Celtics Notes: Trades, Tatum, Irving, Stevens

The Celtics are concerned about facing Sixers center Joel Embiid in a potential playoff series, and the trade market may not offer the help they need, writes Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston. Embiid posted 38 points and 13 rebounds in Thursday’s win over Boston, giving Philadelphia a 2-0 record against its arch rivals. Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis combined for 36 points and 14 rebounds, but the Celtics might prefer one center who matches up better with Embiid and some of the other front line talent in the Eastern Conference.

Forsberg notes that the Celtics’ options are limited because they don’t have any substantial contracts to trade outside of their core players. That eliminates an option like Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams, who has a $25.8MM salary. The Celtics might have to send Gordon Hayward to the Thunder in return, which Forsberg says they won’t consider.

A more realistic possibility that Forsberg identifies is the KnicksTaj Gibson, who is making $9MM this year and has a non-guaranteed contract for next season. Gibson has fared well against Embiid in limited minutes and played alongside Kanter when they were both with the Thunder.

There’s more today from Boston:

  • Jayson Tatum believes Kyrie Irving has been made an unfair scapegoat for last year’s disappointing season. Brown defended his former teammate this week in an interview with ESPN’s Maria Taylor (video link). “No, it’s not Kyrie’s fault. There was 15 guys on that team and coaches and front office,” Tatum said. “Everybody played a part in that. I feel like he gets a lot of blame undeservingly. He’s a great person. We still have a great relationship. He helped me out a lot, on and off the court, my first two years, that I’m thankful for. But no, he shouldn’t get all the blame, any of the blame.”
  • Coach Brad Stevens thinks the league is on the right track by experimenting with its schedule and considering an in-season tournament, relays Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald. He admits it’s hard to deliver “your best product” 82 times a season. “I do appreciate the NBA looks at things and says, ‘We’re not just going to stay status quo because it’s status quo,’” Stevens said. “We have to continue to look at what’s best for the game, what’s best for the players, all the people in the travel party, all that stuff. So I appreciate the leadership in the league.”
  • The Grizzlies have moved into eighth place in our Reverse Standings with three wins in their past four games, Forsberg tweets. The first-round pick that they owe the Celtics is top-six protected for 2020, then unprotected after that.
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38 thoughts on “Celtics Notes: Trades, Tatum, Irving, Stevens

      • San Antonio needs to retool. They’d probably also need to get additional consideration from BOS, but bigger
        Point is that need to rip the bandaid of and flip DeRozen, Gay, and Aldridge now for future building blocks.

        If you buy this narrative that BOS needs a big man to match Embiid they really don’t have the contracts to make an impact move w/o moving Hayward

      • Spurs would require additional consideration to be sure. Maybe a Boston 1st (late 20s), though I’m
        Sure they’d love to get their paws on that Memphis pick. They doesn’t seem realistic though.

        • Chucktoad1

          Spurs: We’re want to trade you an aging obsolete big man that doesn’t play defense and really doesn’t fit in today’s game.
          Celtics: Why would we want to do that?
          Spurs:Well you have that SF that can play the 2,3 and 4, can shoot, pass and plays above average defense that fits your coaches system to a tee.
          Spurs: Well we will trade you the aforementioned big man for that SF as long as throw in a first.

        • x%sure

          Aldridge is just a post-up guy.

          Specifically who matches up with Embiid well?

  1. Reflect

    If Theis and Kanter combined for the same number of points as Embiid then that isn’t really the weak spot. Sounds like the rest of the team has to step up. Sixers other than Embiid should not be scoring that many points.

  2. alproof

    I’ve been a Knicks fan since 1967, and I have never seen so many stiffs on one team. How about Gibson for Hayward? Celtics want to do that? Go right ahead. We will throw in just about anyone else they want, except for Barrett.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Celtics can gamble that one of Gibson, Thompson in Cleveland, or Favors in New Orleans will request a buyout. All three are going to be looking for a new team next season – why not request a buyout and see if you can raise your profile in the playoffs?

    • MafiaBass

      I think that was caused by the growing pains involved with re-inserting two bona fide stars into their lineup

  4. Down with OBP

    Inject more of the Celtics incompetence to make impact trades right into my veins!!!

    • dynasty in boston

      You should look up Jenkins, Janoris, cornerback, formerly of the New York Giants.

  5. Sabonis for Jaylen Brown and a first (BOS 2020)

    Celtics get a centre that can shoot well, defend well, pass well, is young and doesn’t have a huge ego. It means at the SG position you can start Marcus Smart, you can give more minutes to rookie Romeo Langford or more minutes to Brad Wanamaker who has played well at times.

    Indiana gets Brown, who would play his favoured position at SF. He offers them another really good defender and could develop into a great two way wing. Plus it gives the team a first rounder and made them decide which centre to go with.

    • Chucktoad1

      This trade almost makes sense except there should be no picks involved Sabonis straight up for Brown although I haven’t looked at salary considerations. Sabonis and Brown are of relatively equal value as they’re both young with potential.

      • Yeah kinda

        I think the Celtics are more desperate for the trade cause they need a big whereas Indy doesn’t have that pressure. Sabonis also has a better contract (4y/77m) compared to browns (4y/115m).
        And Lastly in terms of production for their position
        Sabonis is classified as a PF and is 6th in scoring for his position, 2nd in assists for his potion, 6th for efficiency for his position and is 4th in the league for rebounding. So Sabonis is definitely the better player hence why Boston gives up the first too

        • Chucktoad1

          I don’t think the Celtics are that desperate. They’re still winning games and as much as I like Sabonis he isn’t going to move the needle in the Embiid matchup. They can just wait it out and see if Favors or one of the plethora of Knicks bigs shake loose. I like the trade from more of what it would do for the Pacers and Celtics to fix redundant players in their lineups.

        • Yeah Sabonis probably won’t match up amazingly with Embid but not much guys do.
          End of the day Sabonis isn’t Draymond Green or Rudy Gobert he’s not going to stop him or anything but Sabonis is defiantly a top 10 PF who at 24 is only getting better and better. If there was a trade Celtics would need to package a first and Brown which would be good for both teams.
          Plus Celtics seem pretty desperate on the court they are winning games but off it all you hear about it needing a big.
          Lastly don’t think a first that goes around 20 or later is much of a big thing for the Celtics right now. They already have lots of young players on the roster getting minutes and don’t need more really. Think they would benefit from maybe a couple vets

          • Adam0509

            so why not just trade for Draymond Green? bid firdt for what you really need instead of trading one of your best assets for 90% of what you need?

            regardless, JB – Sabo can’t work now bc of poision pill rules.

            btw, this trade was discussed in the summer and Ainge rejected it

  6. phillyballers

    Embiid makes every Center look like trash except Gasol once in a while and his teammate Big Al. Falls is too slow to play vs Embiid. Guys that could be available are Whiteside, Drummond, Adams, Gasol, Capela, Noel, WCS, TT. Salary is the next obstacle for some, and the right compensation. Celtics have continued to neglect the Center position so I don’t think they even will address it tbh.

  7. Adam0509

    so why not just trade for Draymond Green? bid firdt for what you really need instead of trading one of your best assets for 90% of what you need?

    regardless, JB – Sabo can’t work now bc of poision pill rules.

    btw, this trade was discussed in the summer and Ainge rejected it

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