Atlantic Notes: Knicks, Rose, Wooten, Anderson

There are few players who are off the table in trade talks for the Knicks, as I recently wrote for SLAM Magazine. RJ Barrett, who injured his ankle earlier tonight, and Mitchell Robinson are both unlikely to be dealt. Everyone else on the roster seems available for the right price, including Marcus Morris, who returned from a five-game absence in the loss tonight.

As we wait to see which players from New York get traded before the deadline, let’s take a look around the Atlantic Division:

  • Should the Sixers trade for Derrick Rose? ESPN’s Tracy McGrady (video link) believes the point guard could be the right target for Philadelphia at this year’s trade deadline.
  • Kenny Wooten‘s two-way contract with the Knicks runs through two seasons, ESPN Bobby Mark tweets. Wooten’s deal is just one of seven like it in the NBA.
  • Javonte Green is getting a chance to live out his dream with the Celtics, as he tells NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg.“When I first got the offer from [Danny Ainge], it was a dream come true,” said Green. “I still don’t think it’s really hit me. But every day, a random day, I can just be going to the grocery store, and I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m really in the NBA.’”
  • Justin Anderson will re-join the Raptors‘ G League affiliate, per the team’s Twitter feed. Anderson was with the Raptors 905 before signing a 10-day deal with Brooklyn.
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25 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Knicks, Rose, Wooten, Anderson

  1. fantasyman99

    The Heat need to get Rose .. The dude still got Ice in his veins great complement to Butler

  2. Personally I think DRose is just happy playing at the level he is right now and doesn’t want to be involved in a mid season trade.
    However if he was to move I think it would be to the Heat because he’s played with Jimmy Butler on the Bulls and those two have loads of respect for one another. Plus he would be a perfect sixth man point guard for them.

    DRose and Thon Maker for Justice Winslow works.

    Kennard Winslow and Doumbouya could be a good combination to start a rebuild at the pistons. Between Reggie’s Andres and Langstons expiring deals the Pistons could make a big play in FA also.

    • Why the Sarcasm?
      I made some valid points. DRose after his injury has already bounced around from the Knicks to the Cavs to the TWolves and not the pistons. Most players like to settle down and Miami is a nice place for that.
      Heading into free agency last offseason in April he said he just wants to be comfortable. I don’t think he wants to ring chase with the Sixers or bucks.

      Another thing I think DRose would enjoy playing with Butler again. Both players have loads of respect for one another and have played together for a few years. Rose would suit that bench role Dragic has been playing. Off the court I think Rose would like to play under Eric Spoelstra and would like Pat Riley too.

      • bentwookie

        they’d have loads of respect for each other? they literally had beef immediately after rose came back from his injuries and Jimmy was the new top dog. yes I believe they’d be cool now but it isn’t because of some great prior relationship they had right before Rose’s trade.

        • Rose and Butler have both come out and said there was absolutely no beef between the two of them. No arguments not anything at all. It was just the media trying to create something about being the Alpha.

      • mcmillankmm

        Valid points on Rose, I was wondering the same thing….he may be happy and content with how he’s doing in Detroit. Your trade proposal seems like a low sell on Winslow….but I haven’t kept a close eye on him.

        • mcmillankmm

          I’d take a healthy Dragic over Rose but unfortunately he’s had trouble staying healthy

    • JD Candello

      Only 1 problem to this dream, there are No big free agents next offseason –

  3. Skip, Tampa

    GM, Owner or fellow clown school cadet, it’s all good.
    As a clown in this circus my Mickey Mouse 2 cents worth is in agreement with Tazza.
    Rose for Winslow has potential for sure.
    With Nunn, Rose, Butler as the starters.
    Pistons would still need to give up 2022 2nd, 2021 2nd Lakers. Would also need a 3rd team for Thon Makers or talk Riley into stretching him. Seriously iffy with Anderson on books at $5.6M.
    Winslow is only 22 on a 3 year deal with lots of upside still. Plus he could step in at PG as well.
    It is at the least intriguing.

  4. Z-A

    1st…. trade compensation is generally less than what superfans think a player is worth. Every year you go “that’s it?” when player x gets traded for garbage.

    At 7.3M most contenders are viable to get DRose. I don’t see any real piece going back to Detroit. A late 1st or an early 2nd + matching salaries. Heat aren’t giving up Winslow. They are more likely to find a team willing to take Waiters and a 1st to land a player or Jonhson.

    Bucks, Lakers, Sixers, Heat, Clippers, Nuggets, Houston, Celtics they all have trades that can work – whether they make sense for the club in another story and whether Detroit is content on holding on to DRose for another year is yet to be seen.

    One of the better packages for Detroit would be Beasley and Hernangomez from the Nuggets. Murray is out, and I doubt the Nuggets will match Beasley’s offer sheet next year, but the Pistons probably would.

    For the Sixers, they’d probably want to do something like Rose & Morris for Scott, Zhaire, and Bolden and a couple 2nd round picks – not the Hawks or Knicks/Nets though.

    Is that enough? Not sure depends on the other offers. But the only attractive offer would be the Nuggets. Unless someone is willing to deal a 1st rounder. Houston has some left right?

  5. DRose ain’t moving to a contender mid season.
    He said he wants to be comfortable. Maybe in the offseason if your lucky

  6. x%sure

    DRose in Philly would be explosive, but not in a good way.

    How about hiring ex-jocks for videos to stir things up.

    Detroit is not hurting with Rose; he’s not holding anyone back. Nothing wrong with a respectable Piston team. Philly get Burks.

  7. traderumors

    I’m glad Ainge is making dreams come true and less focused on fortifying one of the weakest benches in the NBA. See you in Disney world Danny…first round of golf is on you!

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