Clippers, Lakers Pursuing Marcus Morris

Reports earlier today suggested that the Knicks are expected to move Marcus Morris before Thursday’s trade deadline — it’s just a matter of where.

Los Angeles is one potential landing spot for Morris, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link via Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints), who said today that the Clippers and Lakers are competing for the veteran forward. As Woj pointed out, if either L.A. team lands Morris, it would have the added bonus of keeping him away from a top rival.

Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times provides some additional info on those talks, tweeting that the Knicks are interested in Kyle Kuzma in talks with the Lakers and Landry Shamet in talks with the Clippers. Kuzma is the more attainable player of the two — the Clips are unwilling to part with Shamet, tweets Ian Begley of

While the Clippers have a logical salary-matching piece in Maurice Harkless, the Lakers’ path to absorbing Morris’ $15MM salary is less straightforward. A three- or four-player package of lower-cost guys could work, but Turner suggests in his tweet that the teams may be discussing Danny Green. The Knicks would want to flip Green to another team, according to Turner. For what it’s worth, I’d be pretty surprised if the Lakers are willing to move both Kuzma and Green for Morris alone.

Meanwhile, Marcus Morris may be the more sought-after twin, but his brother Markieff Morris is also drawing interest from contenders, including the Lakers and Clippers, reports Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer (via Twitter).

O’Connor (Twitter link) names the Bucks, Sixers, Celtics, and Rockets as other clubs that have interest in Markieff. The Pistons’ forward hasn’t had the type of season his brother has, but wouldn’t cost as much in terms of a trade package and has a modest $3.2MM cap hit.

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23 thoughts on “Clippers, Lakers Pursuing Marcus Morris

  1. Morris would help any team, but the Lakers seem like about the poorest fit for him right now, and have nothing the Knicks should want. Maybe the Lakers are just trying to drive up the price for the Clips.

    • Theone23

      I hardly think a 30 year old one dimensional ball stopper whose career year is due to chucking every shot up he can get would help “any team”. He wouldn’t even crack the rotation on a lot of contenders.

      • His value is determined by the market, not your undisciplined thoughts. Study the first, and try and control the second, and you opinions may one day have value.

        • Theone23

          Maybe one day someone will know what the heck you are talking about. Undisciplined thoughts? As if thinking Marcus Morris is actually a good NBA player wasn’t enough to reveal your poor intelligence, you go and make some comment that makes it sound like you’re from Pluto. Yeah, I know his value is determined by the market. Something is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. However that doesn’t change the fact that he is a below average player, has shown throughout his career to be a below average player, and this year is the number one offensive option which has directly contributed to his career season. Having one career year playing on one of the worst teams in NBA HISTORY and chucking up every shot he can does not suddenly make Morris a good player. As such, he definitely would not help “any team” like you said. Not sure what is “undisciplined” about that rationale line of thinking?

          • Curtisrowe

            Morris is “below average”? You think you can name 300 NBA players better than Morris? Hyperbole is not your friend.

            • Theone23

              And math isn’t yours. There are 30 NBA teams, and roughly 450 players in the league. What does 300 players being better than Morris have to do with anything. I suspect many of you that claim Marcus to be a good player or even average, dont really know what the hell you are talking about it watching. He is NOT good. He sucks on defense. He’s a ball stopper on offense. He’s never been an above average shooter. Stop trying to sound smart while having the dumbest of opinions.

          • andremets

            Disciplined or not, you are simply wrong to suggest Morris is below average. He’s a solid 3rd or 4th option pursued by numerous teams. He can play multiple positions, solid scorer, and defends well. Also strong leadership qualities. The Clippers offered him 3 year last June, the Spurs has a 2-year handshake and now he’s the most desired trade acquisition target for This trade deadline. Below Average indeed.

            • Theone23

              Absolutely not. He is trash. He defends well?? By what standards/measurements?? He has NEVER been even an average defender. His attitude is trash. He’s a ball stopper on offense. He’s never really been an above average shooter except for this season. It doesn’t matter what the clips or Spurs offered him, that doesn’t prove he’s good.

          • I suspect most reading this understand what I was talking about. Since you don’t, I’ll try and explain. Your thought that Morris is a below average NBA player and having a career year is undisciplined because it doesn’t account for market realities, and we only need to go back a 6 months or so to prove it. Start with the FA market. Before this “career year” (your term), Morris was offered by at least two NBA teams, other than the Knicks, multi-year deals with an AAV above 10 mm. Not something offered to below average NBA players. Moreover, since he’s having a career year, that means he’d be worth more currently than when he got those offers. That’s backed by the trade market as his 15 mm deal must have excess value from the team side since people are apparently willing to give up something to get it. So, we should be able to agree, that the thought that Morris is a below average NBA player was comically inconsistent with the market. It doesn’t make it wrong, as such, but a coherent argument that’s so contrary to the market requires an explanation of why the market got it so wrong; if the person making the argument wants to be taken seriously. Your statement that the 2019-20 Knicks are one of the worst teams in NBA history is inconsistent with the standings (they’re not even among the 3 worst this year), and unexplained. Your statement that Morris is just chucking up shots isn’t, by itself, a coherent criticism; you’d need to at least claim he’s taking bad shots and/or shooting inefficiently. In this case, he’s hitting 44% of his 3 pt shots and has an overall TS% over 58%. Still don’t understand? I actually wasn’t trying to insult you (I would have used a different word than “undisciplined” if I was). I was just advising as to why the opinions in your post were of no objective value.

            • Theone23

              Your long winded post is truly unnecessary. Teams make mistakes all the time. Just because two teams were willing to offer a player a certain deal, that doesn’t mean that player is automatically good. I don’t have the time or is it necessary to explain why Marcus Morris is an absolutely trash player, just that he is. Sure, you can make arguments either way using vorp, tworp, or any other need data you want to cite. However, the fact remains that he is anpoor defensive player, hasn’t been a consistently good shooter until THIS year, and has been rumored to be a clown in the dressing room in the past as well. He’s just not that good. The fact that the Spurs and clippers offered him multi year deals on the free agent market doesn’t mean Morris is good, and the fact that they did so does not shift the onus on me to argue why I am right and the market is wrong. Teams make mistakes all the time. Yeah I can go and look into numbers and details to back up my claims that Morris is trash, but again, why waste that energy and time for an internet message board. I simply disagreed with your assertion that Morris would help any team. That’s not true. He wouldn’t even crack the Raptors rotation for instance. The fact that I’m just saying Morris is trash and not using data to back that up doesn’t make my point or opinions less valid. I don’t care if you were trying to not call me an idiot. You and anyone else who thinks Morris is actually good is the real idiot.

          • emac22

            He was trying to be nice and avoiding words like stupid and idiot that are often considered insulting.

          • x%sure

            Pluto language does not cause inaccuracy like an anti-NY bias when regarding a Knick player.

            Trying to outsmart the market is risky but in times like this a decision has to be made.

            A lack of Morris may mean NY wins the most pingpong balls… the presence of him in LA, a finals berth over an in-city rival. How good he actually is may not matter so much.

      • Jason Lancaster

        Morris is above average according to BPM, VORP, and RAPTOR. Your calibrated eyeballs need adjustment. :)

      • @nbabrothers

        You’re wrong. He’s a lethal three point shooter, plays good defense and can shoot from the wings at a consistent rate. Trading him would be a mistake for the Knicks. They should try their best to trade other expiring contracts like Payton, Portis and Knox for either a couple of second round picks or a late first round pick. We don’t have anyone to make up for Morris’s numbers and will be looking for someone to fill his shoes which won’t be easy.

        • 4Quarters

          Finally getting the rebuild the team needs. Morris’ numbers are empty on a team that wishes it could crack 25 wins.

          Better off letting the young guys grow together, if they grow at all. Knox playing next to RJ should have him develop his catch & shoot + slashing game. Trier needs to get minutes, Iggy B needs to be on the active roster, etc.

  2. If the Lakers have to give up Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma to get Marcus Morris whoever the third team is who gets Danny Green is going to win the trade…

    If the Mavs jumped in there and gave the Knicks Courtney Lees expiring deal and a second round pick they win huge. Green would be perfect cause he can shoot the 3 ball and be the teams best defender.

    Another team could be the Nets. They could give up Joe Harris and something extra maybe a second or maybe Kurucs. Then they would have a solid defender with experience to help Irving LeVert Prince Jordan Allen and those guys

    • But I do like Morris’a fit on the Lakers.

      LBJ Bradley Morris AD and McGee
      That’s a tough defence and lots of experience
      then off the bench you have Cook Rondo Daniel KCP Caruso Dudley Howard
      Maybe they replace Kuzmas iso bench scoring with Jeff Green or Micheal Beasley

  3. bowserhound

    Morris would not be an upgrade if the Lakers gave up either of those two players let alone both.

  4. crazylarry

    Make sure they go to the same team. They will throw a baby fit of epic proportions just like they did in Phoenix.

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