DeMarre Carroll, Frustrated In San Antonio, Hopeful For New Opportunity

Spurs forward DeMarre Carroll is making no secret of his frustration with his role in San Antonio, per Tom Orsborn of The San Antonio Express-News. Carroll has 15 straight DNP-CDs and counting,

Carroll agreed to a three-year, $21MM contract with the club in a sign-and-trade from Brooklyn this summer. The Spurs are only on the hook for $1.35MM in the final season of his deal (2021/22).

The 33-year-old was not with the Spurs when they started their eight-game rodeo trip on February 2, as the club looked into moving him by the February 6 trade deadline, per Orsborn. Before things had reached this point, Carroll was already vocal about his reduced role.

Carroll, known as a prototypical three-and-D forward who can play either position, holds career averages of 9.0 PPG and 4.3 RPG, while shooting 35.9% from deep on 3.2 attempts a night. Those numbers have cratered this season with the Spurs, where he is averaging just nine minutes a night and has appeared in only 15 games.

“I felt like San Antonio was going to be a great place for me, for my talents,” Carroll said of his frustrating tenure with the Spurs this season. “But it didn’t work out.”

Due to the length of Carroll’s current contract, a buyout that satisfies both sides may be difficult to achieve — an offseason trade may be more realistic. Carroll was noncommittal when asked about the possibility of his buyout, suggesting his agent Mark Bartelstein is at least exploring the idea.

“He is handling that,” Carroll said. “[He] and [Spurs general manager] Brian (Wright) and all of them. I don’t know what direction we are going to go. But at the end of the day, at 33, I don’t want to waste my talents just sitting at the end of the bench, knowing I could help a team produce.”

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23 thoughts on “DeMarre Carroll, Frustrated In San Antonio, Hopeful For New Opportunity

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Houston would be a very good fit for Carroll if he gets his buyout.

  2. cleve1969

    Not sure what the SASpurs were thinking last summer when they brought Carroll in and have not used him plus … they traded Bertans away and screwed up the Morris deal. It has not been a good summer and season for the SASpurs … :(

    • every idiot here is talking themselves into the idea that Carroll would fit their team well, as Spurs management had. Spurs got desperate after seeing Morris walk away and landed on Carroll.

      Fact is the guy is not a good professional, has an ego that outsizes his talent and ability, and didn’t want to work hard enough in his last few spots to earn a better role.

      But sure, he could fit right in with a lot of teams.

      • x%sure

        I have a comment on hold elsewhere, but Carroll reached agreement with Spurs first. That was soon converted to a Bertans-Carroll 3-team S&T trade, then Morris came open. It’s still pretty murky and seemingly unwise IMO.

  3. wright0525

    Would be an excellent fit for the Lakers. They need a defensive-minded wing, to help with KL and PG.

      • phillyballers

        Rebuilding? Lol they may have the #1 overall pick and will take Wiseman. Curry and Klay are back next year. They have a SF to replace some of the scoring lost when Durant left. Wouldn’t call them a rebuild story.

        • Agree, Curry Thompson Wiggins Green and Wiseman make a top 5 team, plus Looney, Poole, Lee and Paschall. Plus some vets on the minimum

  4. Leonard44

    Morris agreed to sign with the Spurs so they traded Bertans to make room, then Morris backed out. Not sure how that was the Spurs “screwing up the Morris deal”. Their mistake was taking Morris at his word and the result is they lost Bertans a year earlier than they would have. That said Carrol is not a good fit for a team in transition- if they had stayed more competitive- as they did last year – he’d be playing more, but with them out of contention those minutes are going to younger players. Not really hard to understand.

    • x%sure

      Carroll wasn’t going to play much anyway and didn’t from the start, not relative to his contract. His signing was the first mistake, creating a bottleneck. Possibly, pushed by a rising young exec, not Pops.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Exactly, the only thing the Spurs screwed up was in trusting Marcus Morris to sign the deal that he had agreed to with them. Then they simply signed Carroll out of desperation.

      • x%sure

        link to
        Brian Wright the exec

        link to
        Hurried trade announcement; Spurs had agreed to sign Carroll earlier, but made a trade on the 6th instead.

        link to
        Luke responds here with the sequence in the comments. There was a Luke article sometime that did not come up with more detail.

        The Spurs made a few more mistakes than trusting Morris but it only takes one. They have Carroll not Bertans or Morris; they screwed up.

  5. Sign and trade DeMare DeRozan, DeMare Carroll and a protected first for Buddy Heild and Harrison Barnes

    Coach Pop has been a fan of Barnes in the past in USA teams. Heild and Barnes would be younger than both DeRozan and Carrol and would be better shooters. Heild would be a good scorer and shooter for the Spurs team.

  6. Anyone that watched Carroll his last year and change with the Nets, was shocked that the Spurs offered him the contract they did.

    If could play at all do you really think the Spurs would even be thinking about buying him out of a multi-year contract in that range.

  7. phillyballers

    Mike Scott and Zhaire Smith should get the deal done. Every other team with a couple low risk “assets” will offer a similar deal.

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