Kings Unlikely To Trade Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdan Bogdanovic has been considered a potential trade target for contenders this winter, but the Kings are unlikely to move the third-year swingman, a league source tells James Ham of NBC Sports California.

Bogdanovic, 27, has battled injuries this season but is still averaging a career-best 14.3 PPG to go along with 3.6 APG and a .376 3PT%. There has been speculation that the Kings may look to move him before the February 6 trade deadline, since he’ll be a restricted free agent in July and the team has already committed big-money, long-term contracts to Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield. Pricey new extensions for De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley could be on tap during the next two years as well.

The Lakers and Kings reportedly discussed a deal involving Bogdanovic and Kyle Kuzma, but those talks didn’t go anywhere. Earlier today, Jon Johnson of WIP tweeted that Bogdanovic was one of two trade targets the Sixers are focusing on, along with Robert Covington.

However, all season long, reports have suggested that the Kings aren’t looking to trade Bogdanovic, and today’s update confirms as much. As Ham explains, Sacramento recognizes what kind of player Bogdanovic is when he’s healthy and knows how important he is to the franchise.

Barring a change of heart within the next couple weeks, the Kings would like to try to retain Bogdanovic and work out a long-term solution in the offseason, even though they know his value in restricted free agency could end up being in the range of $15-18MM per year, Ham writes.

The Kings reportedly offered Bogdanovic a four-year, $51MM+ extension in the fall, which is the most they can offer prior to free agency. The team will be able to increase its offer in July. A sign-and-trade would also be a viable possibility during the summer — six RFAs were signed-and-trade during the 2019 offseason.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 thoughts on “Kings Unlikely To Trade Bogdan Bogdanovic

  1. BB is a real good player. I’m thinking the Kings undervalue him, just looking at what they gave Hield vs offered him. Maybe a Brogden situation in the making, where there is a S&T possibility for a team that makes him a priority. Current Knick FO isn’t up to it.

    • Luke Adams

      Re-worded the last paragraph to make it clearer that the $51MM-ish offer the Kings put on the table for Bogdanovic is the most they can offer prior to free agency. Doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to go higher.

  2. I’d suggest keeping Bogi and also looking to get Davis Bertans cause he would be a good pick up also for the Kings. Obviously you’d need to resign both of them Id say 15mil each would be good. And using Bazemores expiring (18mil) split into each of the players current salary’s it’s pretty close to that.

    Fox would be the leader and facilitator for this team. Heild would be the go to scorer. Bogi at 6’6 and Bertans at 6’10 would be the forwards. They are both lethal shooters and would create space on offence. Bogi can also serve as a playmaker occasionally too. Then at the 5 play Bagley who at 6’11 is really physical and can play down low but also isn’t an awful shooter and can play outside the paint too.

    Defensively they aren’t amazing but Fox is pretty alright at his position, Bogi is pretty alright at SF, Bertans is pretty alright at PF and hopefully Bagley can do well at C. Off the bench they have Cory Joseph who is a good defender, Dwayne Dedmon who is a good shot blocker, Holmes is alright too. Bjilica keeps the offence ticking off the bench too.

    Think this team would be able to steal a 7th or 8th seed for the playoffs and cause they are young and improving you’d hope they only get better

    • jobbins

      Grizzlies would offer more than 15M a year. Gonna have to compete in the weak free agent off-season. Probably a sign and trade as mentioned. (Somewhere not necessarily Memphis)

      • Grizzlies offer more than 15mil possibly.
        I’d suggest the kings offer each player 15mil as a starting point, Bertans probably takes that and is happy. Bogi Id offer upto 20mil but not any higher.

      • JD Candello

        Yup, gonna be a great offseason for mid tier players with money-

        Ton of teams with literally just money to burn and not the avail talent for it….should be interesting and a bit cringy at times for some teams

  3. hiflew

    That photo is just ridiculous. That doesn’t even look like a Kings jersey. Have we gotten to the point where every team is just going to wear 82 different jerseys each season? I refuse to call them uniforms because the whole point of the word uniform is “sameness.” It’s not uniform if it constantly changes.

    Sorry for the rant, but it’s just a pet peeve.

    • Dodgethis

      The sameness is only in regards to everyone wearing the same thing at the same time. No organization has one uniform, and even if the teams wore a different jersey each night, as long as they all wear the same jersey, they are uniform. I have a pet peeves as well, when children misuse words and then lash out at others for not also misusing words.

    • jobbins

      All the players wearing the “same” jersey is a uniform. Even if it’s a new one every game. It’s called an alternate jersey for a reason.

      • x%sure

        It’s not a uniform uniform if it keeps changing. The OP’s meaning was not that hard to understand. Maybe a different wording was in order for those who actually defend the aesthetics.

        However unis with contrasting shoulder colors are nearly always ugly and bush-league. Illegitimate. Sports designers like to try to sell the look but only show how wayward and unsporting they are. They just have to be told no.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    If the only reason the Kings have to trade Bogdanovic is all the money they gave Hield, there’s a simple solution. Trade Hield!

    • I think Heild is still really good and I’m sure a few GMs would love to get him. But I think DeAaron Fox really likes him and what’s to keep him and you have to keep your stars happy.

      Would love to have him on my Sixers hahaha

      • x%sure

        They got rid of Shumpert when Fox vouched for him. They did get Barnes about the same time, for the same job, but Barnes will tease & get overpaid as they found out.

        I estimate the fans prefer Bogans due to attitude, if the fans matter. GM Divacs may try for both and lose BB.

  5. dust44

    They need to get what they can from him. Because some team is going to offer him a big sheet and they can’t possibly match that with Fox and Bag coming up. Depending on what the 76ers would offer. I’d take Zhaire Smith and a first for Bog. Kings need a starting big in the draft and have the freedom to use Holmes as the big off the bench and Smith would b a solid second unit guy who can play D.

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