Andre Iguodala Headed To Miami, Will Receive Contract Extension

The Grizzlies have reached an agreement to send Andre Iguodala to the Heat, who will give him a two-year, $30MM contract extension, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Justise Winslow will be part of the package headed to Memphis in return, Woj adds (Twitter link).

The second season of Iguodala’s extension will be a team option, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). That will allow the Heat to retain their financial flexibility to participate in a loaded free agent class in 2021. Sources tell Wojnarowski that Miami will guarantee the second season of Iguodala’s deal for $15MM if the team misses out on its top free agent targets (Twitter link).

The trade takes a player off the board who was coveted by contenders around the league for his defensive toughness and playoff experience. Iguodala was widely expected to return to Golden State next season as a free agent, but the extension removes any chance of that.

Bobby Marks of ESPN notes that Miami is limited to two years on the extension along with 5% raises on top of his current salary because of extend-and-trade restrictions. (Twitter link). Normally teams can offer extensions up to four years with 8% raises.

Heat president Pat Riley is making an effort to acquire Oklahoma City’s Danilo Gallinari as well as Iguodala, according to Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

Gallinari was expected to have a short stay with the Thunder after he was acquired in July as part of the trade that sent Paul George to the Clippers. However, OKC has emerged as a strong playoff contender with Gallinari contributing 19.2 points and 5.7 rebounds per night. The 31-year-old has a $22.6MM expiring contract.

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55 thoughts on “Andre Iguodala Headed To Miami, Will Receive Contract Extension

    • Danieley3

      Riley WAS a genius. If he dealt any of Nunn/Herro/Dragic/DJJ, while also giving a wayyy-past-his-prime Iggy a $30 mil extension, the man is on the pipe… I simply don’t understand this clamoring of teams for Iguodala, who obviously hasn’t played competitively in nearly an entire calendar year. Throughout his career, Iggy was mostly sought after because of his defense, which is lost much earlier in a players career than their offense. Lastly, he only played roughly 20 minutes a night for the Warriors the past handful of years. Since the Heat have no draft picks to trade until 2025, trading any assortment (to make salaries match) of players on the Heat’s current roster is a terrible mistake for the team’s future.

      • rxbrgr

        All who you listed but Herro are actually pretty expendable for title team upgrades

        • Danieley3

          Agreed they’re expendable, but not for Iguodala, in my opinion. I guess we’ll find out. I do hope I’m wrong because it’s hard not to love the guy… Class act.

          • Cool Manchu

            Class act? He wanted his money but didn’t want to fulfill his end by playing. Not to mention snitching out his Nuggets teammates to the other team and talking trash about his GS organization in that book last year while he was still on the team. He seems like a jerk to me.

          • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

            Class Act? You must be joking! He is a homophobic jerk!

          • Danieley3

            I’m talking strictly ON THE COURT. Everyone around the league speaks well of him as a teammate and competitor… Crazy how many of you all know Iguodala on a personal level.

            • Cool Manchu

              As a “competitor”? He didn’t want to play and honor his contract because he got traded after demanding that third year. He’s a B-word.

      • SocraticGadfly

        Second year a team option. $15M extension for Iggy is actually not that bad.

        And, their salaries this year aren’t THAT far apart from the NBA requirements. They could what, send the corpse of Udonis with Winslow and that would take care of it?? (Red Satan has a different salary listed than does B-Ref.)

    • They had no picks, so had to be one of their young pieces no? Hero, Nunn?

      • stretch123

        Ummm no way in hell its Herro or Nunn for Iggy. I could see Winslow but my money is on this being a three team deal with Gallinari going to Miami as well and Winslow going to OKC, sending one of those Miami picks they own (maybe the 2020 pick they have from Miami since it’ll be mid 20s) over to Memphis. Also will be one of James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk or Meyers Leonard going to Memphis (my money is on James Johnson going over).

        • afsooner02

          See as how the thunder are playing right now and gallinari is playing and not benched, I would say you are wrong on that one.

        • x%sure

          No wonder stretch thinks Riley’s a genius. Gallinari too?– and only one of their overpriced going? Or do we not know that much so far.

      • afsooner02

        Well….no short term picks….unless Memphis wants to wait until 2025 for a first rounder.

      • SocraticGadfly

        Right, not Herro. I forgot they had no picks. Riles may have fleeced the Grizz. Maybe it’s a future pick?

  1. Strike Four

    I’ve always wanted to see team would look like with Iguodala, Butler, Draymond, Dellavedova and Beverly on it, maybe Miami could do it now?

    What a nightmare lineup, easily the most annoying lineup ever, all teams would haaate playing them, lol

    • Strike Four

      *Is a lock to get traded to the Warriors this summer, who have a $17M trade exemption, whats his salary again? Exactly. Sit down.

  2. diller1340

    Am I the only one who thinks Iggy is washed up?? He will have little to no impact for the heat.

    • stretch123

      For 20-25 min a night, he is still solid. Solid 6th man with championship pedigree.

    • Danieley3

      AMEN… That’s what I’ve been saying. I don’t understand this crazy desire for Iggy. He didn’t offer much his last couple years in Golden State, has only aged more and hasn’t played against NBA speed or competition in a full year.

  3. greg1

    I don’t think he’s washed up, but $15M for a declining 36 year old is crazy. Not many guys that put up 6,4 and 3 in their mid-30’s see more than the minimum.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      I’d take Iggy for the rest of this season, but not for 2 more years.

  4. ZacharyH

    Olynyk likely to thunder imo. He’s fallen out of the rotation recently.

  5. I hate Riley, but I have to hand it to him this year, starting with getting Butler in the summer without cap space. If he can pull off this Gallo-Iggy combo, they have a shot against the Bucks, and he’s unloaded $$ in the summer of 2021.

  6. jorge78

    The man is 36 years old and can barely wheeze through half a game. Really!!??

  7. Skip, Tampa

    $30M extension for Iggy plus Winslow (no 1st) is slap nuts even for Riley.
    Sure hope the Gallinari half of this deal smooths this out a whole bunch.
    Very scary deal at this point.

  8. formerlyz

    Damn…it really hurts losing Justise Winslow like this. I didnt even want to trade him for Jrue Holiday. I remember when I first saw him fall to us in the draft. and I jumped out of my chair in excitement and disbelief. Justise Winslow is everything you want. He is a Miami Heat player in every single way; He is a winner. I truly believe he has everything it takes to become a real player in this league, and make this look bad for the Heat. I think he will be awesome next to Jaren Jackson jr, and JA Morant. His versatility, IQ, and defensive intensity are elite, and I hope to continue to see him grow, as he hopefully gets past some of these injuries…I really felt like he was a perfect fit for our team, and am disappointed we didnt get a real chance to see him do what he is capable of. Man, we lost both Winslow and Richardson in such a short time…No matter what, I will continue to root for them, and they will always be Miami Heat family.

    Having said that, I’m curious to see what else is in this deal. I’ve always been a fan of Iguodala since he was drafted, and he can arguably bring a facsimile of Winslow’s skillset, assuming his own health . I do wonder about this current injury for Winslow, and if it had effect on moving him b/c if he was going to miss most of the rest of the year, I can understand a bit better.

  9. Tazza

    As for the Grizzlies they get a solid two way SF who’s great of defence kinda like they already have in Kyle Anderson…..

    Maybe trade Anderson out, Luke Kennard seems available…
    swap K. Anderson and G. Allen for L. Kennard and L. Galloway

    1. Morant. Jones. Melton
    2. Kennard. Brooks. Guduric.
    3. Winslow. Crowder. Jackson
    4. Jackson. Clarke. Hill
    5. Valacians.

    • the dude

      Valanciunas. Man everyone on this site loves to butcher his last name, just call him Jonas lol

      • Curtisrowe

        I think “Valacians” were some sort of evil race on Star Trek.

    • Tazza

      Hahahah it’s not like your saying who tho? Be real everyone use to spell Giannis Antetokounmpo wrong too

      • the dude

        Lol they still would if they didn’t just go with “Giannis”.

        Side note: with Giannis and Thanasis, the Lopez bros, the Holidays in Indy, and the Martins in Charlotte, is this the year with the most brother combos on the same team?

    • formerlyz

      JV off the bench, JJJ at the 5, Winslow at the 4. They could use another shooter next to Brooks at the 2. Crowder can shoot and defend, but should be used as a secondary or 3rd playmaker to allow him to play to his strengths, so they could use more of a traditional 3 that can shoot in that starting lineup, or a 2 that can move Brooks to the 3

      Side note, having Winslow and Josh Jackson is very interesting b/c they’re very similar players, although Winslow is a little better right now and stronger, while Jackson is taller

  10. Curtisrowe

    Everyone in this tread is talking up Iggy to the Heat, but Winslow is going to help Memphis a lot when healthy. Morant, Clarke, Jackson, and Winslow are going to be a pain to deal with.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      I’d rather have a 23-year old Winslow than a 36-year old Iggy.

      Certainly if I’m that’s going to be the one paying him $47M.

  11. the dude

    Lol they still would if they didn’t just go with “Giannis”.

    Side note: with Giannis and Thanasis, the Lopez bros, the Holidays in Indy, and the Martins in Charlotte, is this the year with the most brother combos on the same team?

  12. specialfriedrice

    Presti has Riley ‘by the balls’ Miami has no chance on Gallinari

  13. formerlyz

    Butler hurt his shoulder tonight…after moving Winslow, this would be worse than trading for Dragic and Bosh getting the clots the same day

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