Kyrie Irving Gets Cortisone Shot, Hopes To Avoid Shoulder Surgery

Kyrie Irving is taking steps to avoid surgery on his injured right shoulder, tweets Brian Lewis of The New York Post.

Talking to reporters today for the first time since Nov. 14, Irving said he got a cortisone shot on Christmas Eve and the team plans to see how he responds after about two months (Twitter link). Irving admitted he has considered an arthroscopic procedure on the shoulder, but is hesitant because it would sideline him for three to four months.

Irving consulted with a shoulder specialist in Phoenix before opting for the shot (Twitter link), adding, “There was some bursitis in there that was impacting me.” (Twitter link). He has missed 22 games since suffering the injury, which the Nets are calling a shoulder impingement, in a November 4 game against the Pelicans.

Irving believes he’s “doing a lot better” since the shot, although he is still struggling to lift his shoulder when he shoots jumpers, relays Malika Andrews of ESPN (Twitter link).

The Nets looked like huge winners on the first day of free agency when they signed Irving, Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan. With Durant sidelined for the season, they were counting on Irving to emerge as the team leader. He has averaged 28.5 points, 5.4 rebounds and 7.2 assists, but has been limited to 11 games.

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17 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Gets Cortisone Shot, Hopes To Avoid Shoulder Surgery

    • andremets

      I think few openly said that at the time, but I wish the Knicks got Kemba and Durant. I didn’t want any part for Irving. He’s a cancer AND always hurt.

      • amk3510

        Yeah anyone with real basketball acumen knows how much better Kyrie is. People are just deranged against him Curry is hurt yet no one bats an eye.

        • xtraflamy

          um…a gigantic man fell directly on Curry’s wrist. How would anyone do in that case? That isn’t a fragility issue…that’s physics.

        • Curry (this season) is a great example of how much a player can help from the sidelines. Kyrie may possess more skills and talent, but to what degree? Especially when measured against possible games missed? I dont think kemba, when given the whole package, is better than kyrie, but when accounting for relatively marginal difference in on court production and the difference im both players durability, to me they are about equal. Especially when from the view of “value to the celtics”

      • SheaGoodbye

        I dunno, it looks like the Thunder might catch the Rockets in the West. You know, with that CP3 guy.


  1. highplainsdriftr

    He’ll get surgery. He doesn’t want to be out there without KD. They will both co-dependently take the court together next season. And all jabs aside, why not?, rest up Kyrie.

      • kahnkobra

        he is, that’s why I didn’t want him on the Knicks and specially just to get another walking wounded in KD. these two signings will end up being regrettable

  2. amk3510

    So he wasn’t faking an injury to avoid Boston, New York and Cleveland like many people said?? Shocker

  3. LASTSON86

    I’m enjoying this drama injury prone Queen wasting Brooklyn’s money. Lmao

  4. paladin

    He should have had the surgery early on. He would be almost thru rehab now. Nets were on the way up as an organization until they succumbed to the Kyrie/KD/DJ Flat Earth temptation. This trio is going to set back the team for another five years after they turn tail and leave after their long term deals drag on. DJ is four years! That adds up to a decade.

  5. Stoop Down Low

    For them this season is more about next season than this season. Kevin Durant is joining the ball club and will be committed to winning big in Brooklyn for obvious reasons. Looks like they will be a huge factor in the East for the next several years. There’s a lot of noise around it but they’re flirting with .500 and they play nobody who was ever anybody significant NBA-wise until they got to this franchise. Laugh now boys.

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