Latest On David Fizdale’s Future With Knicks

The Knicks continue to internally discuss the future of the franchise and whether coach David Fizdale should be a part of it. However, several factors make a mid-season firing seem unlikely.

Aside from Fizdale stating that he receives assurance from owner James Dolan after every game, Marc Berman of the New York Post hears that a lack of faith in the assistant coaches on the team is a major deterrent in letting Fizdale go. Promoting one of the assistants—Jud Buechler, Keith Smart or Kaleb Canales—is considered a “sketchy alternative” by the front office.

Fizdale has another guaranteed year on his contract after this season, so that likely plays a role as well. Unless the Knicks somehow land a superstar this offseason, it may not make sense for the team to pay the full salary of two coaches when the team is not winning games.

Developing young talent is a major goal of the franchise right now and Fizdale has produced some results early this year. He has helped install confidence in Frank Ntilikina and has given RJ Barrett an opportunity to grow. The coach isn’t going to fix everything. Players like Kevin Knox may never come around, as he’s having a second straight dreadful season, but Fizdale is getting consistent effort from his team, which can only help his cause to remain the coach of the Knicks.

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17 thoughts on “Latest On David Fizdale’s Future With Knicks

  1. jump shot

    Smartest thing Fizdale has done… hired assistant coaches not competent enough to take his job.

  2. Silly to fire a HC mid-year, with a lame duck FO. The broom should sweep clean (fire all 3 Stooges on the same day) at year’s end. They operate as a trio for better or worse.

    Barrett, I don’t know, but giving Fizdale ANY credit for Frank’s emergence (which is really just opportunity) is funny. Credit goes to 2 things: FIBA, for scheduling a WC in 2019 (otherwise Frank would have been traded for some low 2nd at draft time, or his option for next year would have been declined) and PG injuries (otherwise Fiz would have Frank glued to the bench, like last year).

    • phillyballers

      What emergence? He is still terrible lol. Hes getting 25mpg and producing so little. Look at what TLC did when given opportunity at the end of the process for the Sixers, both are french busts. Ntilikina is just bad and only getting PT bc of draft position.

      • Producing? You mean top line offensive numbers? There are other dimensions to the game, at least outside of NBA 2k. FYI, the most common used stat among Coaches (in all their decisions) at all levels is Plus/Minus. Frank has the best on the Knicks, and almost 6 points above the team average.

        Draft position in the top 10 usually guarantees an early opportunity, but Frank never got that until now. And it certainly was NOT draft position (three years later), it was injuries.

        • People sometime only see at score box.look at zach lavine.bulls fans overrated him bcoz his score.but for me, he is bad player.cant defend.always forced to score event his teammate unguard.he stop offensive flow if he got the ball.frank made few scored but shown a good team play.he never got this chance last season.its bcoz the coach is suck.

  3. I mean Keith smart was a head coach a couple times. And Kaleb canales was like an interim head coach, and the top assistant for rick Carlisle for a good while. So they could technically takeover, I wouldn’t discount them as much as the Knicks are.

    • jump shot

      Yeah, either of those two would be just as bad. Keep Fiz the rest of the season or at least thru February.

    • asdfgh

      This is the Knicks, they are always having a dreadful season. The curse of Dolan!

    • Norm Chouinard

      No. His shooting and fininshing around the rim is better. Is he a league average player? No but he is on track to get there.

      • Theone23

        Couldn’t disagree more. Knox is dreadful and yes, he is having a dreadful season. I do not see Kevin becoming anything close to a league average player, so I’m not sure what you’re looking at when you say he’s well on his way to be there. He’s well on his way to playing in China a couple years from now. Regardless, he is still the Knicks lottery pick in what was a very strong draft, so you should be giving him the minutes over bums like Taj Gibson Bobby Portis Randle Marcus Morris etc. What better way for a young player to learn how to play his position, than watch Marcus Morris jack up 25 shots a game

    • spinach

      And did he have one last year? He averaged 12 points as a 19yo. NYC radio portrayed him as the team’s lone bright spot.

      • x%sure

        Knox of Knicks is not coming off picks.

        Then Knicks “won” the #3 slot, with SF Barrett locked in. If they had won the #2 (Morant) or #4 (Garland, Culver or White), everything is different. (They prob do not take Hunter because he’s a SF like Knox.)

  4. I don’t understand how he has helped with Frank’s development. Isn’t he the same guy who basically bench Frank for half a season last year. I agree completely that if he had not had a great summer with team France, he would not be playing starters minutes right now.

    When can Dolan finally sell the team and admit that he’s been a closet C’s fan who bought the Knicks to F with the fans?

  5. Skip, Tampa

    With all of the Dolan back rubs and warm fuzzy good job talk after each game, keep an eye on the knife in the other hand.
    Fitz should have agent update resume and look at getting a paid year of vacation.
    Maybe buy GarPax dinner as well. Bulls will be an option by February.
    If Dolan was smart he’d work out a trade deal for coaches with the Bulls. Nah to easy when misery is more fun.

  6. abcrazy4dodgers

    He seems best “suited” to be next Men’s Wearhouse spokesman. I guarantee it.

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