Hornets To Pursue Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is expected to be one of the best available players in a weak 2020 free agent class and the Pistons will have competition for his services. Sean Deveney of Heavy.com hears that the Hornets will pursue the big man this offseason.

Charlotte has had interest in Drummond for over a year and the franchise is expected to have significant cap space this summer for the first time in years. Bismack Biyombo ($17MM), Marvin Williams ($15MM), and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist ($13MM) will all see their deals expire, setting the Hornets up for a chance to add new talent in free agency.

“He’ll be a priority there,” one league executive told Deveney. “It’s just a matter of whether they make him a priority now and give up something to get him or try to make the move later. It’s a very cautious group, Mitch Kupchak and those guys. But they might want to get this guy into the fold sooner rather than later, there’s just a lot of incentive there on both sides.”

The Hornets have interest in securing Drummond via trade before this year’s deadline, though the Pistons have shown no indication that they are willing to move the center. However, Detroit has had talks with other teams about the big man in previous years and a rough start to the season has to make the franchise take a hard look in the mirror.

An offer for Drummond likely would not include one of their young, promising players (Devonte’ Graham, Miles Bridges, Malik Monk, or PJ Washington), though Deveney writes that if Charlotte includes one of the group, it’s likely to be Monk. The Hornets can keep all of those players if it waits until free agent to pursue the big man, though there are advantages to acquiring Drummond sooner, such as acquiring the center’s Bird Rights and having him on the roster to help the Hornets (6-9 as of this writing) make a playoff push in the Eastern Conference.

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19 thoughts on “Hornets To Pursue Andre Drummond

    • Nah detriot only has Reggie Jackson for another year, theyre trading for him (rozier) too much uncertainty to pass on the oppertunity to acquire their sub 40% shooting pg of the future. Monks going nowhere itll be a package built around rozier plus a ton of draft picks. Altho if monk were offered in a defacto stand alone deal (monk +expirings) theyd of course do that too in a heart beat cause theyre uh contending. But that would actually be a smart deal for mitch so maybe not

  1. Dwight powell, jalen brunson and THJ for Blake or drummond. Get some serviceable role players if drummond bolts in FA or trade blake and shed his 34m contract

  2. Black Ace57

    Boy the Hornets really are determined to be a below average franchise forever.

  3. I cant rip the hornets any longer for thought processes like “havent had cap room in years (havent been good either) lets tie up said cap space ASAP” like imma do the same thing with this next check spend it quickly and ruthlessly

    • How is this tampering? No official from the hornets made any comment on it. This is just a rumor relax

  4. x%sure

    Hindsight will say Detroit should have gone for a draft pick (PJ Washington) and expiring salary for Drummond earlier. I would NOT give that for Drummond now just for his Bird rights.

    Drummond is not even worth a max! Good to hear somebody values a center though.

  5. I think Detroit Will give him a max
    If not,
    Det take cody zeller, mkg, monk, Cody Martin
    Cha take drummond and snell

  6. weaselpuppy

    Detroit will offer a Max, just depends if Drummond wants to move. He is an odd cat though, kinda a computer nerd/introvert, and I can’t see him liking a big media market, so places like Charlotte may be of interest to him.

    That said Charlotte looks like a full rebuild 5 yr plan to compete at best and he has been through that already, soooo…

  7. Detroit should keep Griffin and Drummond.

    Swap Reggie Jackson and K.Thomas for G. Dragic
    Then Swap Galloway and 2 seconds for J. Crowder.

    1. Dragic. Rose. Frazier
    2. Kennard. Brown
    3. Crowder. Snell. Douboumya
    4. Griffin. Morris
    5. Drummond. Maker

    Dragic facilitates and can score if needed, Kennard is a sharpshooter, Crowder is a 2 way player and does abit of everything. Griffin is the star, Drummond in the 12/12 big man. Off the bench you have Rose who amazing, Morris has been good, Snell is versatile and Brown is promising.

    Detroit is now a top 6 team in the east. And after the season I would let Drummond Walk (30m) resign everyone else at a slightly cheaper rate and still have money to replace Drummond with someone good (Gasol, Whiteside, Ibaka, Favours, TT, WCS, Noel)

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