MRI On Anthony Davis’ Thumb Comes Back Clean

The Lakers and their fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as the MRI on Anthony Davis‘ sprained right thumb came back clean today, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter).

Davis injured the thumb in the first quarter of the Lakers’ Saturday game in Shenzhen vs. the Nets. While the injury was originally diagnosed as a sprain and reports suggested there was no ligament damage, the team wanted to conduct further tests upon returning to Los Angeles to confirm that diagnosis.

There’s still no definitive return timetable for Davis, but a clean MRI bodes well. Even if the Lakers’ star offseason acquisition isn’t ready for opening night next Tuesday, it doesn’t sound like he’d miss much time beyond that.

For what it’s worth, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports tweets that Davis and LeBron James are expected to sit out tonight’s exhibition game against the Warriors. The Lakers will play Golden State in two more preseason contests before opening night, so we’ll see if AD suits up for either of those matchups on Wednesday and Friday.

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10 thoughts on “MRI On Anthony Davis’ Thumb Comes Back Clean

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    If AD misses 25 or more games, like he did last season, it could be disastrous for the Lakers. Especially since they can’t count on LeBron for more than 60-70 games himself, and Howard won’t help much either.

    • amk3510

      You’re Laker derangement is so strong you really just had to tie Dwight in like he at all has anything to do with the success of the team. If their best player misses 25 games they wont make the playoffs? Riveting content.

    • You know I thought the same thing regarding Anthony Davis but I looked at his games played throughout his career and he actually has not missed very much time. I was surprised when I looked.

      • I thought there was at least two or three of his Seasons where he only played 25-30 games.

        • x%sure

          Yes they both have been averaging over 70 games despite being held back by their teams when healthy especially late last year. AD missed 9 games straight and a few here & there for health, and about 9 more mostly because the fans were booing. Estimates in the 60s could be “Laker Derangement Syndrome”! Of course short seasons could happen but not based on the past three years.

          Anyway the Clipper stars already have issues spilling over.

    • IslandFlava

      Ad would had played 70+ games if it wasn’t for the unprofessional behavior of the Pels, he didn’t play only 56 out of injuries, so this take is very skewed… BTW LBJ last year was the first time that played less than 70 games in 16 years, so go figure how you work out he can’t play more than 70? Really puzzling logic!?!?!

  2. Good news! What a wasted trip to China hope your happy silver! Commissioner scrub.

    • bowserhound

      Yeah, if AD got hurt (like Kyrie) this trip would’ve been even more stupid.

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