Malik Beasley Declined Three-Year, $30MM Extension Offer

Before his recent agent change, shooting guard Malik Beasley turned down a three-year, $30MM contract extension offer from the Nuggets, sources tell Bobby Marks of (Insider link). Beasley, who is entering the final year of his rookie scale contract, is eligible to sign a new deal up until October 21.

After playing limited minutes in his first two NBA seasons, Beasley emerged as one of the Nuggets’ most effective bench players in 2018/19, averaging 11.3 PPG on .474/.402/.848 shooting in 81 games (23.2 MPG). The former Florida State standout is still just 22 years old, so it’s possible he’ll take another step forward this season, which would line up for a nice payday in restricted free agency in 2020.

Pointing to Beasley’s up-and-down performance in the playoffs, Marks suggests that a three-year, $30MM contract – which is approximately equivalent to a mid-level deal – is a fair price. However, with Rich Paul and Klutch Sports now representing him, the former first-round pick figures to be seeking a more lucrative offer.

The four-year, $53MM contract signed in 2018 by Nuggets swingman Will Barton could be a relevant point of reference in negotiations, as Marks observes. Beasley outplayed Barton last season, and if he does so again in 2019/20, he’d have a strong case to top his teammate’s deal.

With Paul Millsap, Mason Plumlee, and a handful of other players on expiring contracts this season, the Nuggets currently only have about $93MM in guaranteed money on their cap for 2020/21, so they can afford to lock up Beasley if the two sides find common ground.

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13 thoughts on “Malik Beasley Declined Three-Year, $30MM Extension Offer

  1. Tazza

    The Nuggets are better off trading Beasley. 3years and 30 mil for a bench player that has had 1 decent year is very fair. Yes he put preformed Will Barton last year but Barton has consistently improved year after year and even this year for a down year he still averaged 11.5/5/3 meaning he actually did better then Malik in every category, however Beasley was more efficient.

    The Nuggets have a lot of really good depth players and paying over 20 mil for two back up SGs is a huge mistake. If they were to trade Beasley not only would it save them having to pay him, which would save them cap space but they could potentially get a really good return for him.

    • Tazza

      He isn’t that versatile he’s a 6’5 SG, he’s thin and not the best defender so he wouldn’t get much mins at SF and he isn’t much of a creator so he won’t play much PG. He’s not much of a defender he’s kind of average. Either way they should look at the SF and PF positions instead of paying 10+ mil for another back up SG

  2. hiflew

    If he declines 3/30, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Beasley is not so good that he can’t be replaced for less money than $10MM a year. He could probably be replaced for half of that.

  3. x%sure

    Barton declined pretty substantially after he signed the deal, as did Gary Harris last year, while Beasley’s numbers jumped. Barton’s 2017/18 was like Beasley’s 2018/19, but Denver was more desperate to retain talent last offseason. Now they can be patient.
    $10MM is a lot for a non-starter but he might get even more with another similar season. So I see no changes here.

    Denver has increased their win total 5 straight seasons, and had their 5th best year ever, with 2 projected starters having off years and Murray not statistically better.

  4. formerlyz

    I could see Beasley getting a decent amount more if he repeats last season, so this isnt surprising to me.

  5. phillyballers

    I think they settle in the 3/36 or 3/40 range. I could see maybe someone gives him 4/50 as a FA. But we arent there yet.

  6. IslandFlava

    Can’t believe he turned down 30/3, no way he is worth more than that. Surely you can get a player for less to do the same.

    • phillyballers

      Look at all the other dudes out there that are stiffs and make more. Hornets entire roster? Nets offers that teams stupidly matched. If teams had just let the Nets take scrubs for 18-20M there would be no KD and Kyrie teamup. GMs are terrible with money. He will get 12-15m per year.

  7. Tazza

    If he doesn’t get offered 15 mil ish I can see him going to free agency and some dumb team paying him

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