Kerr On D-Lo: “Fit Was Questionable When We Signed Him”

A day after Golden State completed one of the biggest trades of the 2019/20 season, sending D’Angelo Russell to the Timberwolves, head coach Steve Kerr expressed confidence that newly-acquired forward Andrew Wiggins is in a good position to succeed the Warriors.

“Minnesota needed him to be a star,” Kerr said of Wiggins, per Drew Shiller of Warriors Outsiders (Twitter link). “And we’re not asking him to be a star. We’re asking him to play a role on a team that already has some star players.”

As Kerr explained (video link via Anthony Slater of The Athletic), Wiggins also figures to be a better positional fit for the Warriors than Russell once Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are healthy. According to Kerr, Golden State isn’t expecting a whole lot of talented wings to be available during this year’s draft or free agent period, so the club is happy to add one like Wiggins now.

In his discussion of the trade, Kerr also acknowledged a point that many critics of the Warriors’ initial acquisition of Russell brought up last summer — D-Lo and the Dubs probably weren’t an ideal long-term match.

“To be perfectly blunt, the fit was questionable when we signed him,” Kerr said (video link via Slater). “… When you already have Steph and Klay and you add a ball-dominant guard, you can rightfully question the fit. That was one of the reasons the trade rumors started before the season even began.”

According to Kerr, even with Curry and Thompson sidelined this season, the Warriors got a “good enough look” over the first 50 games of the season to picture how Russell would fit on a fully healthy roster.

“I think you have an idea – I think we have an idea – that the other move, the other player (Wiggins) makes more sense,” Kerr said. “In this case, I would say (the fit is better) for both teams.”

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19 thoughts on “Kerr On D-Lo: “Fit Was Questionable When We Signed Him”

  1. Any player is better set up to unlock potential and evolve as player in the Warriors system (and franchise) vs Minn.

    Only matter of time till Kat leaves (look at KG and Love). They left and became champions.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      So when is Wiggins going to start playing like the #1 overall pick in the draft? The Warriors basically replaced KD with a guy who has one of the worst contracts in the NBA. But Wiggins isn’t even close to being as good a defender as Durant, Iggy, or any of the other players the Warriors have lost over the past few seasons. The only good defenders left for them are Green and Klay Thompson, that’s not enough to hide Curry and his poor defensive play.

      • I mean Wiggins is average defensively, Curry is weak and Klay is elite and so is Green.
        They will also have a top 5 draft pick and I think everyone is expecting them to want James Wiseman or a centre. Looking at the centres this year it’s look like they will be getting a tall high energy guy that’s a good defender too.

        So that’ll make 3 good defenders, plus maybe some bench guys that can defend I think they will be a top 5 team again next season

        • x%sure

          Drummond went to Cleveland so the odds of GSW getting Wiseman went up a little.

          • phillyballers

            Cavs, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Knicks do not need a center. The only snag is if someone outside the Top-5 leapfrog them and they will not get Wiseman.

        • Wiggins is below average on D for sure. Plus he doesn’t play hard quite often and is just a losing type player. I actually think the Wolves will be better by subtraction. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but it doesn’t take a basketball genius to see Wiggins is not a winner.

      • Curry’s defense is not that bad. He at least covers his man assign to. That was the problem with D’lo everyone knew he was bad defensively but to many times he left his man open. That is why teams were hitting so many 3s against the warriors. Wiggins is not good defensively either but the good thing for him he is not asked to carry the offense next year. The problem the Warriors need to look at is a rim protector. they are getting killed against bigger teams.

        • spinach

          Agreed that Wiggins does not seem like a gung-ho winner but I think he will be better/ develop a much better reputation in GS for two reasons:
          1. In a winning environment, surrounded by winners, with expectations that are high but achievable. Recipe for success for most people.
          2. Won’t have such a high offensive burden anymore. Will be able to focus more on defense while continuing his scoring pace due to running the court and easy opportunities.
          And 3:
          He is a Harrison Barnesy. He did quite well there.

      • Otogar

        Wiggins at number 1 and Jabari Parker at number 2… It looked like a pretty strong draft class back in the day.

  2. mlbnyyfan

    GS only wanted him so they wouldn’t lose Durant and get nothing. Now it looks like Durant for Wiggins and #1 pick

    • x%sure

      The CBA wanted to restrict S&Ts, and if it’s negotiators turned the screw a bit more to block them more completely– IF that S&T would not have happened due to illegality– it’s complicated but is this is not wrong, Wigs & a r1.
      DXC was working it out. GSW did have to pay more salary and lose Iguodala too, and some other things.

  3. jgus828

    We didn’t want him to be an all star he, we expected him to be an all star seeing he was a top draft pick and was being paid like an all star!

    • I understand it taking some time to figure out the league, but Wiggins was such a lazy player and loafed around everywhere. Such a slacker. TWolves are better off without him.

  4. Wiggins is below average on D for sure. Plus he doesn’t play hard quite often and is just a losing type player. I actually think the Wolves will be better by subtraction. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but it doesn’t take a basketball genius to see Wiggins is not a winner.

    • x%sure

      Dummy doof duh?
      “Russell” meant Westbrook though he is not called by his first name like he used to be. “DeAngelo” is ethnic-like and might be wrong.

  5. washington_bonercats

    Only way this makes sense to me is if Wiggins has a really good rest of the year on a team with no other options so they can flip him for assets. Don’t see him as the piece they need for next season.

    • x%sure

      Flip sure, for another unliked player. Like for like, matched salaries. GSW might as well keep him. Myers chose this road when he maxxed D-Lo, another flippable. He was told GSW was wealthy enough to cover.

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