Dewayne Dedmon Wants Out Of Sacramento

When Dewayne Dedmon signed his three-year, $41MM contract with Sacramento this offseason, the plan was for him to play a major role as a floor stretching big. However, Richaun Holmes has severely outplayed Dedmon, forcing coach Luke Walton to sour on the 30-year-old big man.

Now, Shams Charania of The Athletic hears that Dedmon wants out of Sacramento and multiple teams are speaking with the Kings about acquiring him prior to this year’s trade deadline.

The center has not played in eight of the last 10 games for the Kings. Neither the franchise nor Dedmon believes that they can work things out and move forward past the trade deadline.

Dedmon’s $41MM deal may make it a challenge for Sacramento to find a taker, but it’s not as onerous as other contracts that have been moved in recent years. His third-year salary is only partially guaranteed for $1MM, so teams aiming to open up cap room for 2021 may still kick the tires on the veteran big man.

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35 thoughts on “Dewayne Dedmon Wants Out Of Sacramento

  1. Buckman

    I thought these guys were supposed to be competitive but instead when things are not given to them they want to complain and run away. I guess with what Hield has been saying its time to pile on the coach and blame him for personal and team troubles.

  2. stretch123

    Maybe a Dion Waters and 2nd round pick for Dedmon trade? Both guys could use a change of scenery.

  3. DD: you’re a one position big, on the wrong side of 30, not playing much, and just signed a contract that pays you starting C money this year and 2 more. If you really want out, consider that the last thing you need to add to that list is that you’re a guy who complains about PT.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Or, maybe he signed his last contract with a team that promised him minutes, and the coach decided not to keep that promise

      Why assume the player has no basis to complain? Do GMs and coaches always tell the truth?

      • L Lawliet

        This guy posted facts. You posted semantics. If Dedmon was playing better he would get more time. He is not playing well and is getting outplayed by a younger guy with a cheaper salary. Dedmon has no room to complain period.

        • Well, at least he’s complaining about the minutes and trying to earn the contract, even if his play is subpar.

        • emac22

          How old are you that you still think that things that should happen do happen?

      • I wasn’t assuming he had no basis to complain or anything else. I was suggesting that complaining (publicly) won’t advance his (stated) goal.

        FWIW, here’s the truth. A “promise” of PT made to a player is understood to have a shelf life. It ends when the player doesn’t play to expectations, a teammate outplays him or circumstances otherwise change such that the it’s no longer in the team’s best interest for the player to receive those minutes. I doubt the Kings told him his PT was unconditional regardless of these things. I also doubt they “lied” to trick themselves into a 41 mm contract for a guy who isn’t playing.

  4. stevep-4

    Deadman and picks to the Cavs for Brandon Knight. Maybe he would get some playing time there after they trade TT.

  5. hiflew

    He should have never left Atlanta. He had a good thing going there. But the grass (and all the money) looked greener on the other side.

  6. Andre Drummond for Harrison Barnes and Dwayne Dedmon.

    Drummond will likely need a new contract by the end of the year so that hurts his value a little knowing he will want 30 mil. But Kings get a solid player, a 15-15 guy, who can fit along with Fox Heild Bogdanovic and Bagley to make a strong young starting 5. Plus they lose Barnes contract who they regret giving him a deal.

    Pistons get back a good return for a deal that would need upgrading an overpaying for. Barnes would fit nicely next to Kennard and Griffin. He plays both ends of the floor, would be a handy second option on offence and gives the team some spacing. Dedmon replaces Drummond at the 5 and gives the team some shot blocking and floor spacing.

    Last year Dedmon shot 38% from deep, Dedmon also is a lot better at the line than Drummond. Letting Drummond leaves allows Griffin to be the premier big and have a solid season. Plus between Jackson Kennard Barnes Griffin Dedmon you have a whole starting 5 that can shoot it from deep which is harder to guard and clears the lane for Jackson and Griffin to drive.

  7. x%sure

    Dedmon went for years being underpaid & overlooked. Now he is overpaid & a burden?– So quickly. Big head?– IDK.
    I criticized the King’s offseason signings for dollar amount, but I thought Dedmon would be worth it.

    However other centers should get priority in getting moved… Derrick Favors, Miles Plumlee, Taj Gibson for instance.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Agreed. Dedmon has been a quality guy his entire career. I don’t think he’s suddenly changed.

      More likely, Walton is putting his stamp on things and causing problems. We’ve seen lots of complaints from Kings players. Can’t be a coincidence that they happen during Walton’s first year as coach.

    • Really good points. Heild complaining, main players being injured?? Now Dedmon someone who has always worked really hard is is a burden

      Something isn’t right which is a shame cause for years the kings have stunk and getting Fox and Heild have been great and they finally are getting some wins

  8. schnoah

    He has been incredibly out played by Holmes. Holmes is putting up incredible numbers from the center position and is a beast on the defensive side

  9. phillyballers

    Holmes is basically playing at his Per 36. He is just being given opportunity. His game hasn’t drastically improved. Dedmon is shooting like crud, it’s called pressing, trying to live up to a contract instead of just playing. A trade is inevitable, maybe for he and Buddy. Magic could match up.

  10. Skip, Tampa

    Could see a return to the Hawks for Parker or Knicks for Morris.
    A number of teams could use him as a primary or a backup.
    It’s just a dot the i’s and cross the t’s at this point.
    Sure sounding like a big time Coaching buyout is on the horizon in SacTown come April.

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