Steven Adams A Possible Hawks Trade Target

A Hawks team source tells The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner that Thunder center Steven Adams has been “discussed” by Atlanta as a possible candidate for a deal.

Adams, currently in the third year of a four-year, $100MM deal, is owed $25.8MM this season and $27.5MM in 2020/21. The summer of 2021 is considered the next major free agent class, and Adams’ deal will expire in time to keep the Hawks’ coffers relatively clear.

Adams, a 6’11”, 265-pound bruiser known for his defensive moxie, would serve as a major positional upgrade for the struggling Hawks. He is currently one of the key pieces keeping the 14-14 Oklahoma City in the playoff hunt. They are presently the seventh seed in the West. Adams holds season averages of 11.1 PPG, 9.6 RPG, and 1.1 BPG in 25 games.

The 6-24 Hawks have been exploring various current roster options as their starting center. Former Warrior Damian Jones has started 19 of the Hawks’ 30 games thus far, but was a DNP in the Hawks’ most recent contest last night. Jones is on the last year of his initial four-year, $6.1MM rookie contract. The Hawks could make him a qualifying offer this season, but Kirschner is dubious that will transpire.

Rookie Bruno Fernando has started the Hawks’ last two games, both losses. Veteran Alex Len, an unrestricted free agent in 2020, has started nine. The 26 year-old Maryland alum, drafted No. 5 in 2013 by the Suns, is earning $4.2MM this season. Fernando is the Hawks’ only current center under contract beyond this season.

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21 thoughts on “Steven Adams A Possible Hawks Trade Target

  1. coldbeatle89

    I mean… I get Trae is frustrated by losing- 100%. But if they tank it and get a good draft pick in the top 5 this year (preferably luck into top 3)- isn’t that substantially better than whatever you have to give up for Adams?

    • Trog

      I think the idea would be that Adams has negative trade value with his contract. He’s a solid player, but not worth $26-27 mil a year. If you’re the Hawks (1) You get a starting center for next year (2) You have the budget room to absorb him for the next two years (3) You likely get a draft asset (though not premium) for your troubles (4) It doesn’t change your odds really in the lottery now that the league has anti-tanking measures on draft odds.

        • futuremvp

          I guess they are still looking to shed some salary – they are still over the tax, but not by much. With that being said, I don’t think they will trade Adams away without some draft compensation.

      • Jason Lancaster

        Say what? He’s the sixth best center in the league according to BPM. And he’s earning less than at least a couple of guys who are ranked lower.

        I agree that he’s not as inexpensive as he could be, but a starting center is going to earn at least $20 million, right? We’re not talking about a huge overpay.

        If I’m OKC, I’m happy to keep him. No way I give up anything to get rid of him.

        • jroseka

          Exactly, people sleep on this guy for no good reason. He’s probably just at about his value vs contract. People also forget he’s only 26 so he’s good for several years to come.

  2. Treveon Graham

    I think some draft picks and one of their big expiring contracts would do the trick

  3. arc89

    hawks found out the warriors knew about Jones. He struggles against bigger centers. He then gets lost on defense.

  4. I’d be shocked if OKC gave him away. He’s not a liability on their 2020-21 balance sheet, which is the relevant one.

    Hawks can justify trading for Adams even if they don’t care about winning. Letting that defensive situation fester isn’t healthy for the development of their young players. Collins might help, but he’s a kid too. As long as they don’t give up Collins, TY, Huerter, Hunter, Reddish and their own 1st’s, Adams is someone they should pursue.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Thunder were certainly desperate enough to give away Westbrook and take on possibly the worst contract in the NBA. So unless they can get rid of CP3, they will have to do something desperate again and get rid of Adams instead.

      • Desperate? Not even close. They are less than 1 mm over the tax line. What’s the source of desperation?

        FWIW, Westbrook wasn’t dealt out of desperation (maybe to accommodate getting him to a contender) and certain not given away. They got 2 lightly protected 1st rounders, and 2 1st round swap rights. If anything it was Houston that was desperate to get rid of CP3.

    • Tazza

      It actually kinda is. Wiseman to GSW would be huge and make them a top 5 team again once everyone is fit.

      Anthony Edwards and Cole Anthony are also both elite talents and will be future all stars. LaMelo Ball looks like he could be elite. He’s got the good shot, got the good passing game, has great size and physicals but needs that mental side to catch up.

      I hope Cole Anthony goes to the Wizards. Him and Bradley Beal would be great together. Then they can try trade John Wall and continue the rebuild.

      • hiflew

        Once everyone is fit, GSW is already a top 5 team.

        Anybody COULD be elite, but this draft is very reminiscent of 2006 or 2013 with both no clear #1 and several overseas prospects that haven’t yet been tested against the best players of their age range.

      • jump shot

        Good points! But my personal definition of a game-changer is somebody you know TODAY (Dec. 23, ‘19) is a starter and impact player for any team that drafts him in June… not someone who could be good down the line. Those are just regular draft picks. I don’t see any game-changers in this upcoming draft.

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