Doncic, Young, Zion Headline Rising Stars Rosters

The NBA has officially announced the 20 rookies and sophomores who have been named to the league’s Rising Stars game for All-Star weekend. Those 20 players, selected by assistant coaches from around the league, will be divided into a U.S. Team and a World Team, as follows:

U.S. Team:

World Team:

Williamson’s inclusion is notable since he has appeared in just four games due to injuries. It’s not surprising that the NBA found a way to get him into the game, since he’s one of the most exciting prospects to enter the league in years, but it’s a tough break for youngsters who have been on the court since the fall for contenders, such as Sixers wing Matisse Thybulle. or Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr.

Snubbed players like Thybulle, Porter, and others could eventually make their way into the Rising Stars game if players have to pull out due to injuries, or if All-Stars like Doncic and Young opt not to play in both events.

The Rising Stars game will take place in Chicago on Friday, February 14.

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16 thoughts on “Doncic, Young, Zion Headline Rising Stars Rosters

  1. richt

    Thybulle’s not that good. Philly fans and East Coast apologists like Bill Simmons love to slobber over him only because he’s on the Sixers. Literally every player on that US roster is having a better season.

    • Michael Chaney

      He’s a lockdown defender, he just doesn’t get much attention because he isn’t much of a scorer

    • turner9

      Thybull is 3rd in WAR while Terrance Davis is 2nd

      Neither is playing, SMH

      We already have a dunk contest and the ASG is just a no D game at best

      At least the rookies game they play the damn game like it means something, and you leave 2 of the better ones off the rosters

      Yet Zion is in because of name recognition?

      I dont get it.

    • x%sure

      He’s a guy you want on court for your side, but just to get him on a roster, call Matisse French! The bar is lower on the World team.

      I would rather see four smaller rising star rosters and a tournament. Players will go harder if only to set their value.

    • spazz

      Him and Porter. I highly dont expect Luka and Trae to play in this unless Trae wants to play with Zion.

  2. It’s clearly not based on production. More about perception. In this format, it’s likely easier if you’re not considered a US player.

  3. ZacharyH

    Duncan Robinson is also a 2nd year player, but he’s 25yo. Shooting 42% from three, averaging 12 ppg

  4. turner9

    How is Terrance Davis NOT playing in this?

    Hes the 2rd best rookie by WAR stat this year and is shooting 40% from 3 while playing great D and holding a rotation spot on the 3rd best team

    TD is going to be better than 90% of these guys in 3-5 years and is currently playing better as well

    Wtf do they even put Luca and Trae on these teams for when they are already in the regular ASG .

  5. hiflew

    Man it was so much better when it was freshmen (rookies) vs. sophomores. This US vs. the World theme in all sports just need to go away. If you are trying to sell your sport to the rest of the world and become more global, perhaps you shouldn’t act as if the US is equal to the rest of the world combined.

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