Western Notes: Russell, Wiggins, Gasol, Mann

New Warriors guard D’Angelo Russell is soaking up as much knowledge as possible from Stephen Curry, with the duo expected to form one of the league’s most elite backcourts this season as Klay Thompson continues to rehab from a torn ACL, Mark Medina of USA Today writes.

“I’m doing a lot of spectating,” Russell said, according to Medina. “I’m just seeing what I can learn from him from a distance. Then, I can come up with the correct questions and the correct demeanor on what I’m trying to learn versus nagging him about stuff.”

Russell, an NBA All-Star last season in his own right, has continued to expand his game and improve since being drafted second overall by the Lakers in 2015.

Russell was acquired by the Warriors in a sign-and-trade involving Kevin Durant this offseason, coming off a campaign in which he averaged 21.1 points, seven assists and 1.2 steals in 81 games. That campaign would land him a four-year deal in excess of $117MM.

“He’s always asking the right questions. He’s eager to learn and grow,” Curry said. “It’s nice to see a guy get paid in the summer and is still hungry to get better.”

Here are some other notes from the Western Conference tonight:

  • A happier version of Andrew Wiggins could lead to a different player for the Timberwolves this season, Chris Hine of the Star Tribune writes. “I would say I’m enjoying it more than I did last year,” Wiggins said. “Last year it was kind of on the rough side. But the joy has always been there. I’ve never been on the court not wanting to play.”
  • Blazers center Pau Gasol (left foot rehab) won’t be ready to play in the team’s season opener, according to Joe Freeman of The Oregonian (Twitter link). Portland will kick off the season by hosting Denver on Wednesday night.
  • Clippers rookie Terance Mann has continued to evolve as a point guard, Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times writes. “It’s like a dream come true to learn from a guy like him [Doc Rivers], helping me with this point guard position,” Mann said. “So it’s a lot of fun.”
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22 thoughts on “Western Notes: Russell, Wiggins, Gasol, Mann

  1. Andrew Wiggins and a first to the Cavs for KLove

    TWolves get a solid starting PF, and a former player back in Love.
    Love is 5th in points, 2nd in rebounds and 2nd in 3’s for the Wolves.
    Cavs get Wiggins and a first. Wiggins could pair with Nance to make the future forwards combo for the Cavs.

  2. julio1221

    Guys Love dont like the Wolves as a Wolves and Kevin fan thats not gonna happen

  3. L Lawliet

    Pistons would be very wise to trade Drummond for Russell when he becomes tradeable. The Warriors would take Drummond in a heart bet and be a better team for it. Anf what D Russell is learning under Steph will turnhiminto an all nba caliber PG in the near future. Pistons do it before its too late!

      • L Lawliet

        Enjoy losing this year then. And post again when that trade goes through so I can call you and your dumb reply out.

        • You’re correct probably wind up losing a lot of games this year. But why would we trade an All-Star point guard who’s Young and creative, for a center who rebounds and blocked shots exclusively? I just don’t think that’s even a good matchup for trade. Seriously why would the Warriors do that? I’d really like to know. Don’t the Warriors already have Looney? And cauley-stein is a non-scoring shot-blocking center also? I just think your trade idea is From Another Universe.

      • Not a Warriors or Pistons fan and I think this is a terrible move. Drummond is on contract for 1 year plus a player option and is likely going to cost 30 mil for an extension. He will give you about 15 and 15 per game but he’s not great defensively and he can shoot the 3 at all and he’s terrible from the line. DeAndre Jordan gives you about 13 and 13 plays good defence and has improved a lot at the line and is getting about 10 mil.

        Meanwhile you want to trade that for Dloading, a 23 year old All Star Point Guard. Russell gives you about 20-6-4, he’s a good leader and he’s a clutch shooter. No way does GSW give that up for an overpriced centre.

    • Major Factuh

      Eh, I don’t think Drummond fits in GS at all. Hopefully picking Curry’s brain/skills takes DLo to another level. Curry could help turn him into a monster that GS may not want to part with in the end.

  4. The trade is going to be russel for wiggins. Wolves get a pg, warriors a small, they move klay back to the 2 and have starting 5 of curry, klay, wiggins, green,stein .

      • Wiggins make 0 sense for GSW unless it came with 2 first round picks. GSW gave up picks to get Russel why would they trade him for a lesser player?

  5. Simple Fan

    The Medina USA Today article is strange and I got confused. Who was Byron Scott? To me got really confusing. First Kerr likes Russell then he’s just this blunderbuss on some unheard-of Lakers team. The USA Today Sports looks pretty cut-and-paste. Crappy journalism. What could have been a good article turned into fan-fiction again, with a misleading headline and nothing good to read about

      • Simple Fan

        Lol it never registered with me that he was the Lakers coach, even though I started watching them around the year before Russell was drafted

  6. Wade Herbers

    Wiggins is a complete bust. ZERO defense. Zero 3 pt game. Crappy FG % on his 15 ft jumpers. Afraid to go the rim and no heart. Other than he’s a sure fire MAX contract!! Right Glen??

    • Gus Leggett

      But Glen Taylor looked into Wiggins eyes and saw he was worth the max contract. It’s all in the eyes….hahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. Wade Herbers

    LOL So after the opening night win Wiggins was happy with his 21 point night. But what the idiot seems to forget is that he shot 10-27…….ugh! and shot 0-4 on 3pt attempts. And some how he played 36 minutes without a single assist/steal or block. And only found the charity stripe TWICE. Even on a night when the pulled off a win this guys still unbearable.

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