Spurs, DeMar DeRozan Not Close On Extension

DeMar DeRozan and the Spurs continue to talk about the possibility of a contract extension, Sam Amick of The Athletic hears. However, the two sides are far apart.

DeRozan’s current deal runs through the 2020/21 season, though the final year is a player option worth roughly $27.7MM.

DeRozan could opt to hit the open market next summer or wait until the 2021 offseason. In either situation, he’s likely be considered one of the best players on the market. A max extension for the shooting guard would come in a roughly $150MM over four years, though it would require him to turn down his player option (as in it would run through the 2023/24 season).

San Antonio would prefer a two-year extension, which would give the franchise flexibility in the future. DeRozan previously indicated that he hasn’t spent much time worrying about an extension with the Spurs.

“That’s not on my mind,” DeRozan said. “My focus is to go out there and hoop. How everything will unfold, that’s how it will unfold.”

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10 thoughts on “Spurs, DeMar DeRozan Not Close On Extension

  1. 2 year extension might make sense as is their best player right now but there is an obviously group of young talent starting to take over from him at the Spurs. Murray White Walker Poetl are the main players. I would consider seeing what he’s worth in the trade market. One of either Gary Harris, Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle would be good pieces back for him plus players to make the cap space work. They are young and have potential I’d also rather their contracts than pay DeRozan. Aaron Gordon in particular think would be good, think he improves a lot under Pop. He’s also got a good mix of athleticism and scoring ability which would pair well with Murray and White

    • I honestly wouldn’t hate trading him. Especially if he still hasn’t developed a 3 point shot. Because with Lamarcus and Dejounte both not being 3 point shooters, he doesn’t really mesh with the team. He’s obviously good and makes the team better regardless, as he is an All-Star. But if we could get some young up and coming player who would better fit with those other two, as I think they are more important to the spurs than him, I think that would be fantastic

    • Yeah that’s what I’m trying to say also, DeRozan is huge for the team and a reason they win so many regular season games but he doesn’t exactly fit the team because of his shooting, he also is aging, isn’t clutch and so on but if you were to get back someone who is young and can grow win the team then I’d make a move.

    • If I were the Spurs I’d probably take that. Murray and Winslow would be great on defence and both really good passers. Olynyk would be good in a 3 man big rotation with Aldridge and Poetl. In Olynyk you get the spacing and Poetl you get the defence. Plus Jones Jr is a nice young player.
      I don’t think it would be a good move on the Heats part. DeRozan would need an extension and either you pay him or he walks and you have up lots for nothing. If you pay him you’ve got Butler and DeRozan who are both physical players that play so hard their bodies will give out in their 30s. Plus you lose some spacing in Olynyk meaning James Johnson starts at PF which is alright.

  2. jimmertee

    Is DeRozan good enough to take any team to the promised land? Masai didn’t think so.

    No max contract for him.

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