Knicks Interested In Jay Wright

2:10pm: A source tells Dana O’Neil of The Athletic (Twitter link) that Wright isn’t going anywhere. That doesn’t mean the Knicks won’t take a shot this spring, but it sounds like their potential pursuit might play out the same way it did in 2018.

9:35am: The Knicks, who figure to be in the market for a new head coach this spring, have strong interest in Villanova coach Jay Wright, sources tell Adam Zagoria of Forbes.

“There is a strong possibility that Jay Wright in New York could happen,” one league source told Zagoria.

Wright, who has been Villanova’s head coach since 2001 and is an assistant on Gregg Popovich‘s Team USA staff, has been linked to the Knicks in the past. The team reportedly reached out to Wright before hiring David Fizdale in 2018. At the time, the Wildcats were coming off a national title, their second in three years. Wright said that spring that the NBA piqued his interest, but he had no desire to leave Villanova.

“It’s not that you’re not interested, I just don’t want to leave,” Wright told The New York Post in 2018. “It’s the Knicks. You love the Garden, you love New York City, you love the Knicks. I just know I don’t want to leave Villanova.”

If the Knicks pursue Wright again, it’s possible the veteran college coach will repeat that line from two years ago. However, it’s worth noting that Wright has ties with Leon Rose and William Wesley, as Zagoria details in his story. Rose is on track to become the Knicks’ new president of basketball operations. “World Wide Wes” reportedly won’t join the franchise in a formal capacity, but may be an unofficial advisor.

The Knicks have also been linked to some other big-name head coaching candidates, including Jeff Van Gundy and Tom Thibodeau. Although interim head coach Mike Miller seems unlikely to remain in his current role, there’s support within the organization to keep him around in some capacity, according to one report.

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33 thoughts on “Knicks Interested In Jay Wright

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Just when you think the NBA has learned their lesson about college coaches, Knicks gotta Knick.

    • Black Ace57

      Jay Wright is an excellent coach who would do well. He won’t leave Nova for the Knicks though.

      • amk3510

        I swear people said the same thint about Beilein. NBA isn’t college and name recognition means nothing.

      • Jason Lancaster

        Wright will almost certainly fail. He’s never played in the NBA, so he has no perspective on what it means to be an NBA player, and he likely won’t have the player’s respect as a result. He’s never coached 82 games in nine months, even as an assistant. He’s never coached players who have more authority/”pull” with the boss.

        The problem with college coaches is that they’ve usually got no pro experience. It’s rare for them to “get it,” and even if they do it’s an uphill battle. College coaches should start as assistants, then graduate.

  2. 13Morgs13

    Jay Wright is better off waiting to see if Sixers job comes open. A quick exit from playoffs should open sixers job.

  3. TJECK109

    I’m sure every team that has an opening would be interested in Wright. The Knicks were also interested in Durant and every other top FA and how did that work out?

  4. Skip, Tampa

    Ewing barely has a .500 record in only 3 years at Georgetown. Would sell tickets and sponsor money at that about all.
    If Dolan really wants Jay Wright, breakout the check book and go for broke.
    It’s a 6/$60M to a 10/$100M with a Dolan interference clause built in.
    Excellent hire, IF, IF ???

  5. bens04ter

    unfortunately as a knick fan your going to be subjected to several months of names dangling for the head coach position that has any relationship to Rose, which are countless. the reality is that they won’t go the college coach route! instead they will need to find someone like Brad Steven’s, which are hard to find. regardless the coach, we need top notch players! we keep saying develop our youth, do we ever stop to think that the same youth even developed won’t help us be great again!

    • Adam37

      Lol what are you talking about??! Stevens IS a guy who was the college coach route. So how can you day they won’t go the college coach route and they need to find a guy like Stevens

  6. phillyballers

    Lol, if Philly fires Brown, I think hed go Philly over the Dolan led Knicks.

  7. Drew22

    Stevens and Donovan have both done well so the narrative of college to NBA being a terrible option should be put to bed. The issue is that terribly run organizations are running coaches out consistently wether they are from the collegiate level or otherwise.

  8. mlbnyyfan

    No No No No!!!!! Mark Jackson is the answer. However I’m sure he doesn’t want to take over unfortunately because of Dolan

  9. rustyrazor45

    Not going to happen. Why would he leave Villanova for the dumpster fire that is the Knicks?

  10. Jdog70

    Guys, Wright has said in the past he doesn’t think his coaching style would work anywhere else. He’s not leaving Nova for any other job.

  11. Jdog70

    Why not Hinkie? I don’t think Ujiri or any current GM wants to deal with Dolan.

  12. Wait until Mike DAntoni fails with the rockets and leaves the playoffs in the first round, he gets sacked and then you can pick him up.

    He can definitely create an offence and game plan

  13. What good coach is going to leave their cushy situation to go join the tire fire in New York?

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