Cavaliers Notes: Trades, Coaches, Lineup Changes

The Cavaliers underwent a major change this week, moving on from coach John Beilein. Yet, more needs to be done if the team is going to turn the franchise around, as I recently wrote on

If Andre Drummond opts in this offseason, then making trades will be key to unlocking Cleveland’s fortunes. Kevin Love and Collin Sexton are among the players who could bring the franchise long-term value in deals.

Here’s more from Cleveland:

  • Assistant Lindsay Gottlieb will rotation with J.J. Outlaw to the front of the bench under new coach J.B. Bickerstaff, Kelsey Russo of The Athletic tweets. It will depend on which coach as the scouting report for a given game. Russo adds that Antonio Lang is the new lead assistant, for now.
  • Bickerstaff plans to experiment with the lineups, Chris Fedor of passes along. “Are there things that we can do to be creative? Like you talk about K.P., can he play the point? Can we put the ball in his hand and let him initiate some stuff? Those types of things,” Bickerstaff said.
  • Bickerstaff didn’t see Beilein’s exit coming over the All-Star break, as he was in the Caribbean vacationing, Fedor writes in the same piece. However, the team and Bickerstaff had previously spoken about the associate head coach taking over after Beilein was done, though no one expected it this soon.
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18 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: Trades, Coaches, Lineup Changes

        • 123Redsox

          Golden state would have nothing to give up for a 6th man in Sexton. He isnt starting over curry, thompson or wiggins

          • harden-westbrook-mvps

            Of course any PG they add won’t be the every day starter ahead of Curry, but they do need someone to start all the games he is bound to miss. Steph is barely averaging 40-50 games over the past three seasons, and that’s not going to change as he regresses into the twilight of his career over the next two seasons.

    • Michael Chaney

      Sexton will never be a star but if you need some quick offense (ideally as a sixth man), he’s a solid option. He’s just not someone the Cavs can build around.

      • phillyballers

        Every team needs a 6th man. Sixers should explore trading for him. Zhaire gives them nothing, and they rarely play him.

  1. Buckman

    How does a player drafted as a long-term value piece become not a long-term value piece on one of the worst teams but will be expected to bring in a long-term value piece when offered in trade to better teams? Asking for a friend.

  2. victorg

    Jb Bickerstaff is not going to do well with the Cavs .. but in fairness not many would.

  3. Sotomayori

    Exactly. Glad Koby got that extension though. That way in two years they can be paying both he and Beilein to NOT work for the organization

  4. Pablo Boner

    Has J.B. Bickerstaff ever been cloned? Whenever there’s a midseason head coach vacancy, he’s almost always the interim guy. Sometimes, it feels like he’s coaching multiple teams.

  5. phillyballers

    Who else thought KP who? And had to look at the roster to remember they got Kevin Porter? Only people inside their building use KP to reference someone not Porzingis

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