps would be limited in that regard. Not a slight on the team or the players just on working in Boston and opportunities are greater elsewhere.

      • Z-A

        Shaq was already in movies before going to the Lakers. Shaq-Fu was out. He’s what Zion could be media wise.

        • bowserhound

          Besides his current TNT gig, Shaq should’ve and should continue to stay out of the media.

  22. Bay Area sports

    In this draft there is a clear top 3, with a significant drop in talent after that; therefore, the #4 pick isn’t too great. The other two first rounders will not be good picks because the lakers now have two superstars. Lonzo ball is a head case,he could potential turn it around but who knows. This means the best asset the pelicans got for Anthony Davis is Brandon Ingram. That’s laughable and pathetic

    • The sleeper in the deal is Josh Hart for the Pelicans. I actually like Hart. I think he’s gritty, he’s a gamer, tough can shoot plays defense.

      • Bay Area sports

        They are all decent role players, but if you’re trading AD, you need to get at least one potential superstar back. I personally don’t think Anyone they got have that potential

        • All you’re going to get back is a DeMar DeRozan if you settle on one guy.

          Three young guys who were high pics plus 3 first rounders not a bad package coming back. Better than a 28 year-old five-time All-Star who dribbles off his foot or takes a bad shot to close the game… but everybody thinks he’s a superstar.

          • royhobbs

            IMO, the definition of winning a NBA trade is getting the guy with the most talent.

          • Z-A

            Only gettable guys truly gettable Top-45 are like Love and Wiggins off the top of my head.

  23. david722

    Why can’t this be a win – win for each side? No one has to be demonized here. It’s up to each team to make it work; however, based on the way LA has run it’s team since Dr. Jerry passed getting Davis alone does not cure their management problems.

      • david722

        Jeanne and little Jimmy were at odds all over the place prior to Magic leaving. Having the privilege of being Dr. Jerry’s sibs does not make you qualified to run a team.

    • No deal if you don’t take lonzo. Lakers re-sign Rondo and get another guy to back him up.

      • Which reminds me, didn’t Rondo and Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins have a good run with the Pelicans for half a season? Cousins to the Lakers and add LeBron and it might work.

  24. Jeremy

    NOLA needs a center. How about Detroit sends Andre Drummond and the 15th pick for the 4th pick. The Pistons could get a guard with the 4th and try to sign DeMarcus Cousins to play with Blake.

  25. socalbum

    Great trade for Lakers! Best option for Pelicans is to flip Ball and Ingram as quickly as possible

  26. Thronson5

    I don’t care what anyone says this is a great trade for both teams all the way around and the Lakers can still get a really good point guard with money they to spend even if they gotta take a little less the first year of the deal. As a Lakers fan I’m stoked. We kept Kuzma! That’s huge. AD, Kuz, LeBron and Kemba (who I think is gonna be their guy) will stack up against any team in the west. Then the Pelicans are set, get Zion and the 4th pick plus Ingram, Ball and Hart and that’s a solid young team to build around.

    • Not Kemba. You start Rondo, sign a backup, and use the money for a game-changer at another position…, Butler? Kawhi Leonard even, somebody else but not Kemba Walker.

    • bowserhound

      Kemba would be nice as he fills two needs at once. However, the money he’s gonna get would suck the rest of the cap up.

    • Jason Lancaster

      How do you play Kemba with LeBron? Both guys need the ball to do their thing.

      Lakers would be better off paying Beverly 7.5 million – he’ll give you catch and shoot, awesome d, and good decision making.

  27. Thronson5

    All you Lakers haters and LeBron haters are trying to spin this as a bad deal lol. You are ridiculous!! Get over it! And to the comment about LeBron being a ball hog hahaha do you watch basketball?? The guy averages 7-8 assist a game. Far from a ball hog. Idiots.

  28. nature boy

    I’m happy to be rid of Davis, but hate that he got his way. I guess the Lakers is a good place for him. He’s not the type who will ever carry a team. He will be a great Scottie Pippem, to their MJ (LeBron). Then again, he’ll get hurt, so there’s that too. Adios.

  29. Skip, Tampa

    Now Griffin keeps Ingram and flips the rest of the Lakers haul for Beal, 2019 #9.
    Griffin is far from done.

    • imindless

      Uh wizards already said they arent trading beal lmao…..wall and ball wont work well and they have no need for the 4th in a weak draft.

  30. madmanTX

    The draft picks are the the catch here, but not Ball. Maybe the Pelicans issue with the Lakers was all Magic? Go figure. I hate this trade improving the Lakers. I like them as a shell of their championship years.

  31. x%sure

    Pels: 1.Ball, 2.Holiday, 3.Ingram, 4.ZWill, 5.Jahlil Okafor.
    Need bigs. #4 is a bit high for top center prospect Jaxon Hayes so they may take whoever strikes their fancy (the so-called best available athlete). Okafor did look good in limited minutes.

    Hayes: Fantastic measurables and potential and “lauded for his intangables”, but “Likely will need time to adjust to the speed and physicality of the NBA game.”(espn) Projects to good hedging.

    Lakers: 1.(Rondo), 2.(KCPope,Bullock), 3.James, 4.Kuzma, 5.Davis, Wagner(McGee)
    Wow, nevermind gunning for a 4th star, they need bodies at the perimeter. How about McGruder & McDonnell along with McGee.
    Then Kemba, when big offers for him don’t materialize.

    • Z-A

      Jah looked good when he actually got minutes. But he and Zion play the same game even if Zion shoots a 3 once in a while. Tough pairing in this leagues environment. But if GSW is dead maybe the league isnt as 3 crazy for a minute.

  32. angelsfan4life

    Two of those pics will be lottery picks. When the Queen misses half the season. AD will be lucky to play in 60 games. And Lakers fans, think this will help them

  33. goldenmisfit

    To all the Laker haters saying how they will still suck come talk to me at the end of the season when they are a top two seed in the Western Conference. I am sure you are all the same people saying LeBron going to Miami was a disaster.

    • kenleyfornia2

      LOL someone said the Lakers being a higher seed than Golden State next year is delusional. Yeah ok. Lebron/AD > Curry/Draymond

      • Strike Four

        lmao if you think Curry/Draymond will be the only 2 players GSW will have next year.

        • kenleyfornia2

          Comment was clearly about the 2 best players on the teans. GSW has a little more depth on the bench but 0 cap room if they bring back Klay and KD

        • imindless

          @Strike four when klay and kd resign they have no more cap space lol spinin on hateraid.

  34. imindless

    Lmao where all the celtics homers at now? Thought ad and kyrie would be on same team instead got maybe dangelo russell and terry rozier. Dead.

    • royhobbs

      AD and Kyrie still may be on the same team, as bronbron needs players to carry his team, and scapegoats.

  35. ChiSoxCity

    Can’t wait to hear LeBron throw AD under a bus when they don’t win.

    • x%sure

      James never threw Irving under the bus even though Irving gunned more than he did then stiffed the team mid-contract. Again what knowledge of basketball you have is compromised by your preferences.

      • ChiSoxCity

        Oh look, another LeBron fan boy trying to rewrite history. Unfortunately for you, the secret’s been out for years. Star players HATE playing with (for) LeBron. The reason why is he doesn’t understand the meaning of LOYALTY.

      • royhobbs

        KI actually saved the title that Bronbron ” delivered ” to Cleveland. KI is a shoot first pg, James needs alpha players around him.

  36. Strike Four

    So the Lakers literally just watched the Warriors lose by only having 5 good players, and have decided to use that same method. Dumb dumb dumb….

    • ChiSoxCity

      Pretty sure the GS just won a bunch of champions with that roster, and barely missed out on another one due to injuries. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?


    You have to judge this trade in context.

    Limited trade market: It was made clear that he would only be a 1 year rental for anyone that traded for him. He gave indications on what team they would consider re-signing with.

    Lakers are a win-now team: They have LBJ for three more years and he’s getting entering into his mid 30’s. They HAVE to hit a home run this off-season. Matching LBJ with a bunch of rookies isn’t ideal. Besides, what perennial contender has ever had early 1st round picks other than a rare occasion? LBJ, AD and Kuzma is a nice threesome. They can still sign a legit star or spread the money out for a PG and some solid role players.

    Griffin’s is great: Griffin took a limited market and turned into a boat load of options. They could use the #4 to get a star or flip Ingram or Ball for future picks. If they take Coby White or Darius Garland at #4 then maybe they send Ball to a team looking for a PG such as the Suns. the Bulls or the Wizards and extract a player or a 1st round pick in this or future drafts. Or maybe they offer the #4 to Atlanta for their 8th and 10th picks this year? Good chance Reddish and one of White/Garland might still be available.

    Good deal for both sides

    • royhobbs

      Players running leagues is never good, especially for ” both sides”. And when I say players, I mean leeches(agents) sucking the blood out of a really good game.

  38. OCTraveler

    Wish the Lakers could have kept Hart and including 3 number ones diminishes the future considering LBJ’s age. Need to now sign a FA point guard.

  39. hopper15

    Smh at David Griffin. Kuzma has to be included in this trade. You don’t know what the future holds with Ingram recovering from blood clots.

  40. jmac2121

    Lakers vs. Raptors 2020 finals, Kawhi adds ‘Kingslayer’ to his resume…

  41. Wow! That is what I call a great trade for ALL the NBA fans, happy days for everybody!!!

  42. halofanatic

    NBA fans need to put aside their bias and agree that this trade was good for both organizations for different reasons.

    Lakers get the star they so desperately craved and the Pelicans get the young athletic talent to surround Zion. Let’s face it, the Pelicans were unable to convince AD to stay long term. They got one helluva haul. The Pelicans could very well deal Ball and any bevy of picks for a bonafide star. Time will tell but it’s a good move for both organizations.

    As for the Lakers the rest of the off-season, I’d only be looking at Kawhi Leonard on the close to max deal or spreading the near max cap on shooters and defenders. I wouldn’t waste my money or time on Jimmy Butler, Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, etc.

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