Hawks Rumors: Collins, Drummond, Adams, Parker

Both the Rockets and Nets have specifically expressed interest in Hawks big man John Collins recently, a league source tells Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. However, teams that have talked to Atlanta have been left with the impression that the team won’t move Collins unless it gets an offer it can refuse.

According to Kirschner, Houston wanted Collins as part of a Clint Capela trade as a younger, cheaper replacement, which presumably was a non-starter for the Hawks. Kirschner suggests Spencer Dinwiddie was mentioned in talks with the Nets, but says it’s not clear whether those discussions went anywhere.

Collins will be eligible for a rookie scale extension for the first time this offseason, and multiple league sources tell Kirschner that he’s expected to seek a max or near-max deal. If the Hawks decide that price is too rich, they could revisit the trade market, but for now, the big man isn’t being shopped at all. It’s “highly unlikely” that Atlanta moves any member of its young core – including Collins – at this Thursday’s deadline, tweets Sarah K. Spencer of The Athletic.

Here’s more on the Hawks:

  • A league source tells Kirschner that Andre Drummond made it clear the Hawks would have been a preferred landing spot if the Pistons trade him. Atlanta opted against giving up Brooklyn’s 2020 first-round pick in a deal for Drummond, and aren’t expected to re-engage this week, though the team could circle back to the big man in free agency, Kirschner writes.
  • Steven Adams has also been cited as a probable Hawks target, but a source with knowledge of the Thunder‘s thinking believes Adams is unlikely to be moved at the deadline, according to Kirschner.
  • Jabari Parker, who hasn’t played since January 3 due to a right shoulder impingement, is a trade candidate but will remain sidelined through the deadline. As Spencer tweets, the Hawks announced today that Parker is doing non-contact work and will be re-evaluated in one week.
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7 thoughts on “Hawks Rumors: Collins, Drummond, Adams, Parker

  1. What good is having a young core if you’re afraid of their rookie scale extensions. Collins is their best (maybe only) 2 way player of any age. Prince was decent 2 way player as well, so they of course couldn’t pay him and sent him away.

    Who do they want to pay? Just Young. Then throw up their hands and wonder why they can’t win games.

    • braveshomer

      Tony Ressler has done nothing to suggest yet he’s not willing to spend a boat load of money…but Schlenk is pushing the right buttons on who to spend it on and not just throw money at any joe blow. If they truly value Collins money won’t be a deterrent

      • It’s not about $$ (every team spends the same, sans tax, essentially). Nothing to do with the owner. It’s about the GM’s ability to evaluate and price talent and negotiate a RS extension based on it. A max guy is easy. If those are the only guys a GM feels he can price and lock up, then he’s not very good. You think this GM has pushed the right buttons? We’ll see. So far, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

  2. El Don

    John Collins should be getting the max & Atlanta should be happy to pay him, he is with Trae the only untouchables in the team, also Huerter & Reddish should be keepers, Hunter, Len & the rest are all cannon fodder.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Guess they can call Pat Riley, he’s not afraid to give out big contracts.
    Maybe even Herro for Collins. Then in 3 years they can trade Herro back.
    On second thought, nope.

  4. x%sure

    About Dinwiddie, it’s not even clear from the link that Collins was involved there. The issue was getting the right backcourt partner for Trae. Dins would indeed be a fit almost anywhere, but Collins is likely more valuable.

    Of course the thing with Collins’ value is, what if he wants that max to continue. We now know he will play with Capela when healthy, so Collins should expand his game from the paint. If he can’t, maybe no early max.

    The link said Collins likes to read opinions of him. I’ve got nothing new, but Hi John!

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