Cavaliers Trade Jordan Clarkson To Jazz

DECEMBER 24: The trade has been officially completed, according to’s transactions log. Clarkson and Exum should be ready to suit up for their new teams when they resume play on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

DECEMBER 23: The Cavaliers have agreed to trade shooting guard Jordan Clarkson to the Jazz for point guard Dante Exum and two second-round picks, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweets.

The second-rounders are picks that were owed to Utah, San Antonio’s in 2022 and Golden State’s in 2023, Brian Windhorst of ESPN tweets.

Assuming the deal becomes official, it will be the first NBA trade since mid-July. The Thunder and Rockets finalized their Chris Paul/Russell Westbrook swap on July 16.

Clarkson is essentially a rental for the disappointing Jazz, who are looking to boost their bench scoring. Clarkson has an expiring $13.4MM contract. The Cavaliers will create a $3.83MM trade exception, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks. Cleveland also drops $5.1MM under the luxury tax line, Marks adds (Twitter link).

Exum, a former lottery pick whose career has been sidetracked by injuries, still has two years and $19.2MM left on his contract.

The Cavaliers are planning to deal veterans on the roster in order to obtain more draft picks and young assets, according to Wojnarowski. That could mean players such as Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson could also be on the move before February’s trade deadline.

Clarkson is off to a strong start, averaging 14.6 PPG. He erupted for a season-high 33 points against Memphis on Friday.

This is the third time in three years the teams have been involved in swap, Wojnarowski notes. The Jazz acquired Kyle Korver for Alec Burks and two-second round picks in November of 2018. They also were involved in a three-way deal with the Kings at the February 2018 trade deadline that included Cleveland trading Jae Crowder for Utah’s Rodney Hood.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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28 thoughts on “Cavaliers Trade Jordan Clarkson To Jazz

  1. mcmillankmm

    Good move for Jazz in that they free themselves of Exum’s salary and get the immediate help they need

  2. Jason Lancaster

    Win-win. Jazz get a productive player for a coupe of 2nds that probably won’t turn into anything. Cleveland gets under the luxury tax, and might be able to flip Exum next year if he somehow gets healthy and plays up to his contract.

    Good trade.

  3. ChapmansVacuum

    Alex Burks has more PPG twice the RPG and more APG costs 2M instead of 13M on a veteran minimum deal that all non hard capped teams could acquire. If Clarkson is worth 2 2nd rounders and a change of scenery former top 5 lottery pick, then what is Burks worth? Could GSW get a 1st rounder back?

    Snag a couple second rounders for GRIII and WCS, then resign both GRIII and AB if they dont get other offers that blow what GSW is limited to as an over the cap team. I think if they want to come back for the non-tank year the money is the same either way.

    Keep Chriss since he looks like a player they want to make every effort to keep till they have his Bird rights with his double doubles in 17min of play lately. Have DLo a bunch of picks and some trade exemptions to swing things next summer and finish reloading.

    • ickeylives1988

      Why the hell are you talking about the warriors on this page? No one cares

      • ChapmansVacuum

        Well A) Alex Burks is mentioned in this post.
        B) GSW are obvious sellers and this is the first trade of the trade season.
        C) Who is more open for business then GSW with the players that are obviously being traded.
        D) Utah was one of the more obvious teams looking for a 6th man bench score in the mold of Clarkson and Burks.

        Otherwise yeah totally clueless about what would make me relate the two noob!

        • spinach

          No he was right, all your comments on this thread are nonsense and don’t belong.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        If the Warriors are rebuilding around Marquese Chriss it’s going to be a long and painful rebuild for them.

    • The thing is this: with clarkson you take him AND you give out a small albatross like exum
      With burks’ minimum contract you only can take Burks, you can give away only a minimum contract.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        Im pretty sure they dont need to take back a contract in return for a minimum player. It can be Burks for picks straight up I think since most analysts are talking about trading a player to free up money to sign Bowman to a full deal since he has burned through his 2-way days mostly already.

        • We were talking about jazz, or other buyers, and why Is better take a clarkson than a burks.

    • phillyballers

      No one in the league is going to assist the GSW with extra picks. They are tanking just like SA did to get a top draft pick. They will tab Wiseman.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        Teams need players, and not all sellers have what people want. Burks and GRIII are just to easy to trade and available to not get moved, and someone might make a play for DLo to if they want to try and make the GSW move him.

        • phillyballers

          I’d wait until GSW is 100% before making a play for DLo. I don’t see him fitting in once both splash bros are back. He’ll inevitably do something to say something to lower his value.

      • SheaGoodbye

        He has been playing surprisingly well for the Warriors though. Surely, his price tag is going up.

    • adkuchan

      I think you are under valuing the fact that Clarkson’s deal is expiring. That’s 13 million dollars for shopping this summer. If Clarkson isn’t an ideal fit, they can go after someone who fills their needs.

  4. Tazza

    Nice deal, Clarkson is a good bench combo guard. Can play point or shooting, gives you good product off the bench and should help for a playoff push.

    Cavs get a pair of second rounders and save a bit of salary. Who knows maybe Exum and Delly the Aussie duo can challenge each other to get better

    • i hate my father

      Always hurt, if he ever can stay healthy he is a solid player.

    • SheaGoodbye

      It was a terrible contract to begin with. Guy can’t stay healthy, is a zero on offense and we have no significant competition for him? Let’s give him 3yrs and 33 million then.

      • jump shot

        Exum would be a solid piece at my Lifetime Fitness pickup games. Not dominant, but solid. Seems like a great kid – he’d fit in well. Then we’d go upstairs and lift afterwards.

  5. x%sure

    Another great Altman trade. Sarcastic. Big help to the Jazz tho.

    Clarkson is a scoring machine who is used to coming off the bench for points. He is like Dragic this year in that he comes in gunning and good things happen. He is nothing like Dragic normally or Conley, aware players.

    Cavs can benefit from the trade exception if they can use it, more shots for others esp when if the ball swings to Love more, and better chances with the ping pong balls.

    • spinach

      It’s 2019. A trade exception that size has next to no value besides insofar as it can help them create a larger trade exception.

      • x%sure

        Not following. A lot of players make under $3.83MM, and the Cavs have room to take on money. And I don’t think they can be combined.
        As usual, opportunities are few, and the exception may never be used.

  6. Simple Fan

    The Jazz lost Jeff Green the same day they got Clarkson.

    Undeniably probably Clarkson wanted out, so then I’m glad Clarkson ran that route. Shaking off Exum & Green is the right route for the Jazz. Obviously they’re far greater with the dope player Clarkson.

  7. Baileyg3rd

    After Love got almost dunk on back to China by Morant! If you look at Clarkson face that says it all. The Brass was apparel by the look on his face as frightening Kevin Love look on in Horror Clarkson’s expression was priceless to the point on the 10,000 playback of Almost Hall of Dunk by Morant the Brass Hell No He Must GO to thee JAZZ!

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