Heat Notes: Waiters, Johnson, Robinson, Olynyk

Both Dion Waiters and James Johnson remained on the bench throughout the Heat’s 19-point loss at Boston last night, leading Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel to wonder about their futures with the organization. Waiters, who recently returned from his second suspension, hasn’t gotten on the court at all this season. Johnson, who failed to meet conditioning standards at the start of training camp, has appeared in just six games.

Winderman believes management is drawing a “hard line” about conditioning, comportment and sacrifice, which may mean a lot of bench time for Waiters and Johnson going forward. Both players have contracts that won’t be easy to trade, as Waiters is signed for $12.65MM next season, while Johnson has a $16MM player option.

There’s more this morning from Miami:

  • Heat officials were unanimous in their selection of Tyler Herro with the 13th pick in this year’s draft, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Herro is off to an excellent start, averaging 13.6 points per game and shooting 39% from 3-point range. Miami viewed him as an elite shooter who could also contribute to the offense in other ways, and he received a glowing recommendation from his college coach, John Calipari, who said Herro has the gym rat qualities that the Heat look for. “Plus we needed shooting,” an unidentified Heat official said. “It was not a hard decision; he was our guy. We felt he had not only the stroke, but a lot of intangibles that were really unique.”
  • After Duncan Robinson went undrafted in 2018, the Heat were his first choice because coach Erik Spoelstra contacted him the night before the draft, Jackson adds in the same story. “The fact he reached out meant a lot to me,” Robinson said. “He told me about their culture and what they’re all about and how much they prioritize shooting, and guys that come here that are shooters tend to have their best years. He mentioned Wayne Ellington and some other guys. It just excited me. I was pretty adamant I wanted to be part of this place, at least do summer league with them and see where the chips fell.” Robinson said he had a “handful” of offers, and he chose Miami over the Lakers and Bucks.
  • Kelly Olynyk has been loyal to Team Canada for years, but an upcoming contract decision could affect his availability for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in late June, notes Steven Loung of Sportsnet. Olynyk can opt out of his $12.2MM deal for next year and might be without a contract when the tournament begins. He would be risking an injury that could have a significant impact on his future earnings.
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9 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Waiters, Johnson, Robinson, Olynyk

  1. Curtisrowe

    Olynyk pretty much has to opt out. He might not get 12 million a year again, but almost certainly could get a 4-year deal for 35 to 40 million. Who knows whether that money will be there a year from now?

  2. James Johnson Dion Waiters and a first rounder for Harrison Barnes and Caleb Swanigan ???

    Butler gets a second kinda star player in Barnes. He’s good on both end of the floor and would make a good trio with Butler and Winslow. Kings take on two vets on 2 year deals but they might be decent of the bench and they get a first rounder

    • Jason Lancaster

      Why would the Kings trade their most consistent player and one of their leaders for two below average vets when they’re trying to make the playoffs?

    • x%sure

      Sacto would be trading their 3/4 for a 4 who may be declining, a 2 where they are strong, and a low 1st.
      Teams will be asking for Winslow. He’s a fit but Waiters, I doubt it. Hield is a better Waiters!

    • Kings have openly said they regret paying Barnes that much and for that long. This gives them an out and gives them another clear and clear the books plus a first

    • It would allow Bogdan to start at SF which would be good to see how he performs and to see how much he’s worth resigning for. Johnson might be serviceable off the bench. Would be a good locker room vet for the younger guys. Waiters with Bogdan starting might be serviceable as a back up SG if not then both players deals expire end of next year. Plus they get a first rounder

      • x%sure

        They probably do regret signing Barnes (indeed I think he’s below average) but they will want something to brag about in trade or else they look dumb for paying so much.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Like Barnes, yes he’s overpaid. Just don’t see him as a good fit with Butler. Nor Riley taking on his long term money.
    Blazers could make a lot sense Bazemore, Hood, 2nd for Barnes, Jackson.

    • Yeah I think Barnes would be good for either team.
      Think blazers wouldn’t want to give up Hood and Bazemore so I’d say Bazemore, Labissiere and a protected first.
      Think Barnes would suit the heat. He’s on a long deal but he is still only 27 which is younger than Butler who’s on a long deal. Barnes would be a good 3/4 who is a good scorer but can also be a 4/5th option on offence. He’s a solid wing defender which is really handy. Plus he’s had good experience playing with USA and going to the playoffs with GSW.

      On defence Winslow Butler Barnes and Adebayo would make a good unit. Against let’s say the clippers (the best team in the league) you’d have Butler on Kawhi, Barnes on George, Winslow on Williams and have Adebayo on Harrell. Those are pretty good match ups, better than how most teams would match up.

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