Bobby Portis Uninterested In Knicks Buyout

Backup Knicks big man Bobby Portis told a scrum of reporters today that he does not want to lose one cent of the two-year, $30.75MM contract he signed with New York last summer, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post.

The Knicks have a team option on the $15.75MM second season of the deal, and with Leon Rose and Scott Perry now calling the shots in Manhattan, the team may not exercise the option, effectively making Portis a free agent in 2020.

“I’m 24 years old,” Portis told reporters, despite his disappointing Knicks season. “I’m not doing a buyout. I’ll make as much money as I can for my family. (I’m) 24. Not even thinking about a buyout at 24. I’ll probably set a record as [the] first guy to do a buyout at 24. It’s just not even in the equation.”

For the record, Portis turns 25 tomorrow. Make of that what you will.

Portis’ fellow Knicks veteran, shooting guard Wayne Ellington, is considering a buyout request from the two-year, $16MM contract he signed with New York last summer. Only $1MM of Elllington’s $8MM salary next season is guaranteed.

Portis is averaging 9.4 points, 5.2 boards, and a -2.2 box plus-minus across his 53 games played for New York this season. Chicago drafted the jump-shooting Knicks power forward/center with the No. 22 pick out of Arkansas in 2015, before eventually trading him to the Wizards at the 2019 trade deadline. He was one of several big men to sign with New York last summer.

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14 thoughts on “Bobby Portis Uninterested In Knicks Buyout

  1. cba93

    These guys aren’t overpaid, that’s just what the cost of living in New York does to the market. There’s a big difference making 8 million in New York and 8 million in Milwaukee or other cities in

    • hiflew

      If you can’t survive on $8 million a year in New York (something I HIGHLY doubt), might I suggest living somewhere else and maybe commuting.

      • cba93

        I didn’t say they couldn’t survive, but that it plays a factor and is why these guys are “overpaid” in comparison to other markets

  2. hiflew

    Oh come on. The average 24 year old will not make half of his $15.75 million in their entire lifetime. I think his family could survive him giving up a small percentage of it.

    This reminds me of Latrell Sprewell’s epic rant about not being able to feed his family on just $21 million over 3 years.

    • bj82

      But he is not an average 24 year old so stop comparing him to those. He has all the rights to make all the $ he can.

      • hiflew

        Sure he is. These are not superheroes. They are regular people that just happen to be very athletic.

  3. afsooner02

    Pretty sure the Knicks are not gonna exercise that 15mm option….although…it is the Knicks….nm, enjoy the option Bobby.

  4. x%sure

    Tomorrow at 25 maybe Portis will think about it?lol Actually, 26 is considered a major maturation point for humans. But it would be hard to buyout at 26 too, esp for a worker like Portis.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    There are money perks that come with playing in NY. Endorsement n opportunity to sell your brand and network. Still Portis n Ellington are overpaid. I like Bobby but he’s not worth more than 10. And that’s if you use him right. Mills just paid guys hoping someone would stand out. When your Offense doesn’t incorporate their talents. What’s the point. This is scared management style. NY is not for everyone. Most don’t get it and they’re gone. Of course after getting paid. This is the Dolan way.

    • JoeBrady

      “This is the Dolan way”
      The Dolan Way is to try to lose as many games as possible, in the hopes of finally landing the #1 pick. And then hope that two max free agents are available.

      And, if any coach has the audacity to play to a .500 record, like Van Gundy and and Woodson, then you fire them. And then return to losing as many as possible.

  6. stevep-4

    Portis will be lucky to be in the NBA next year, much less making millions more than he is worth.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    Wonder how loyal to the Knicks Portis would be if he had Pat Riley in the wings ready to give him $15M for next season ?
    Bet he couldn’t sign the papers quick enough.
    Not like Riley wouldn’t risk a short term deal for big bucks. Hear he’s looking for someone like Portis, maybe.

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