Knicks Notes: Morris, Dolan, Front Office, Ntilikina

At least one team that has recently been in touch with the Knicks came away with the impression that Marcus Morris and New York have “strong mutual interest” in working out a new contract in the summer, sources tell Ian Begley of

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard the Knicks might prefer to keep Morris through the deadline and retain him long-term. As Begley notes, the team likes the influence the 30-year-old has had on the younger Knicks players and believe he’s the sort of veteran who can handle the scrutiny that comes with playing in New York.

Begley also rightly points out that if Morris strongly reciprocates the Knicks’ interest, it might not make sense for potential suitors to pursue a trade for him. New York’s asking price would likely be pretty high, and if Morris’ preference is to be a Knick, he could simply return to his old team in free agency at season’s end. A potential trade partner would presumably be more inclined to offer New York a first-round pick if that team believes it has decent odds to re-sign the veteran forward.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • For as much as the Knicks like Morris, they weren’t fans of the comments he made this week about Jae Crowder, when he referred to the Grizzlies forward as having “female tendencies” on the court. As Marc Berman of The New York Post relays, the Knicks said in a statement that Morris’ comments were “offensive and unacceptable” and “cannot be tolerated.” Morris apologized again for his remarks, per Peter Botte of The New York Post.
  • Within an article about Knicks owner James Dolan, Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News briefly addressed the team’s front office situation, noting that president Steve Mills and Scott Perry each have mutual options for 2020/21, meaning both the executive and the team would have to opt in. When listing possible front office candidates for the Knicks, Bondy mentioned in passing that he believes Rockets GM Daryl Morey will become a free agent due to the China controversy.
  • ESPN analyst Paul Pierce suggested during a Thursday appearance on The Jump that a change in ownership would help turn things around in New York. “I truly believe once they get new ownership you’ll see change,” Pierce said, per Greg Joyce of The New York Post. “You saw it with the Clippers. Look what happened with the Clippers. Now they’re a perennial playoff team, they got better ownership and they’re a championship-contending team now.”
  • After missing Wednesday’s game due to a groin injury, Frank Ntilikina will be listed as probable for Saturday’s game vs. Indiana, head coach Mike Miller said today (Twitter link via Mike Vornukov of The Athletic). Point guard Elfrid Payton will be suspended for that game, opening the door for a larger role for Ntilikina.
  • In case you missed it, RJ Barrett was named to the World Team’s Rising Stars roster earlier today.
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13 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Morris, Dolan, Front Office, Ntilikina

  1. phillyballers

    You could trade Morris and the re-sign him. That is what a smart GM would do. Portis, Gibson, Payton, Ellington, and Bullock are all non-guaranteed deals with a couple 1 M “buyouts” basically. They’ll have a ton of cap space and like 2 legit FAs available that they won’t get anyway. Would imagine they want to keep Payton even tho he is a 15-18-min/game back-up on any good team and 8M is too rich for that.

  2. If they move Randle, I’m OK with keeping Morris. If they move Randle, I’m OK with trading Morris too. Essentially, if they move Randle, I’m OK with their deadline performance.

    Over the years, how many players in Morris’ position have been traded for future assets and ended up resigning with their former team the following off season? Not happening. I’d greatly prefer the 1st. His presence hasn’t resulted in either wins or any accelerated development by the young players (you could argue the reverse), so, while I’m happy the young guys like exploring the City with him, I’d still prefer the 1st. But if a 1st is not offered in a cap neutral way, I’d keep him and offer him both a S&T or a real contract (his option) this off season. After I moved Randle.

  3. Curtisrowe

    By saying Morris can “handle the scrutiny” what they mean is Morris literally DGAF about anything.

  4. the kutch

    So Paul Pierce thinks the Knicks need a new owner??….I wonder if he happened on that thought himself, or read one of the hundreds of stories, or thousands of voices that have been saying that for years and years….Pretty heady stuff there….

    • El Don

      After the Morey penalty that all the teams & players will have to pay in years to come, not so sure he will have many pretenders…, right?

  5. Tazza

    3 team trade

    Knicks: CP3, Markieff Morris
    Pistons: Randle and Portis
    Thunder: Griffin, Ntilikina and 2 seconds from pistons

    Then trade Kevin Knox for Kyle Kuzma

    Knicks line up
    1. CP3. DSJ
    2. Barrett. Bullock. Trier
    3. Morris.
    4. Kuzma. Morris
    5. Gibson. Robinson

    CP3 gives you a star name for FA, he leads the offence taking pressure of Barrett and allowing him to be better. Kuzma at the 4 gives you another nice shooter and young player to develop who would suit NY. Off the bench DSJ can learn from CP3 and Morris and Robinson provide good big men.

    • padam


      – Thunder aren’t moving CP3 for a player whose career may be questionable, especially when his salary is just as bad
      – Lakers would move Kuzma for Knox?
      – DSJ isn’t learning anything from anyone
      – Gibson over Robinson?

    • robwil67

      CP3 is not a good option. His salary is too large to get a good or great free agent.

    • Tazza

      No one else is joining the Knicks if you don’t have some kind of star already saying it’s fine and enticing them to come that why you need to bite the billet and take CP3.
      Thunder do it to give SGA the point guard position full time and let him run the ship now. Griffin is born in OKC so it would be good for them to replace Gallo with Griffin and him being local probably sells tickets. Plus Ntilikina is a nice young defender who might improve, plus they get some more picks.
      They swap bad contract for and contract but get so much more little incentives.
      Gibson has started the last few games over Robinson, when he’s on the court he is a great scorer somehow and between him and Morris it would make up for Kuzmas lack of toughness and defence by having those two solid vets.
      DSJ would learn of CP3 think it would be a great role model for him.
      Lastly I am unsure weather a Knox for Kuzma deal would happen but Knox would fit better. Knox is a better defender and gives AD more minutes at the 4 which is what he wants.

  6. Skip, Tampa

    Thunder are in the playoff hunt. No way they trade for Griffin. Paul is also somehow an All Star this year.
    Griffin makes more sense for the Knicks right now.
    Griffin, 1st for Randle, Porter. Won’t play till next year so helps Knicks draft this year.
    Knox, DSJ for Kuzma is interesting.

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