Knicks Notes: Trier, Payton, Ntilikina, Garnett

Allonzo Trier‘s future with the Knicks appears uncertain after being kept on the bench for eight of the past 10 games, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. Trier saw his first game action outside of garbage time in nearly three weeks Monday in New York’s 44-point loss to the Bucks. He scored 10 points in 11 minutes in the first half, but wasn’t used at all after halftime.

Coach David Fizdale hasn’t provided a public explanation for why Trier has been demoted, other than citing the team’s depth at shooting guard with RJ Barrett, Wayne Ellington and Damyean Dotson. There are theories that Trier’s isolation-heavy game doesn’t fit with Fizdale’s emphasis on ball movement.

“You take it head on,’’ Trier said. “Be prepared whenever that time is, continue to work and get better and help this team if I’m playing or not. I got to accept that. They tell me to stay ready.’’

Opportunity could come later in the season if the Knicks start moving on from their veteran free agents. Ellington is among the players who could be moved by the February trade deadline or waived if a deal can’t be worked out.

There’s more from New York:

  • Elfrid Payton, who has played just four games since signing with the team this summer, may be ready to return tomorrow against the Nuggets, Berman tweets. Payton, who was briefly installed as the team’s point guard, has been sidelined since October 28 with a strained right hamstring. That role has been taken over by Frank Ntilikina, who missed Monday’s game with a back injury, but may also be ready for Thursday.
  • Roster flexibility is all the Knicks have left from what could have been a historic offseason, observes Steve Popper of Newsday. With enough cap space to offer two max contracts, the team missed all its top targets and wound up with seven free agents, six on expiring deals. Management can start moving those contracts on December 15, when most newly signed free agents become eligible to be traded.
  • Former NBA star Kevin Garnett is calling out Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for choosing the Nets instead of the Knicks in free agency, relays Neil Best of Newsday. Speaking at a roundtable to promote a new film, Garnett claimed they passed on a chance to breathe life into a historic franchise. “I’m not a Knicks fan by far,” he said. “But if they come to the city and dominate, man, the first superstar to hit New York and be vibing is going to be bigger than life. Remember I said that. Any piece of hope in this city is going to [soar]. People are waiting.”
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11 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Trier, Payton, Ntilikina, Garnett

  1. “There are theories that Trier’s isolation-heavy game doesn’t fit with Fizdale’s emphasis on ball movement.”

    – BS. If Fizdale likes ball movement so much, then why hasn’t playing time (not to mention his praise) been given out on that basis. To date, it’s been reserved for isolation guys. Maybe he should have considered Trier’s deficiencies in this area before he acted as the kid’s agent in getting him an historically player friendly contract for a 2wc conversion. If Trier were signed to a normal contract, then the Knicks would have some time at minimum wage past this year. As it is, he’s making 3.6 mm and an RFA at season’s end. Great work Stooges !

  2. munlou

    KG is right if you are the Superstar that comes to the Knicks and wins he will be a God

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Trier is the closest thing to another John Starks. He should be backing up RJ. And RJ should not be on top 3 in mins. Fizdale is lost. Can’t settle on a PG. Therefore has hurt all of their value. And ball movement is a Joke. I don’t see a system. Cause there is no PG who can run an offense. Cause if there was one. He wouldn’t rely on RJ to facilitate. Payton leads with 3.8 ast. RJ is at 3.3 ast. Randle needs a real PG to be effective. Robinson needs a PG to be effective. Fizdale needs to develop one to be effective. It’s been two yrs and he still can’t pick one or trade one. Get rid of this management please.

    • Trier and Starks should not be mentioned in the same sentence. Starks played D and was more talented on offense, plus he played within the team. Trier plays on an island and the other four are just there to rebound his miss and play D.

  4. bronxboy28

    Mark Jackson needs to be coach of the New York Knicks. Sorry Mr. Fitzdale but, your coaching is Not working out! Jackson would implement his coaching style which would make the Knicks playoff contenders and would also bring in the talent players the Knick fans desire!

  5. More proof that Fiz is a useless coach.

    Trier May be an Iso heavy player who is not much of a defender, but Ellington has a shooting stat line of .321/.309/.667, while Trier is putting up .512/.462/.808. Factor in that he’s also a half decade younger and should have been part of the youth movement, it just proves Fiz is a moron.

    His long term nonsensical benching of young players has got to stop. You’re 4-17 Fiz, and not a playoff caliber team. You still have vets in the front court you need to play as you’re thin on youth outside of Robinson there, but there is no need to take minutes away from Frank, DSJ and Trier to give them to Wayne and Payton when he returns.

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