Early Results Reduce Market For Chris Paul

If the Thunder are hoping to trade Chris Paul soon, the first month of the NBA season hasn’t done them any favors, writes Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman, who notes that the teams most likely to be interested have all gotten off to strong starts.

The Heat were the focus of trade rumors after Oklahoma City acquired Paul from the Rockets in July, but Miami sits at 10-3 after winning tonight. Offseason addition Jimmy Butler is the team’s assist leader at 7.2 per game as they are succeeding without a traditional point guard. The Heat have already made it clear that their interest in Paul is tied to a return of the draft picks they owe OKC, and they may be even more reluctant now to break up a winning combination.

The Lakers have also been mentioned as a possibility because of Paul’s friendship with LeBron James. However, they hold the NBA’s best record at 12-2 and James leads the league in assists at 11.1 per game as he has developed an instant chemistry with Anthony Davis.

The Timberwolves, who chased D’Angelo Russell in the offseason, are off to a better-than-expected 8-7 start, Tramel notes, while the Bucks, who have incentive to gamble for a title before Giannis Antetokounmpo can become a free agent in 2021, are 11-3 and are reluctant to become a taxpaying team.

Paul’s contract remains an impediment to any deal, as he is signed for $41.3MM next season with a $44.2MM player option for 2021/22. He has played well for OKC, averaging 15.8 points and 5.6 assists through 14 games, but the Thunder appear to need at least one prospective trade partner to stumble before any progress can be made on a deal.

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35 thoughts on “Early Results Reduce Market For Chris Paul

    • paladin

      Ask Daryl Morey….He signed him to the Super Max and nobody held a gun to his head. He paid big to get rid of that contract… Is Westbrook deal any better? He gets 3 years 124 Million…Sam Presti action….Rockets also gave up two first rounders and the rights to swap picks for 2 years to get rid of CP3, expensive bend over! Thunder will have to eat CP3 deal this year but next year they may be able to get rid of his deal at some point……

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Westbrook’s Super max deal is far better than Chris Paul’s max contract (not Super max). They won’t be swapping picks since the Rockets will have a better record than OKC for many years to come, and both of those first round picks will be in the late 20’s (possibly #30).

        • paladin

          Draft picks are for 2024 & 2026! Picks swaps in 2021 & 25….How can you possible know the #1’s will be in the 30’s? Westbrook won’t be there after 2021 most likely… If you are clairvoyant, please tell me some stocks to buy. I give you facts, you reply with opinion that has no facts to back it up……CP3 deal was Super Max when he signed it. It was big NBA news, so drop the ALT universe thing please…..Did I strike a nerve or something? Nothing personal, ”Just the Facts, Mam”.

        • x%sure

          Gordon’s. The roster money will be spent, and it comes from nobody here. CP is still productive and OKC needs some veteran to step in and keep standards from falling. SGA can play the 2 fine.

  1. Senioreditor

    No ones pay 85+ million for Chris Paul. The only way he leaves OKC is on a buyout and I doubt that happens until after next season.

  2. Maybe the spurs? Idk why they’d want him with that contract, along with the fact that point guard is the one position, with Dejounte and Derrick white, that doesn’t need help. But dang, something needs to happen. So idk, idea thrown out there. Pretty stupid but I said it. Too late to take back

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Detroit. Put Paul, Griffin and Drummond on the same team. They’ll have to let Drummond leave next summer, but that might happen anyways.

    They become a playoff team, sell some tickets, and have a clean cap sheet in 2023.

    • If OKC put some picks, cp3 could Be moved.
      But why okc would have to put some picks?

      • Jason Lancaster

        I don’t think Detroit should give a pick or get a pick. They need a starting point guard, they have some expiring contracts, and they could have a first round series at home in the East.

    • phils phanatic

      didnt paul and blake have some issues at the end of their clippers tenure?

      • wright0525

        They did! I’m not sure they ever worked them out. Maybe a few years away has healed the wounds. Not sure what the package would be. I wouldn’t give up nothing but expiring contracts. NO PICKS!!!

  4. phils phanatic

    i think eventually there will be a situation where OKC takes a bad contract and an asset(either a draft pick or young player) for paul. the problem is will paul stay healthy long enough for that to happen this year?

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Actually a 3 team deal could have a slight chance of working.
    Heat / OKC / Wizards
    Heat: Wall, 2021, 2023 1st back
    Wizards: Paul
    OKC: Waiter, JJ, Leonard
    Not real pretty for any team, but certainly very workable.

      • emac22

        No way he gets traded without at least 2 first round picks.

        When you subtract his value from his contract the difference has to be covered in any trade. With the cash limits in trades you can only make it up with picks and good established players with good deals or taking back bad contracts.

        If they are paying out just as much bad money they might as well keep him. If a team is trading for Paul they are going for it now and don’t want to lose established players. That just leaves picks.

    • password is tacko

      No way MIA gets an injured Wall. They’d go after Beal if anything

  6. I think there is going to be serious buyer’s remorse in OKC. I understand Westbrook wanted out, and they got a good haul of draft picks, but Paul’s contract is just so bad. Why not hold on to Westbrook for a while, and see if anything comes up in the season where they could get back a solid young player as opposed to a draft pick 7 years in the future?

    • fishy 9 dogs

      They were doing Westbrook a favor by sending him where he wanted to go. Plus, they aren’t contending right now, so they can afford to have some bad contracts for a couple years

  7. mcmillankmm

    Snell, Reggie Jackson and whatever salary filler is also needed along with a couple 2nds for CP3 I would think could get it done

  8. Skip, Tampa

    Pistons are certainly a very interesting fit. If Paul and Griffin can get along.
    Would take a 3rd team and probably some buyouts from both teams.
    Snell, Jackson, Galloway, 2 second round picks and filler.
    It would be a winner or a big breakup this summer.

  9. DynamiteAdams

    I actually feel like Schroder is going to be moved first. He’s good enough to be a playoff team’s PG (Magic Pistons cough cough), hes barly being used due to SGA and Paul,and his contract is alot easier to digest.

    • x%sure

      Yes Shroeder is the one with the bad fit. A splash of sense there.

      And the article… CP won’t be traded until a team needs him (and his contract) more than OKC does. It may not happen this year, but DET & MIN both want the playoffs as well as an upgrade at the 1. Also a season-ending injury to a starting 1 on a good team like MIL would get them calling.

  10. whoneedsfacts

    All these comments fail to understand that having Paul’s s—ty contract doesn’t hurt OKC. They will suck for the next two years regardless, he can help guide young players, they will only let him go if another team needs him enough to let them off the hook for free.

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