Grizzlies Don’t Intend To Retain Dion Waiters

The Grizzlies will receive Dion Waiters in the three-way trade with the Heat, though they do not plan on keeping the guard. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link), a buyout agreement or outright release is “on the horizon” for Waiters.

The former No. 4 overall pick had issues with the Heat prior to the trade. He’s been suspended three times this season, including one for conduct detrimental to the team and one for rules violations. Even when he was available, he wasn’t part of the team’s rotation, appearing in just 42 total minutes over three games.

Waiters is on a fully guaranteed contract worth $12.1MM this season and $12.65MM in 2020/21, so the Grizzlies will have to take on a sizable chunk of dead money to move on from him. His ’20/21 cap hit could be stretched across three seasons, but Memphis probably prefers to keep it limited to one year.

Justise Winslow is the lone Heat player in the trade who will actually play for Memphis. The franchise re-directed James Johnson to Minnesota, picking up Gorgui Dieng before the deadine.

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28 thoughts on “Grizzlies Don’t Intend To Retain Dion Waiters

  1. formerlyz

    I can think of a few teams that could use a scoring guard that gets into the paint at will, and can facilitate, and shoot the 3. And isnt a bad defender

  2. Skip, Tampa

    Now that’s some funny stuff. He’s already said he’s not taking less than full contract, period.
    Grizzlies want it out of the way, pay him in full this year and next to be done with it. They only have about $91M on books with Melton to resign plus a few added players next year.
    The fun will be when he signs minimum elsewhere and shoots lights out at 12-14 points per game.
    Sincerely wish Waiters all the best.

    • formerlyz

      I dont want to hear a single person talk about how smart some team is to pick him up when he contributes, as if it’s some surprise. The narratives around this Heat team the last couple of years has been so ridiculous

          • formerlyz

            People always saying how we’ve been trash since LeBron left…like our entire team has been injured like every year besides 1. And we trade for Goran Dragic, and Bosh goes down with clots later the same day, and we still fall an injury short, being 1 game from the ECFs lol. Everyone else’s injuries are an excuse, but the narrative on the Heat is a certain way. Dragic missed 50+ games last year, and people acted like the Heat wouldnt be a potential top 2-5 team. Only reason the Waiters contract was bad was injuries, and there was no issue with JJ until his hernia. Those were not bad, unmovable contracts. Media and other executives pushing narratives to put Riley in a hole b/c everyone hates him. I’m sick of hearing this garbage

    • formerlyz

      I’m thinking Philly, Boston. Orlando, Lakers, Detroit, OKC, or Toronto off the top of my head

  3. stretch123

    Waiters would be a nice fit for Phila but problem is their chemistry is not good right now and a guy like Waiters wouldnt help. I honestly think Dallas and Lakers are the two teams that would be the best fits for him contender wise. Those two teams could use some bench scoring for sure. Or he could go to a team like Warriors or the Knicks and ball out but I doubt teams like that would want him.

  4. shawnpatrl

    New York Mets sign him to record 40 mil a year for 15 years. Have to make a big splash after ownership debacle.

  5. x%sure

    Nobody wanted Waiters at that salary. Now it’s a different story. He’s not flexible but would look good in say, Detroit, replacing Kennard now and Rose later, or Orlando, replacing Augustin. The new DRose regime may allow for a Waiters even after. IDK monies.

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