LeBron James Wants To Play Until He “Can’t Walk No More”

LeBron James may have moved to Los Angeles to pursue other career opportunities but he’s not leaving the court any time soon, according to Kyle Goon of the Orange County Register.

James, who entered the NBA out of high school in 2003, told reporters on Friday that retirement is one of the further things from his mind.

“As long as I feel great and as long as I can still play at a high level and mentally I’m sharp and I’m there and I’m giving everything to the game and nothing can distract me from what the main objective is, I’ll probably play this game,” he said. “When I physically can’t play or mentally I’m a little checked out or I’m not approaching the game like I’ve always done in my whole career since I picked up a basketball, then you can start looking at (the end) that way.”

James, who will turn 35 next month, suffered the first significant injury of his career last Christmas. He injured his groin and missed more than a month of action while the Lakers slid out of the playoff race. He wound up playing a career-low 55 games in his first year with the Lakers.

He’s looked just fine this season with Anthony Davis joining forces with him. In 11 games, he’s averaged 23.9 PPG, 8.0 RPG and a career-high 11.1 APG.

James has played 1,209 regular-season and 239 postseason games. Among regular-season appearances, James is already in the top 50 for most games played in a career. He’s in the top 15 all-time in minutes played.

However, when he looks to the future, he projects his career to follow the same trajectory as the most successful NFL quarterback of all time.

“Me and Tom Brady are one in the same: We’re gonna play until we can’t walk no more,” he said.

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28 thoughts on “LeBron James Wants To Play Until He “Can’t Walk No More”

  1. carlos15

    Can’t walk anymore. Sounds like LeBron’s just not educated on the subject.

    • SumTingWong

      very well said Carlos15, I was thinking the same thing. maybe when he retires he will go back and finish school and learn how to speak proper English

      • edimiche

        You’re right. He’s probably too busy opening schools and having an impact on the community.

        • SumTingWong

          & hopefully those children he is impacting will have a better grasp of the English language then Mr . James…

  2. Curtisrowe

    Would be cool in an article such as this about games, played, longevity, retirement, etc, to mention how old he is.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He turns 35 next month. Once his contract runs out he’ll be 37 and the Lakers will be grateful not to have to pay him anymore.

      • amk3510

        This guy is such a Laker hater he is actually convinced Lebron is not good lol. Only grateful ones will be the Rockets in 2023 after they don’t have to pay Westbrook 47 million a year anymore.

    • phils phanatic

      i’m not farmer so i dont know what a goat is but i think eli manning might have something to say about that

    • omahaomaha

      MJ will always be GOAT in basketball . Are they burning Jordan jerseys in Hong Kong ?

  3. IslandFlava

    What a legend LBJ is, they don’t come any bigger or better! Hope he keeps healthy & playing at the top level for the next 5-6 years at least if no more!

  4. stevep-4

    MJ played into his 38 season with good but not great numbers, so he was seen as “in decline” with numbers that most players envied. I suspect Lebron will be the same, a “decline” for him would still make him a starter on any NBA team, and his on-court smarts make him an asset as well, he is one of the players you have to admit “makes his team mates better”. He will retire after Bronny gets drafted to the NBA, and do a Griffey/Griffey Jr. for his farewell season.
    link to mlb.com

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