Central Notes: Griffin, Kennard, Dunn

Pistons star Blake Griffin has struggled this season and the big man isn’t happy with his level of play, Rod Beard of The Detroit News relays.

“It’s obviously a disappointing loss with a lot of frustration for a lot of different reasons,” Griffin said. “I’ve got no excuses; I just have to play better. [Not having a rhythm] doesn’t help but I’ve never really been an excuse guy. I’ve just got to be better — that’s the bottom line.”

Here’s more from the Central Division:

  • Luke Kennard will miss at least two weeks with bilateral knee tendinitis, the Pistons announced today in a press release. The wing is expected to be sidelined for at least the team’s next six games.
  • Kris Dunn may have created a future for himself with Bulls, K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago contends. The former No. 5 overall pick has embraced his role as a defensive wing.
  • Danny Leroux of The Athletic examines why the Cavaliers agreed to trade away Jordan Clarkson. Cleveland received Dante Exum and a pair of second-rounders in exchange for the guard.
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15 thoughts on “Central Notes: Griffin, Kennard, Dunn

  1. Pistons need a shake up..

    Andre Drummond has been there best player his year but his production has fallen away also. He’s about to enter FA and will likely want around 30 mil.
    Blake Griffin should be their best player and is easily the most valuable. He’s a 6 time all star and has 5 all NBA teams while boasting career averages of 22/9/4.5.
    Reggie Jackson has been the teams overpaid PG for the last few years has been out all year so far and is on an expiring deal. Galloway also has a 7.5mil expiring contract.

    Which direction should they move in?
    Build around keeping Drummond?
    Build around Griffin and trade Drummond?
    Build around Kennard, go young and make all the stars available for trades?

    I think there best plan is to trade Drummond (I don’t think he’s a top 20 player and shouldn’t be paid so).

    I’d trade Andre Drummond, Galloway and 2 second rounders for Harrison Barnes and Dwayne Dedmon.

    Pistons get a second star in Barnes that plays both ends of the court and would form a good trio with Kennard and Griffin. Dedmon replaces Drummond at the 5 and can block shots and stretch the floor. Kings get Drummond who is younger and can be a main piece along with Bagley Fox and Heild. Plus they get Galloways expiring deal to make salaries match plus some picks.

    • If you watch a Pistons game you’ll see that the only bright spot is Andre, and that’s not saying much. Blake is next to useless. He constantly complains and seems to have embraced the role of martyr, as if he should be with a contender when the reality is that he’s much closer to a Kevin Love than an Anthony Davis in terms of ability to move the needle.

      • Honestly, what has he ever done other than being a dunker on a middling team? People talk about his playmaking but he seems to commit offensive fouls pretty frequently when trying to run the ball up the court

        • paindonthurt

          He was a good player early in his career. His game is based of athleticism only. He has not got better or added to his game much as he’s aged.

      • You do realise Griffin had a career high in points last year 24.5. Drummonds best scoring year was 17 points per game. Blake’s worst scoring season ever was 18. So even in Drummond best year he isn’t as good a scorer as Griffin is in his worst year. Griffin is also a better passer, 3 point shooter and is more versatile on offence than Drummond.

        • You base a lot of your opinion on stats. Blake was getting numbers on a bad team.

          • Drummond gets worse numbers on a bad team whats your point? Stats are fact, so I use stats to prove my opinions are factual. I’m not saying Griffin is still a top 5 PF or the Drummond isn’t a top 10 centre all I’m saying is production wise Griffin beats Drummond. And on the court Griffin is more versatile

        • paindonthurt

          Griffin isn’t a guy to build around. His contract is a detriment. Drummond is one of the best players at his position.

          • According to Bleacher Report Drummond ranked as the 7th best centre entering this season, Griffin ranked as the 3rd best PF.

            Now I know that was 30 games ago and isnt accurate anymore but it shows historically Griffin has been the better player.

            Yes Griffin has a bad contract but Drummon after this year is going to also be on a 30+ mil deal so that point is meaningless. Both will have bad deals.

            Then lastly in terms of production Griffin does more for you. He’s a better and more versatile scorer and both aren’t great defenders. Also in terms of star power Griffin will likely bring in more talent in FA than Drummond ever would.

    • L Lawliet

      Dedmon has been trash this year and he has a multiyear deal in place. Barnes is owed alot more past this year too. That would be spinning the mediocre circle.

      I thought early on they could compete with a good trade. But now I am convinced they should blow it all up and start young and fresh.

      First trade drummond. Maybe ATL gives hunter or reddish, len, and pick/salary filler for him. Then sit griffin for the year and trade in off season. Or keep if no good offers. I would consider A gordon and t ross for him. And play all youth the rest of the year heavy minutes. Brown, kennard, doumbuya, wood, and young center project. Trade all other vets you can for picks and youbg talent. Rose, jackson, galloway, morris. Offer brandon ingrsm max contract next year and hope you land him.

      • Yeah did think about blowing it all up but don’t think anyone gives up to much good young talent for a centre who’s almost out of contract and a PF who is old and past his prime on a huge deal.

        This atleast gives Griffin and Casey another year or two of competing in the east. Dedmon has been bad this year maybe a move to a new team gets him playing better. Think Barnes would be a really good piece to have. Barnes would be a second option on offence and give you more points than Drummond, gives you better spacing and is a solid defender. Dedmon even if he doesn’t improve a hell of a lot gives you close to 10-10 while not closing the paint and blocks more shots than Drummond.

  2. Trade drummond to dallas for dwight powell lee and maybe jalen brunson ans justin jackson. Det will wavie/buyout lee. And that leaves detroit getting 3 hardworking role players. Better to get role players then letting Drummond walk away for nothing

    • x%sure

      Drummond would be suddenly relevant; and no Mav would have to help the center!

      • Only bad thing is that i dont think the mavs want a center clogging the lane. At least dwight powell spaced the floor… rick carlise also said the post up game does no good anymore (hence why Porzingis doesnt play post anymore i guess). I think myles turner is the real target. Doesnt rebound as well as drummond. I just like drummond a lot, because when Porzingis would sit, we would still have a legit shotblocker still in. If we could trade powell and lets say drummond doenst resign, well at least we then be off the hooks for powells 5 year contract

  3. MiserablePadreFan

    Jazz are crazy to let a stud like Dante Exum go. The guy is a legit prospect. Obviously nobody saw him demolish the Perth Wombats in 2015 where he went off for 35pts and 7assists, launching him into the NBA lottery (and we’ll deserved).

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