Knicks Rumors: Russell, Morris, Trier, Caruso, Ujiri

The Knicks continue to pursue Warriors point guard D’Angelo Russell with the trade deadline 24 hours away, according to Newsday’s Steve Popper and Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter links).

Reports earlier in the week had revealed the Knicks’ interest in Russell. However, those stories were published prior to Steve Mills‘ ouster from the front office, so it wasn’t clear if the remaining group – led by interim head of basketball operations Scott Perry – would continue to go after the fifth-year guard.

While today’s reports confirm that the Knicks remain interested in Russell, Charania hears that New York’s proposed package haven’t been enough to close the gap and meet Golden State’s asking price.

As we noted last night when we checked in on the Timberwolves’ pursuit of Russell, the Warriors were said to be seeking at least one of Minnesota’s own unprotected first-round picks — preferably in 2021, which is expected to be a strong draft than 2020. The Wolves were reportedly dangling Brooklyn’s lottery-protected 2020 first-round selection and their own protected ’20 first-rounder as part of their offer.

Presumably, the Warriors will be seeking at least one unprotected Knicks first-rounder in talks with New York. However, there’s no consensus within the Knicks’ front office on the team’s willingness to give up first-rounders to land D-Lo, tweets Ian Begley of

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • Newsday’s Steve Popper (Twitter link) is hearing that Marcus Morris will be moved before the deadline. Marc Stein of The New York Times conveys a similar sentiment, tweeting that the Knicks know they can trade Morris and now it’s just a matter of where.
  • In addition to touching base about Kyle Kuzma, the Knicks and Lakers have also discussed Allonzo Trier and Alex Caruso, according to Ian Begley of Those talks took place before Mills’ ouster and didn’t advance, sources tell Begley.
  • According to Marc Berman of The New York Post, Knicks owner James Dolan would like to move fairly quickly on the team’s front office search, possibly so there’s a new president in place for a head coaching search in the spring.
  • An in-season search would reduce the likelihood of the Knicks landing Raptors president Masai Ujiri, Berman notes. However, a source suggests to Berman that might be okay with Dolan, who values loyalty and may not want to push Ujiri to break his contract in Toronto. Dolan may also been wary of Ujiri using the Knicks for leverage in extension talks with the Raptors, the source tells Berman.
  • Within a separate article examining possible front office targets for the Knicks, Begley writes that R.C. Buford (Spurs) and Kevin Pritchard (Pacers) aren’t realistic options. Both executives are on long-term deals and Buford has a CEO title in San Antonio.
  • Recently hired by the Knicks as a brand consultant, Steve Stoute is a “prominent voice” within the organization right now, according to Popper (Twitter link), who says Stoute is involved in the front office search.
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24 thoughts on “Knicks Rumors: Russell, Morris, Trier, Caruso, Ujiri

  1. Indygo

    Today’s IndyStar J. Michael talks about what the Pacers will do with Myles Turner. The Pacers have looked for a stretch 4 for years, and tried to get Marcus Morris last summer. Morris makes a ton of sense to me.

    • Theone23

      I think TJ Warren is a better stretch 4 option than Marcus Morris, although I don’t think TJ is particularly that good

  2. Theone23

    If I’m the Warriors, I’m not taking anything less than RJ Barrett and 2 umprotected first rounders

    • In other words, you wouldn’t trade Russell, because that is an absurd ask. It’s essentially three top 10 or even top 5 picks. Knicks hang up immediately and block the Warriors number if they ask for that.

      • Strike Four

        @rct did you forget the Knicks are run by absolute imbeciles who would absolutely do that? You don’t run the team, and lopsided deals happen a LOT.

        It should be Barrett, Robinson and two first rounders – either 2021 and 2022 (or later years) for Dlo and Looney. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason for GSW to make that trade. They need 1st rounders and young cheap stat-level guys to go big game hunting for the last of the “big 4”. They also currently already have a big 4, so trading Dlo is just dumb right now. Wait for 76ers to implode then pounce on Embiid or Simmons because you just KNOW thats going to happen…

        • SheaGoodbye

          Curry and Dlo aren’t even a good fit. Everyone knows this. There is no Big 4 in actuality because Russell will be gone within the next year, year and a half at the latest.

        • “It should be Barrett, Robinson and two first rounders – either 2021 and 2022 (or later years) for Dlo and Looney. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason for GSW to make that trade.”

          So you took a horrendously lopsided trade and made it worse by adding in the Knicks’ only other desirable asset (Robinson)? Otherwise there’s no reason for GSW to make the trade? Are you high? What reason on God’s green earth would the Knicks have for making that trade?

          Russell is a good player with a lot of value, but he is not worth anywhere near a #3 overall pick (Barrett), two more top 10 picks (and because the Knicks are awful, they might even be top 5), and then a dynamic young big like Robinson (top 20 in PER and WS/48, fyi). And Looney is complete trash.

          Just yikes, dude. The trade would make the Knicks somehow much, much worse and keep them there for the next decade.

        • SheaGoodbye

          Because Dlo is not a superstar. He’s not a LeBron. He’s not a KD. He’s not a Luka. And yet, he’s being paid like one.

          Warriors should get a nice little something back for him, but not THAT much. The two firsts are where I would draw the line.

        • marlins17

          In what world is D-Lo a superstar? Is Marcus Morris a superstar too then? Get outta here. RJ Barrett is putting up better stats than D-Lo did his rookie season and at the same age. Way too early to say Barrett sucks muchless trade him away at 19.

          D-Lo is talented and should bring in a nice haul but your packages are absurd. For sure worth a couple good assets (not Barrett or Robinson) and a 1st round pick. Even that may end up being too steep for NYK. Hence why this deal will most likely not happen.

      • Strike Four

        I agree, DLo can bring in Giannis, KAT, Simmons or Embiid or another elite talent. Barrett kinda sucks but he’s still an asset to be traded for one of those 4.

        • Luck of Irish

          There is no alternate universe where DLo can bring in Giannis…..unless the trade is DLo + 6 future first round picks.

        • x%sure

          D’Lo is not worth any of those 4, or either of the Knick trades mentioned. He has around $95MM coming, is no leader, plays little D, has no PER above 20. A few splashy plays a game is not worth the max– or a “lobsided” deal. Those are Knicks picks going out, quite valuable.

  3. I like Dlo and really hope he doesn’t end up in Minny or NY…

    Hes so good, he’s young, he can play the role of facilitating or scoring and he is really clutch. He seems to have good relationships with other NBA players which is nice for FA.

    I think he would be perfect for the Bucks and Giannis. I think those two would not only play well together but off the court would get along too. Bledsloe doesn’t seem to fit that playing style and I think Russell would and be makes them even stronger.

    However GSW isn’t going to want to take back Bledsloe so maybe a three/four team trade…

    Bucks: D. Russell A. Burks
    GSW: A. Gordon Mo Bamba D. Divancenzo and a first from Bucks and a second from the Bucks
    Magic: E. Bledsloe P. Connaughton DJ. Wilson

    Bucks get a big 3 of Russell Middleton and Giannis with Wes Mathews, BLopez, G. Hill, E. Ilyasaova, A. Burks and Korver.
    GSW get A. Gordon who it can keep or use as a trade piece, two young former first round players, a future first and a future second
    Magic get a good starting PG and Fultz can play back up, they get a back up SG behind Fournier and they get another back up PF if they want to keep him.

      • Giannis is the leagues MVP and Russel is a 1 time all star. Plus there is no way the bucks give up giannis in a trade even if it’s for AD or Simmons and Embid. The Bucks are all in on Giannis

    • x%sure

      The Bucks are winning, they’re not going to want a shakeup. Giannis is not a “relationship” guy like Towns.

      • Good point about winning and that might be a factor in not making a trade but I think the Bucks front office main priority isn’t winning its keeping Giannas. And to do that you need to be winning and off the court keep him happy. The only reason he would leave the Bucks right now wouldn’t be because they aren’t winning or about money its cause he can play with other stars and better chance at winning rings.

        I think Dlo would suit Giannis better on and off the court and would go along way to making Giannis stay. Russell did get chosen to play on his all star team last year over Lowry and Beal so there might be some friendship there idk. I think Giannis is a relationships guy and I think Russell would be a good guy to pair with him.

  4. The Knicks fired the one guy (Mills) that might have been dumb enough to give up an unprotected 1st for Russell. He’s a fine player, but only a decent asset when carrying a max contract with 3 years remaining. Don’t believe me, believe the league – he had 1 max offer this off season and that from a team looking to extract something from losing a superstar (nobody with cap space, and there was ton out there, offered him a max deal). Minnesota was the other team willing to pay him big in the off season (though not max). Now, motivated by placating a true young star in Towns, and moving an bad max contract in Wiggins, they still wouldn’t fork over an unprotected 1st. That’s not NBA 2k. That’s not anyone’s opinion. That’s the other 29 teams, aka the market. And it’s not a knock on Russell. Few players are worth a remote unprotected 1st.

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