J.B. Bickerstaff Expected To Become New Cavaliers Head Coach

John Beilein is not expected to be the coach of the Cavaliers for much longer. According to Shams Charania and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, resolution of the situation is expected to come on Wednesday.

Sources tell the publication that Beilein is expected to walk away from the remainder of his five-year contract, which is worth approximately $4-5MM per season. The final year of that deal is a team option, however.

J.B. Bickerstaff is expected to get the promotion to head coach. Bickerstaff’s father and former long-time NBA coach, Bernie Bickerstaff, is a senior advisor with the franchise.

The younger Bickerstaff is in his first season as an associate head coach in Cleveland. He led the Grizzlies for two seasons previously, taking on the head coaching role first as an interim head coach during the 2017/18 season before becoming the official leader in 2018/19.

In addition to his head coaching experience, Bickerstaff spent five seasons on Houston’s bench and served as an interim head coach briefly for the Rockets. He began his coaching career at the age of 24 as an assistant on his father’s Bobcats expansion team.

Beilein, who is 67 years old, left Michigan to be the coach of the Cavaliers last summer. Sources tell Charania and Lloyd that several factors played a part in him stepping down, including the fact that the details surrounding his son’s resignation at Niagara University have taken a toll on him.

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14 thoughts on “J.B. Bickerstaff Expected To Become New Cavaliers Head Coach

  1. alproof

    Unreal, the nepotism in sports. Apparently as bad in the NBA as in the NFL. What qualifies this guy as an NBA head coach? DADDY!!!

    • jump shot

      He’s the top assistant and likely would take over for the rest of the season regardless of where his dad works. Of course, I’m sure the younger Bickerstaff took the job in the first place knowing he’d have a great chance to be the next head coach when it (inevitably) didn’t work out w Beilein. And we all knew it wouldn’t – no Rocket Science needed there. They probably thought it’d be in the second year tho, most likely.

  2. stretch123

    Temporary hire… Cavs need to go get themselves and experienced guy like Mark Jackson to build a strong culture in Cleveland

    • Jason Lancaster

      Amazing that so many people think Jackson can coach. The guy is a dinosaur with a questionable resume… Golden State was willing to replace him with an unproven first time head coach after a winning season. Why would they do that?!

      Is it a) they knew Kerr would be better or b) they knew Jackson was terrible? And when the Warriors were dramatically better after Jackson was fired? That’s not a coincidence.

      And setting all that aside, Jackson’s “analysis” during broadcasts is dreadful. Between stating the obvious and statements that defy analytics, he hasn’t a clue.

      I know I’m ranting here, but Jackson is horrible. Even the Cavs should know better.

  3. bumpy93

    I said it was a crap hire ( not that nicely back then) and still think it is. it only took about 7 months to be proven correct. Hopefully the Cavs don’t go after tom tibs! I want my 76ers to get tibs when this hell-hole of a season ends

  4. x%sure

    Several insiders said that Beilein never had the lockerroom incl. Joe Vardon in a tweet.

    The lady assistant Linda Gottlieb may wind up being an “old hand” next year.

    Beilein is apparently walking away from money, so people saying he took this job for money are wrong. It was the challenge.

    His son Patrick resigned as HC at Niagara recently after working his way up to get that. No reason given.

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