Heat Exploring Options To Get Rid Of Dion Waiters

The Heat are looking for ways to unload Dion Waiters, who is serving his third suspension of the season, reports Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Two sources tell Jackson that the latest ban was the last straw regarding Waiters’ future in Miami. Management had been open to putting him back on the court if there were no further incidents, but his latest violation of team rules has ended that possibility.

Another source tells Jackson that Waiters is opposed to accepting a buyout that would cost him any of the $12.1MM he is making this year or the $12.7MM he is owed next season. The only thing that might change his mind is if he believes another team is interested in signing him, helping him recoup whatever money he parts with in a buyout. He has already lost $1.4MM because of the suspensions, which total 17 games.

The Heat are willing to offer a buyout, and Jackson was told that every option is “on the table” for resolving the situation. A team source admits that management has explored options for voiding Waiters’ contract, but there are concerns about a potential legal battle with the players union.

Jackson notes that the most likely scenario is for the Heat to continue paying Waiters while keeping him away from the team, an arrangement that he would have to approve. That enables Miami to use his salary as filler if a trade opportunity arises between now and February of next season. So far, no teams have expressed any interest in dealing for Waiters.

Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports reported this morning that Waiters’ latest suspension was triggered by an Instagram post that showed him on a boat when the team was led to believe he was sick. A source tells Skolnick that the suspension was imposed because of the cumulative effect of Waiters’ actions and team president Pat Riley’s emphasis on maintaining Heat “Culture.”

A source explained to Jackson that the post was one of many factors in the decision to suspend Waiters again.

Skolnick confirms that the team hasn’t made any progress in finding a taker for Waiters, with one source telling him, “There’s been no interest. None. Zip.” The Heat have been reluctant so far to include another asset such as a young player or a draft pick to make a deal happen.

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25 thoughts on “Heat Exploring Options To Get Rid Of Dion Waiters

  1. brandoningramno1fan

    Feel bad for the Heat. Knucklehead. Can’t remember how they acquired him, but they’re either gonna have to embrace the legal battle or cut him outright. Can they stretch his contract? Doubt they want to take back salary for him, as that usually means other questionable disappointing players from another team.

    • kingcong95

      Stretching won’t save any money this year, which is the objective. If they trade him, the other team will require multiple sweetener, but Miami is literally down to its last pick for the next 7 years.

      • brandoningramno1fan

        I see. I wonder if there are any players on the trading block that other teams are done with or willing to exchange. Team receiving him could just cut him, likely a deadline next year before his deal is fully guaranteed (we see a lot of that.) Maybe be the third team in a deal where one team makes out nice but would have to take on his contract.

  2. Rewane

    The Heat can also try to waive Waiters and take his salary off the cap. I don’t think the players union cares if his salary is on the cap or not as long as he gets paid, so Heat would probably just need to deal with Silver. That would open up a roster spot and give them some room under the tax to add minimum salary vets.

  3. x%sure

    Now it’s making things up season. His contract is guaranteed, the Heat agreed to it, and being on a boat is not illegal especially if one is feeling down. The Heat are NOT complaining about his absence and he didn’t report an injury.

    Everyone on the Heat is adult and can handle his presence even if so many are on cheap contracts.

    At this point nobody will want to take that contract, or him personally. Maybe for next year.

  4. IslandFlava

    Just pay the brother, Mon! Then if you don’t want him, let him go! Riley building a tyrant culture

    • Mjm117

      Riley has built a championship culture. They’ve invested in him but Waiters to get in his own way.

      Too bad bc he’s talented and can def help the Heat.

  5. formerlyz

    I dont get how him posting a picture on his social media would be such a big deal. If he didnt complain again, i don’t see how he burned his chance after the apology/2nd suspension. I feel like his initial issues were a problem, but the rest has been brought on by the Heat themselves, making it a much bigger distraction than it needed to be, which is super uncharacteristic of the Heat.

    His contractnisnt even bad. Only thing that makes it bad was his injuries. He is definitely tradable, but I was hoping to see him on the floor, now that he is healthy. Making him seem like a bigger problem than he really is isnt helping

    Why isnt James Johnson playing. Heat desperately need help at the 4, and they also need size.

    • formerlyz

      …I get that b/c of letting stuff fly with Whiteside for too long, everything is more tight, but c’mon man…there should be a line at some point and an acceptance that the dude already was punished for certain stuff. This seems like it’s the 3rd time hes being punished for the same thing

  6. Spike4christ

    Did they tell Dion you have to work hard to be a Heat! He never has given his all. IMO.

  7. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Dear every professional athlete in the world,

    Stay. Off. Social. Media.

    The Consequences

  8. Skip, Tampa

    When you post to Instagram on a boat chilling out and have lied to the team about being sick, it’s a huge problem. Because then the Heat tell the the press he’s sick and look like idiots. After everything else it cost him big time again thinking he’s being slick.
    Should just agree to stay away from team and save future money for more dumb shit. Let them find a trade this year or even next. Have his NBPA work on trying to get some money back, not likely though.
    No one forced him to sign the contract with a hard core organization. He knew full well what was expected if him.
    Don’t fault him, $50M is $50M. Do fault him for his choice to breach his contract terms.
    You play you pay, one way or the other. Nobody rides for free.
    Shame cause he does have talent and work ethic, when it suits him.
    Best wishes, elsewhere.

  9. Skip, Tampa

    Be better to let Waiters stay home and pay him. Before even thinking about getting CP3 and $85M over next two years.
    Now CP3, Heat two first back for Waiters, JJ, Leonard could at least be worth a phone call, maybe.

  10. Jason Lancaster

    This is exactly the kind of baloney that Riley is famous for. A six game suspension for an Instagram post? It’s a massive penalty for a playing hooky, especially because they weren’t going to play Waiters anyways. He’s in Riley’s doghouse, and it could take months to get out.

    This is classic “my way or the highway” nonsense. The silver lining is that Riley has done more to hurt the team than to help it. The smart move would have been to ignore the Instagram post, give Waiters minutes, and then trade him for anything. Instead, Riley has thrown roughly $20 million down a hole. Great GM’ing there Riles.

    • Grimjac

      Funny, I thought Riley was known for all those rings.
      If he wouldn’t let Lebron run the team, he’s not going to let a minor talent like Waiters do it.

      • I agree with Jason. Now the guy’s untradeable. If he had ignored the Instagram thing he could have played him and traded him for something and gotten rid of him. Riley shot himself in the foot.

      • Jason Lancaster

        No one can deny Riley’s coaching ability. He’s proven he’s a great NBA coach.

        But maybe half his success as GM is owed to Joe Dumars and Kobe Bryant. If Dumars hadn’t drafted Milicic and drafted Melo instead, the Nuggets were all in on Wade. And if Kobe wasn’t such a jerk, Shaq would have never asked for a trade.

        Without Shaq, Wade doesn’t lead the Heat to the finals in 06. And without Wade, there’s no way LeBron takes his talents to South Beach in 2010.

        Riley deserves credit for not messing up a good thing, but let’s not crown him an all-NBA GM either. Drafting Wade was the secret.

  11. Skip, Tampa

    This is Jr High School basketball. Where even then lying is not good.
    Always going to be Riley haters, just the way it is.
    Certainly gets far more right than wrong without a doubt.
    He’s absolutely correct on Waiters. Waiter is seriously in the wrong.
    Just the way it is.

  12. Reggie Jackson, Langton Galloway and K. Thomas for Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters

    Heat get rid of Waiters and that contract plus get Reggie Jackson would could be handier in the sixth man PG role that Dragic has been playing. Pistons get back Dragic who would be a good starting PG for the Pistons he is a handy scorer, good passer and is a bit of a floor general. The Heat have to take on Waiters contract which isn’t great but he gives the team another good go to shooter if they need buckets.

    I’d start Dargic and Kennard and Snell then off the bench have Rose Waiters and Brown.
    In the staring 3 Dragic is the play maker, Kennard and Snell the floor spacers and Snell is a good defender. Off the bench Rose and Brown share the ball handling and Rose and Waiters are the main scorers.

    • brandoningramno1fan

      I mean, anything can happen, but Heat have publicly said they regret trying to trade Dragic in the Butler deal. He also won a game for them in Brooklyn. Reggie Jackson is another Stan Van disappointment that Detroit is already hemming and hawing about getting rid of, somehow, some way. Dragic > Jackson

  13. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

    Jacques Costeau

  14. andremets

    How about Taj Gibson ($9m) and Reggie Bullock ($3m) for Waiters and a distant 1st round pick? Knicks then buyout Waiters.

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