NBA Suspends Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns Two Games Each

The punishment for the scuffle between Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid has been handed down by the league. Each player will miss the next two games, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

The two big men wrestled one another to the ground on Wednesday and were each ejected from the contest. The jabs didn’t stop there, as the star big men exchanged insults via social media later that night. Charania adds that the duo’s suspension was for their on-court altercation and “their continued escalation following the incident.”

Ben Simmons, who held Towns down on the ground as other players pulled Embiid away, will not be suspended for the incident, despite the Wolves pushing back against the notion that he acted as a peacemaker.

Embiid will lose roughly $379K as a result of the conflict while Towns will lose roughly $376K, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link). The 76ers will play Portland and Phoenix over their next two games while Minnesota faces Washington and Milwaukee.

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19 thoughts on “NBA Suspends Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns Two Games Each

  1. I didn’t know putting another player in a chokehold could be considered being a “peacemaker”

  2. natsfan3437

    With how the NBA blows up normal things, I’m surprised it was so little. I thought it would be 10 games.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Good point. They gave Ariza and Gerald Green 2 games for what was basically nothing compared to this. Always biased against Houston.

  3. Rewane

    So it’s 2 games including their continuation of the off court verbal attacks. So the whole brawl is pretty much just a 1 game suspension?

  4. paladin

    Should have been 3 for Kat & 5 for the instigator, Embid. I am starting to get sick of his crap…..

    • Norm Chouinard

      I would have tacked on 2 more games for Embiid’s post scuffle theatrics. If the NBA won’t discipline him for acting the fool, this will be his MO.

  5. IslandFlava

    Real shame that both players will be missing games, real favorites of mine, it really wasn’t a fight at all, just a couple pushes & shovels really. I wouldn’t have suspended them at all, the losers as always are the fans that won’t get to see 2 of the top 7 players in the league.

  6. Baileyg3rd

    Australia this not Rugby this is not what ever Big Ben! That choke hold not a good look bruh! Lol

  7. Nebraska Tim

    Super weak suspension, especially with all the surrounding drama.

    Ibaka on the Raptors got 3 games in March, and while he has a prior history, so does Embiid.

    I’m surprised they got less than 3, honestly, as I thought that was going to be the minimum.

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