Jamal Crawford “Baffled” By Lack Of Opportunity

Does anyone need a three-time Sixth Man of the Year who’s still capable of a 50-point night? Jamal Crawford tells Shaun Powell of NBA.com that he’s working out in Seattle and trying to be ready in case an NBA team comes calling.

At age 39, Crawford isn’t ready to retire, not after putting up 51 points in the final game of last season. That capped off an uneven year in Phoenix where Crawford seemed out of place as a veteran on a rebuilding team. He averaged just 18.9 minutes per night and scored 7.9 PPG, the lowest since his rookie season in 2000/01.

Crawford watched two other veteran free agents get back in the league this week as Brooklyn signed Iman Shumpert and Portland reached a deal with Carmelo Anthony. Crawford tweeted messages of support for both players and hopes he’ll be next in line for an opportunity.

“I know I can play,” he said, “and I would think my reputation is still solid. It’s baffling to me.”

Crawford started last season as part of a group of veteran leaders in Phoenix. However, by mid-December, the Suns had traded Trevor Ariza and bought out Tyson Chandler, leaving Crawford alone in that role. He also played most of the year out of position, spending time at point guard where the Suns were desperate for help, rather than his natural position of shooting guard.

Still he had bursts of productivity that suggest he could still fill a role on an NBA roster. The 51-point night wasn’t a fluke, as he scored 19, 28 and 27 points in the three prior games.

“I’m kind of an outlier because you don’t see anyone my age having games like that,” Crawford said. “And I did it off the bench. A year earlier, in my 18th year, I was still averaging double figures. I can bring a multitude of things. I’ll be ready for whatever team decides how I can fit into what they’re trying to do.”

Summer was quiet for Crawford as the Suns moved in a different direction, and he didn’t receive even a text message from anyone during July’s free agency sweepstakes. He’s part of a large group of over-30 players still on the open market and notes that many teams take a “wait and see approach” with athletes once they reach a certain age.

Crawford understands that there are a limited number of roster spots available, but he hasn’t lost the belief that he belongs in the NBA. He plans to be ready if the chance arises.

“Physically, I feel better than I did last season,” he said. “I’m able to get my body together. My skill set is sharp. I feel that I’m good. My mindset is be patient and hopefully something good comes about it. I’ll be ready for the opportunity.”

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18 thoughts on “Jamal Crawford “Baffled” By Lack Of Opportunity

  1. Bc1219

    I would be baffled to. I know he’s 39 years old, but he’s still a good player. If someone signed melo than someone will sign Crawford

  2. Philly to swap Z. Smith and J. Bolden and a second rounder for J. Crowder. Then with the roster spot they opened up they’ll bring in Crawford for the minimum.

    1. Simmons. Neto. Burke
    2. Richardson. Thybulle. Crawford. Korkmaz
    3. Harris. Crowder. Ennis
    4. Horford. Scott. Pelle
    5. Embid. OQuinn

    Sixers have lots of players that can play a position higher. Such as Scott at 5, Crowder and Harris at the 4. Rich, Thybulle and Kork at the 3. Loads of versatility and defence, loads of experience and youth and some good leaders.

    The only issue I see with this team is the lack of a go to 4th quarter shooter, I don’t mean a drive to get a 2. I mean who shots a game winning 3 with 10 seconds left. Korkmaz took one this season but he’s surely not the man come playoffs. Crowder has also got 1 for the Griz but I don’t think he’s that guy either

      • Don’t need Smith with Thybulle and Korkmaz playing way better. Bolden I don’t really rate and the 6ers have loads of seconds so that’s not a big loss.
        Crowder would give us a legit 6th that can come on a be really good for us. He’s versatile, good on both ends of the floor and has experience. Plus he could be worth a first at the deadline.

  3. stevep-4

    Maybe Boston if someone gets injured, same story in Milwaukee. Lakers would love him but they want Iggy more.

  4. wright0525

    I agree, the Lakers need some shooting, but Crawford doesn’t play D, so he doesn’t fit their new defensive approach.

      • Never said anything about Crawford and the Lakers. I don’t think he would suit the Lakers anyways cause at SG they already have options with KCP Green Bradley and Daniels.

  5. Black Ace57

    The Sixers repeatedly over the past 3 years have offered him deals and every time he turned them down. Good riddance to him.

  6. uvmfiji

    Doesn’t pass the ball. Doesn’t steal the ball. Doesn’t shoot well. Old. Baffled?

  7. hiflew

    Someone will sign him after the trade deadline. Just like every year for players like him.

  8. Buckman

    As you Hubie would say he has “no upside potential.” He will have to wait until a potential playoff team experiences some injuries to their guards before he gets a sniff of the 15th roster spot. Nonplayoff teams are better off taking a flyer on a (much) younger player who has “upside potential.”

  9. Strike Four

    Tanking teams dont need a guy who can randomly drop 50 and make it harder to lose

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