Knicks Management Need To Show “Progress” To Keep Jobs

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the Knicks front office was laying the groundwork for the eventual firing of David Fizdale and that may not be the only change that could impact the team’s hierarchy.

Sources tell Ian Begley of that owner James Dolan had a heavy conversation with the team’s front office that left management under the impression that their jobs were in jeopardy unless the Knicks “showed progress” this season.

What does “progress” mean? It’s not clear what Dolan has in mind with regard to the improvements he wants to see. The conversation took place before the team’s 18-point loss to the Bulls and those kinds of outings don’t do much to provide Fizdale with more security.

Begley adds that in addition to Fizdale, team president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry are also on notice. However, the pair of executives are expected to be given the remainder of the season regardless of what happens with Fizdale.

New York’s offseason was filled with failure with regard to its goal of attracting max free agents. The club was able to add non-star talent, though the collection of new players has led them to a record of 2-9 so far.

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11 thoughts on “Knicks Management Need To Show “Progress” To Keep Jobs

  1. x%sure

    Fizdale is not the guy, unless Dolan does not really want to win, which is possible.
    Probably will hire the Cal/ NJ/ Dallas guy

      • I think he is talking about Jason Kidd but felt the need to say it in a weird way. Most of his comments don’t make any sense, so this is nothing new.

        • x%sure

          Some posts are humorous, so you’re probably lost. Get used to it.

          I couldn’t remember Kidd’s name… Kept thinking Kerr.
          Knicks need a physical coach to match the roster and the 90s team, and a charasmatic coach to get away with the physicality.

          • Was that supposed to be humorous? Because when things are humorous I think people are supposed to laugh. Epic fail. That probably happens a lot. Get used to it.

            • x%sure

              Why on earth would that post be humorous? Why would you think that? Did you miss all 4 points? Three truths and an admission. You must be dull.

  2. I too would like to see progress given the rather stupid spending spree in FA (of course that couldve also been done with Dolan breathing down their necks who knows). The coach sounds toast unless nearly all the players back him. Anyone not enamored with fizdale can simply go business as usual when fizdale hit em with the ole “fellas we gotta pick up the pace here or ill lose my job”

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