Lakers, Sixers Interested In Derrick Rose

The Lakers, Sixers and several other playoff-bound teams have expressed interest in trading for Pistons point guard Derrick Rose, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reports.

The Lakers and Sixers are each looking to upgrade their point guard rotation, Haynes continues.  The Clippers have also inquired about Rose but appear to have nominal interest in making a deal for the former Most Valuable Player.

Rose has been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal season for the Pistons, who appear to be ready to embrace a rebuild. Rose has scored 20-plus points in each of the last nine games, including a 21-point outing against Washington on Monday.

Rose was signed to a two-year, $15MM contract as a free agent last summer. Coach Dwane Casey moved Rose into the starting lineup last week and has expanded his playing time after being cautious earlier this season with the oft-injured point guard.

Rose isn’t looking to be traded, according to Haynes, but it would make sense for the Pistons to sell high and acquire future assets for him.

Trade rumors have also swirled around Pistons center Andre Drummond, who can opt out this summer and become a free agent. However, those talks have apparently cooled off.

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46 thoughts on “Lakers, Sixers Interested In Derrick Rose

  1. diller1340

    Rose for Kuzma. Drose gets his championship and Kuzma gets to come home to the D

      • imindless

        No way that happens lol. Kuzma has way more value than that and aging rose that is an injury away from never playing again. Pass

        • Theone23

          Uhh, Kuzma doesn’t have nearly as much value as Faker fans would like to think. Typical overrated Laker. He’s just not good, and probably will never become good. He’s not a good shooter, he’s not good on defense, he needs extremely high usage to put up any meaningful numbers at all. Detroit would be dumb to trade Rose for Kuzma.

          • amk3510

            LMAOO the Lakers derangement syndrome folks are cute. No one thinks Kuzma is anything crazy but trade him for a guy who is 6 years older thats injury prone is not happening. If Detroit got that offer they would say yes and run. They ain’t winning a thing in the next few years so if they could turn a small free agent signing like Drose into Kuzma they would do it. Typical Laker hater spewing nonsene.

            • tdw1325

              Show me what statistics you have that show Kuzma being even “good” It is his third year in the league. His shooting percentage overall is down. His assist to TO ratio is worse. I get reductions in overall per game stats with a slight decrease in playing time. But he does not look like a star. He looks like a role player at best. He is still a liability on defense. I would almost rather have Rose another season and roll the dice there. But the truth is Detroit isn’t winning it all and needs to get younger. I am just not sold on Kuzma as being an important piece to anybody doing so.

          • moneymoon10

            You’re talking about the guy who held Westbrook to 13 second half points? His defense is getting better and better and is only 24yrs old.

            • diller1340

              “Held him to 13 second half points” I mean westbrook only averages 25….. so if he scores 13 in both halfs he scores 26 more then his average…… can’t call that good defense

        • tdw1325

          Man… what makes you think Kuzma is so good? He is a liability defensively. He has a PER of 11.92 which is 9th on his team. Compare that to Derrick Rose who has a PER of 22.08 and even averaging 2 more minutes per game. He was only hyped being one of few assets Lakers had and their publicity even when not competitive. I think the trade is fair as Rose is controlled through next year as well. He is 31, four years younger than LeBron. They are win now. Kuzma is not a real piece to that.

    • Theone23

      Lmao. Love how everyone thinks the Lakers are actually gona win the chip this year. Like it’s some sort of guarantee, oh Rose comes to LA and gets a chip! This scenario is hardly a win win, as Rose would help the Fakers but Kuzma is not needed in Detroit, regardless if that’s where he’s from.

      • imindless

        Again you dont watch ball probably the same troll that said brandon ingram is bad. Stop posting when you know little to nothing about ball.

    • Dark14ry

      Rose isn’t getting a title with the Lakers. The Lakers have a schedule inflated record. They can’t be the Bucks or Clippers among other top teams.

  2. Thronson5

    I’ve been saying I’d love D-Rose on the Lakers for a while now and I think he would be a perfect fit. I really hope they at least try to trade for him. I feel like he could help a lot. And to people suggesting Kuzma for Rose..get back on whatever meds you stopped taking! No way are you trading a guy who’s just starting his career for a guy at the tail end of his career. I love Rose but no way in hell would you trade Kuzma for Rose, that’s absurd!

    • diller1340

      Then you won’t get someone as talented as Rose because you traded all your picks for AD. So you have to trade talent to get talent. Wake up man

    • Theone23

      What’s everyone’s obsession with Kuz? He’s not good at all, and probably will never become good. Typical overrated Laker player.

        • SheaGoodbye

          Care to enlighten us, then, about what Kuzma is even decent at besides scoring?

          For the record, I don’t think he’s a bad player but I don’t think it’s a stretch to call him overrated either. To me, he would make a good 6th man and that would be his ideal role.

  3. imindless

    Anyone who thinks kuzma has no value doesnt watch ball. He is a liability on d becaus he either has to play center or sg….when he has played without lebron or ad he is legit 25 ppg player just look at brandon ingram. Ingram had the exact same problem and has flourished playing his natural position, not everyone works well with lebron and ad but that doesnt mean he has no value. Dudes had multiple 40 point games and is only 24 he goes to any other team without a real pf or sf and he puts up 23 ppg with decent d all for 2 million per year.

    • Bc1219

      We get it Kuzma has good value you can get someone else with Derrick Rose, and maybe the Lakers throw in second round picks too

    • Curtisrowe

      Kuzma has scored 40 points once, he hasn’t had “multiple 40 point games”. You don’t need to make stuff up to make your points dude.

    • SheaGoodbye

      If you just want scoring, why not bring Beasley back and let him play 35mpg? I’m sure he could score you 20+ points (for the record, I do think Kuzma has some value).

    • Imindless is correct.
      Some seem overlook how Kuxma performed after LBJ injury last year.
      He isn’t in the same role this year as team is currently assembled.

  4. Bc1219

    Kuzma could also very well end up in Sacramento, I think the kings made it kinda obvious that they are trying to get a new small forward, that’s why they traded Ariza. The kings have enough good assets to give for Kuzma too. I love watching Kuzma but it’s just not really working out with this Lakers team.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Lakers are playing for this year and next. It’s why Kuzma is being talked about. Have to be more than Rose. Considering his contract. It would be difficult to get value. Lakers looking for playoff vet. Bron has two yrs tops. IMO it’s all about waking him up. Light a fire under his ass.

  6. amk3510

    Rose to the Lakers is so overrated espically for Kuzma. Drose and LBJ both don’t like playing off the ball and Kuzma can so how would that really move the needle? Off the bench sure.

    • Curtisrowe

      agreed, Rose looks a lot better with Detroit than he would with the Lakers, they need a SG more than a PG. Bron is the PG.

      • Chucktoad1

        They don’t need a SG, Green and KCP are playing their roles as 3 and D just fine. LeBron is the PG, they could use a better backup than Rondo. Rose isn’t the answer though.

  7. Buckman

    Why would Philly want add a subpar 3PT shooter who needs to score inside off the drive? Simmons and Embiid are already competing for that turf, Rose would not help this problem.

    • Thank you! Everyone thinks Philly needs another slashing PG. They need off ball shooting a la JJ Reddick.

  8. richard dangler

    Derrick Rose is a guy who gets home sick very fast. The further away from Chicago he is the more likelihood it can go off the rails. He needs to stay in the Midwest.

    • bothymam24

      Where did you hear that from, his mom? His wheels went off when he was in Chicago too. And with the Knicks. And with Cleveland. And with Minnesota.

      • phillyballers

        It has come up before, I vaguely remember reading something about on here while back.

  9. Stories of “interest” are often ambiguous. Did the Lakers or Sixers really initiate discussions with the Pistons specifically about Rose? Strange, because he’s not a classic fit in either place. On the other hand, the Lakers have put out there that they have a desire to add a facilitating G (an LBJ backup more than someone to play alongside him), and the Sixers don’t seem to care much about classic fit. Still, with each team having limited upgrade possibilities for different reasons, it’s hard to imagine either started here.

    • SheaGoodbye

      It was the same thing with Drummond and the Knicks. The Pistons initiated, yet the Knicks are the ones who caught flak for the news.

      Never thought I’d have to defend the Knicks from anything but here we are.

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