Knicks May Not Be Sellers At Trade Deadline

Given the state of the Knicks, one would assume the team will look to trade away its veterans before the trade deadline and accumulate assets for the future. However, Ian Begley of hears that rival clubs are getting the impression that New York isn’t solely focused on being sellers and accumulating draft picks and young players.

Opposing front offices believe that the Knicks have veterans that could help round out a playoff team, both this season and in future years. Teams have previously expressed interest in Dennis Smith Jr., Marcus Morris, and Bobby Portis and Begley notes that the team has likely had conversations about other players as well.

What happens with Morris will be particularly interesting. The forward signed a one-year, $15MM contract with New York this offseason after spurning San Antonio, and the franchise believes he could have long-term value to the club. The Knicks have been impressed by his play and his leadership so far this season.

The organization is 10-27 on the season and is on its second coach of the campaign.

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12 thoughts on “Knicks May Not Be Sellers At Trade Deadline

  1. Reflect

    The Third Law of Dolan states that the Knicks always do the opposite of what logic suggests they should do.

    • zmay718

      What are Dolan laws 1 & 2?
      Also who can believe anything coming out of MSG regarding a franchise run in a delusional way. The truth is they have no plan-

    • x%sure


      The first two laws are… Wait for something that looks like what is working elsewhere, and ignore what’s under thumb? (Or is that just me)

  2. hiflew

    Sure. Personally I think they need to acquire a couple more power forwards and maybe another point guard. That could turn them from a 20 win team into potentially a 21 win team.

    • stevep-4

      I hear Thad Young is available, and possibly Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook.

  3. SheaGoodbye

    I could actually somewhat understand this given how much better the team has played in recent weeks under Miller. And more importantly, who is giving up more than a 2nd round player for anyone but Morris?

    Still no faith in Mills/Perry or Dolan, of course.

  4. Thefinalcut43

    That is baffling. Especially the Morris one…there is no sign that they will compete next year either. Get what you can for him.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Only thing makes sense. Is to keep rebuilding. This is a deep draft. You make trades. You accumulate assets for future moves. Or go after young talent. But with this leadership. I pray they do right. We have not rebuilt since Ewing. And we didn’t do that right. Gotta see this thru.

    • Norm Chouinard

      Don’t want more young talent. Just want talent, the younger the better. You can’t rebuild through the draft when your 4 young 1st rounders are all among the worst players in the league.

  6. Team should definitely be looking to get rid of Bobby Portis he’s trashhh.

    If I was the Knicks I’d be looking at trying to get Justice Winslow. He’s not amazing but he is a good defender, a natural 3, someone that can help create on offence and is improving his scoring game. Plus His contract is really team friendly. Atleast that gives you some sort of building blocks with Barrett Winslow Randle and Robinson.

    Would start by offering Gibson and DSJ, but would also have Morris, Portis, Knox and Ntilikina up for grabs?

  7. Thronson5

    Would love to see the Lakers bring in Morris. Don’t think they can pull off that trade but if they could I’d love to see it. Get rid Rondo and maybe the Cousins contract? If they can do that, then trade for Rose I would feel a lot better about them getting past the Clippers.

    • stevep-4

      And if I could only turn this old dish cloth into silk I could maybe get a girlfriend. Lakers do not have anything to trade, they will not and cannot make a trade for anything of value, unless someone has enough gullibility to take Kuzma. Cousins is as useful right now as a slab of rancid meat, and Rondo has a no-trade clause due to his contract.

      Lakers will not be making any trades.

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