And-Ones: Mavs, All-Star Draft, China, Ball

The Mavericks announced in a press release that they’ve partnered with Chime Banking for a jersey sponsorship deal. While the exact terms of the agreement aren’t known, Mark Medina of USA Today reports that it’s worth “just under eight figures.”

Dallas previously had a jersey sponsorship deal with the company 5miles, but terminated it last year. Following the end of that partnership, the Mavericks had been the only team without a uniform patch in place, as our tracker shows.

Here are more odds and ends from around the basketball world:

  • As it did a year ago, the NBA’s All-Star draft will take place on the day of the trade deadline, with the league announcing in a press release that the event will air on TNT at 7:00pm ET on February 6, four hours after the deadline. The top vote-getter in each conference will be an All-Star captain, and those two captains will select their teams from the pools of All-Star starters and reserves.
  • Nets owner Joseph Tsai recently said in an interview with YES Network that the NBA is working to get its relationship with China back on track (hat tip to NetsDaily). “The key thing is we need be broadcast on TV back in China,” Tsai said. “There’s talk NBA ratings are kind of down for various reasons. But we don’t want to see ratings go down globally. We need the NBA games to be back on TV in China.” Tsai faced some criticism in the fall when he wrote a Facebook post essentially defending China’s reaction to Daryl Morey‘s infamous tweet supporting Hong Kong protestors.
  • Ethan Strauss of The Athletic takes a look at LaMelo Ball‘s National Basketball League film as he attempts to assess the youngster’s value, ultimately concluding that he wouldn’t feel comfortable making Ball a top-five pick in the 2020 NBA draft.
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6 thoughts on “And-Ones: Mavs, All-Star Draft, China, Ball

  1. Giannis makes a terrible team selector as captain.

    Yes he took Curry, good choice. Should’ve taken Leonard second not Embid.
    Then LBJ would’ve had to choose Harden, PG, Embid.

    If he takes Harden you take PG, if he takes PG you take Harden. Then lastly your going to end up with Walker. Knowing then that you need another big/centre your first pick for reserves should’ve been Anthony Davis.

    1. Curry. With Kemba Walker 6th man.
    2. Harden/PG
    3. Leonard
    4. Giannis
    5. AD

    If you get Harden you have the two best pure shooters, if you get PG you have 4 elite defenders in PG Leonard himself and AD…..
    From there do what you like get Kris Middleton

    • Boston2AZ

      It’s just so foolish. But look on the bright side – once they institute their dumb “mid-season tournament”, it’ll make the All Star game look like genius!

  2. Coaches and Media should get 33% of the vote, players 33% and fans 33%

    It’s a joke that Carcusco and Howard and Melo and so on are this high up the votes. And before that it was ZaZa Pachulia.

    • phillyballers

      They could just determine a metric and say okay here are the Top-x players this year and you the fans/media get to select 2 per team from this list, which is capped at Top-60 or so. Then the league can appoint legacy players like Wade or Dirk if they come up.

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